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Ticket To Ride: Play Pink Released To Support BCRF
Asmodee and Days of Wonder revealed a special version of a classic as Ticket To Ride: Play Pink will be going toward a worthy cause As you can see from the image below, this version of the game comes with an exclusive train set in-theme with the classic pink coloring of the Breast Cancer Research[...]
Asmodee Announces New Game 7 Wonders: Architects
Asmodee along with Repos Production announced a new tabletop release this week as we'll soon be getting 7 Wonders: Architects The game will have you working on the ancient wonders with a streamlined gameplay system and easy-to-understand rules, as you do your best to recreate many of the world's wonders The game is set to[...]
Asmodee's Gathering Of The Wicked Party Game Out October 2021
Asmodee Group has released information on their new tabletop social deduction party game, Gathering of the Wicked! This game is inspired mechanically by Werewolves of Millers Hollow, a popular game of deception and social deduction, but instead of werewolves, this game features many popular Disney villains. The front of the box for Gathering of the Wicked, a[...]
Asmodee Acquires Digital Gaming Platform Board Game Arena
This week, Asmodee revealed that they have officially acquired the global digital gaming platform Board Game Arena The finer details of the deal were not revealed beyond the idea that they sought the platform out because it provides official online versions of more than 250 games, including a ton of popular board game titles With[...]
Catan 25th Anniversary Edition Released For The Holidays
CATAN Studio and Asmodee have released the CATAN 25th Anniversary Edition this week in time for people to snag for the holidays Ever since the game came out in 1995, it's been a hit along with all of the different versions of it that have come out over the years Now you can revisit the classic[...]
Asmodee Launches Connect & Play For Online Board Gaming
Asmodee has officially launched a new way for people to play board games online during the pandemic with Connect & Play The entire setup allows you to access a step-by-step instruction system and video walkthroughs explaining how to play a selection of Asmodee board games over video conferencing services Doesn't matter if you use Zoom,[...]
Fantasy Flight Employees to be Laid Off, "Call to Action" Issued
We do not know why this layoff has occurred, only that it has been decided. Source: Fantasy Flight/Asmodee Now, a call to action has been issued via email by the Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy community The contents of this email are as follows: CALL TO ACTION! Star Wars: Legends of the Galaxy It is with great sadness that I[...]
Gaming Company Asmodee to Publish New Marvel Novels in 2020
Gaming company Asmodee Entertainment has announced that Aconyte, their new fiction imprint, has secured a multi-year agreement with Marvel to create new prose stories based around Marvel's comic book characters The first novels are slated to appear in Fall 2020, in trade paperback, ebook and audiobook editions. This is the Asmodee Group's third collaboration with Marvel[...]
Games You Should Play Instead of Freebasing all that Thanksgiving Gravy
It's time for a change, Randy! I'm tired of feeling stupid! Time to break out Timeline, Asmodee's historical card game Game play couldn't be simpler: players are dealt a hand of random cards, and take turns placing their cards at the center of the table in what they hope to be chronological order It's a lot[...]
Asmodee Starts Organized Play Program
By Christopher Helton The big announcement from Asmodee at the GAMA Trade Show this year is that they are entering into formal Organized Play Organized Play, which is typically where tournament-style play occurs in stores and at conventions and sometimes has player rankings or prizes, is fairly common in other forms of tabletop gaming, like roleplaying games and[...]
Fantasy Flight Games And Asmodee Group Merger Approved By Shareholders
By Christopher Helton Board game and tabletop roleplaying game publisher Fantasy Flight Games announced that they will be merging with the Asmodee Group (who we had previously reported had acquired Ticket To Ride publisher Days of Wonder) In addition to board games like Arkham Horror and Descent: Journeys In The Dark, Fantasy Flight Games publishes board[...]
Asmodee Acquires Days Of Wonder As Board Game Subsidiary
By Christopher Helton Big new today in tabletop gaming is the news that Asmodee has merged with Days of Wonder While technically being called a merger, the end result is that Days of Wonder will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Asmodee. Board gaming fans will recognize Days of Wonder as the publishers of Ticket To Ride, Memoir 44 and Small World[...]