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Peter Tomasi & Brad Walker's Snipe & Slug From Geoff Johns' Mad Ghost
Today sees the release of Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's new creator-owned comic book Geiger, part of the new Mad Ghost line of comic books published by Geoff Johns through Image Comics It's a post-apocalyptic Western of a ghost story The legends of the old West repurposed for the new And, given his current Hollywood[...]
PrintWatch: Geiger #1 Gets A Second Print Faster Than Usual
PrintWatch: We've been hearing that a number of retailers have tried squeaking in last-minute reorders for Geoff Johns & Gary Frank's Geiger #1 from Image Comics in the hopes that they won't be caught with their pants down on the day of release… And now word on the street is that this earlier-than-usual reorder activity[...]
Geoff Johns And Gary Frank On Geiger #1 From Image Comics (VIDEO)
Geoff Johns and Gary Frank are launching their new series from Image Comics, Geiger, next month At WonderCon@Home, they talked with Alex Cox about the new series and showed off some new looks at artwork. Geoff Johns And Gary Frank On Geiger #1 From Image Comics Geoff Johns set up the series "It's about a family man[...]
Thank FOC It's Friday 12th March 2021
Or somesuch. Geiger Begins as King In Black Ends- Thank FOC It's Friday 12th March Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty A final opportunity for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added A time for credits to be amends,[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy And Geiger On Covers Of Next Week's Previews
Is it? Image Comics has the new series Geiger from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank that you first read about on Bleeding Cool, their first creator-owned project with Image Comics, the post-nuclear apocalypse hero Geiger. On the Previews spine, there will be mention of Diamond Select Toys' Avatar: The Last Airbender Gallery: Zuko PVC Figure[...]
Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's New Comic, Geiger, From Image in April
And now Geoff Johns and Gary Frank will be publishing their new creator-owned comic book, Geiger, through Image Comics instead. Fresh off the biggest selling comic in the direct market this year so far, Batman: The Three Jokers, writer Geoff Johns will see Geiger #1 published in comic shops in April 2021. Geoff Johns and Gary Frank's[...]