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Cox & Florida Mutineers Announce Call Of Duty: Warzone Tournament
Cox Communications revealed a new esports event today with the Elite Gamer Call Of Duty: Warzone Tournament Series The event will be hosted by the COD League team Florida Mutineers, with teams competing for cash prizes from a prize pool. $20k will be awarded to the first and second place teams, with $15k going to first[...]
Infinity Ward Disables Call Of Duty: Warzone Vehicles Due To Glitch
Infinity Ward has to make a quick decision over the weekend and disabled vehicles throughout Call Of Duty: Warzone The problem stems from issues discovered when a vehicle enters an out-of-bounds area The way the game is supposed to work is that when you drive into an area you're not supposed to, the system will[...]
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Launch Season Five
Activision has officially launched Season Five this week for both Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty: Warzone for you to play While Warzone has a number of additions that are designed to improve the experience, the real story comes from Modern Warfare this week where they continue the story of Mr Z[...]
Call Of Duty: Warzone Is Getting 200-Player Battle Royale
Activision revealed details today about Call Of Duty: Warzone's Season Four, which includes a massive update to battle royale On June 29th at 11pm PDT, the devs will send out an update for the game to help launch the new season for Warzone, as well as a ton of new content for Modern Warfare that[...]
Call Of Duty: Warzone Introduces Battle Royale Duos
Call Of Duty: Warzone just got a new mode that should make people who love duos happy as you now have Battle Royale Duos As you might already suspect from the name, the mode will focus on sending in teams of two into the middle of the warzone map to fend for themselves and try[...]
Call Of Duty: Warzone's New Plunder Pack Features Xzibit
You're going to be pimping your rides in Call Of Duty: Warzone with a new Plunder Pack featuring rapper Xzibit With a callback reaching all the way to the early '00s, the new pack basically gives you everything with gold trimming, gold design, gold leafing, gold paint, gold everything Shy of being a failed hotel[...]
Call Of Duty League Launches Warzone Weekend Today
48 players from different teams will be dropped into the Call Of Duty: Warzone map and fight one giant game of pro-esports battle royale in a winner-take-all 10k prize competition If you're into the game and want to see some of the top players in the league duke it out over a quick cash prize,[...]
Call Of Duty League Exclusive Charm
How would you like to earn yourself an exclusive limited-edition weapons charm from the Call Of Duty League? Starting today, you have a chance to receive a Call Of Duty League Weapons Charm for use in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare and Call Of Duty: Warzone As you can see from the photo below, it's[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone Helicopter
For those who have been demanding that Duos mode come to Call Of Duty: Warzone, your demands are getting answered The news came down from an interview in GamerGen, in which they spoke with Infinity Ward's Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki and Raven Software's Creative Director Amos Hodge, at length about some of the new content[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone Vehicle
A new update will be coming where Call Of Duty: Warzone will let you know when cheaters are caught and banned Last week, Infinity Ward released a short blog post where they outlined some new updates to the game that have been implemented as well as stuff coming down the pipe One of the new[...]
Modern Warfare April 2020 Free Weekend
Activision and Infinity Ward announced that Call Of Duty: Warzone will be hosting another Multiplayer Free Access Weekend Starting today and running through April 27th, you can play Warzone on a few select maps The entire online community can face off in an all-new Multiplayer Moshpit, take on each other in the 6-v-6 multiplayer modes[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone Logo
You know things are bad in a video game such as Call Of Duty: Warzone when players are turning off options to avoid people First off, last week Infinity Ward declared that they have banned over 70k cheaters since Warzone kicked off, along with the words "We are watching We have zero-tolerance for cheaters." Cut[...]
COD WARZONE NBA NHL April 2020 schedule
A special live stream is happening today at 3pm ET as NBA and NHL stars will compete against each other in Call Of Duty: Warzone Across several YouTube channels, you can catch multiple games today between teams as they compete for glory in a "Warstream" In a bit of social distancing and a bit of[...]
Twitch Stream - SNL
One of the highlights of the show was a skit from Mikey Day called "Twitch Stream", in which he plays a gamer by the name of Cam Playz Dat who decides he's going to jump into the latest CoD title, Call Of Duty: Warzone. SNL nails a lot of Twitch streaming, all the way down to[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone 50 Million
Some good news from Activision this week when it comes to Call Of Duty: Warzone as the game has reached 50 million players worldwide The battle royale version of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare has become a popular title in recent weeks Due in part to the popularity from Blackout from Black Ops 4, and[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone Logo
Activision decided to release a brand new video this week about Call Of Duty: Warzone, showing off a behind-the-scenes look at how the game was made Along with the video, which you can watch below, the game also got some new additions with an update this week Which includes a new operator called Talon and[...]
Call Of Duty Warzone 30 Million
The coronavirus just helped out Activision in a big way as the company announced that Call Of Duty: Warzone hit 30 million players in a week and a half The free-to-play battle royale title based around Modern Warfare barely came out this month and already received one of the fastest audience growth periods in modern[...]