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G Fuel Releases New Sonic Party Punch Flavor For 30th Anniversary
G Fuel and SEGA have partnered up again as the company has released the new Sonic Party Punch flavor this week As part of the game's 30th Anniversary, this brand new flavor is designed to taste like fruity cereal Seriously, that is the flavor! All of which was inspired by the Sweet Mountain stage from Sonic[...]
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In preparation for the new movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage, G Fuel has announced two new flavors centered around the Marvel character The two flavors in question are Black Ooze, which is inspired by the character Venom with a black cherry taste, and Red Ooze, which is obviously a Carnage flavor with a more[...]
G Fuel Releases New Flavor Inspired By Scarlet Nexus
G Fuel announced this afternoon they've partnered with Bandai Namco for a brand new flavor inspired by the game Scarlet Nexus The new Brain Drive flavor has been made to taste a bit like pineapple and guava with a citrus twist and is only being sold in powder form with a 40-serving tub As you[...]
G Fuel Creates The Tetris Blast Flavor For World Tetris Day
G Fuel popped out a special surprise today for Tetris fans as they have created a Tetris Blast flavor to celebrate World Tetris Day Right now, as of when this article is being written, you can go purchase a special Collector's Box that will come with the new flavor (rainbow candy) in a 40 serving[...]
G Fuel Releases Sparkling Hydration For Star Wars: The Bad Batch
G Fuel revealed today they are releasing a new carbonated drink for Star Wars: The Bad Batch with their new Sparkling Hydration According to the company, this new series is designed to be sugar, calorie, and caffeine-free with natural flavoring, as the content is slightly more carbonated than their regular drinks Totally created to help[...]
No Joke! G Fuel & SEGA Will Release A Sanic Chili Dogs Flavor
SEGA and G Fuel will be releasing a Sanic Chili Dogs flavor Embracing the nightmare fuel that is the Sanic meme, the two companies are taking this to a new level by actually making a real flavored energy drink that you can pre-order right now at the link above for $40 Is it going to[...]
G Fuel Announces Monster Hunter Rise Flavors Coming Soon
G Fuel announced today they have partnered with Capcom on a new flavor as we're getting a Mega Potion for Monster Hunter Rise Named after the consumable item from the series, the new flavor looks like it's going to be more on the citrus-end of the flavor spectrum with orange and lime being featured on[...]
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G Fuel announced a brand new partnership this week as they will team with Logic to release the Bobby Boysenberry flavor According to the info the company released, this new flavor is going to be sweet, tart, and juicy, which you'll be able to purchase in both powdered form in 40-serving tubs and limited-edition collector's[...]
G FUEL Reveals Two New Mortal Kombat Inspired Flavors
G FUEL revealed this afternoon that the company will be releasing a new line of Mortal Kombat-inspired drinks Developed in partnership with Warner Bros Consumer Products, the two new flavors are called Scorpion Sting and Ice Shatter, clearly based on the game's characters Scorpion and Sub-Zero and named after their special moves As to what[...]
G FUEL & SEGA Come Together For A Sonic The Hedgehog Peach Flavor
SEGA and G FUEL revealed today that Sonic the Hedgehog will be getting a new Sonic's Peach Rings Energy Drink, launching on August 12th The drink will come in two options as you can get an already mixed energy drink in 16 oz cans, or you can get the powder version to mix yourself at[...]
Code Vein
It's an interesting week for Code Vein as the game will not only get a network test, but it's getting a special flavor from the folks at G FUEL Starting with the closed network test, we may not have a proper release date for the game yet, but it appears we'll be getting one soon[...]