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First Punisher Appearance In A Year In New Marvel Sian-Cong History
There were no Punisher series, his appearances in Savage Avengers had been dropped and he wasn't guest-appearing anywhere.  There was a collection of Punisher Vs Barracuda – but that series was never completed, initially postponed by the pandemic but then abandoned altogether. The Punisher did return as an incidental in two 2021 series, The Marvels looking at a[...]
More Mephisto Than Ever As Heroes Return From Heroes Reborn (Spoiler)
Mephisto one more time! Remember our post on last week's final issue of Heroes Reborn, Heroes Reborn #7, preceding today's pone-shot finale Heroes Return #1? It included this scene with the Mephisto dog talking to President Phil Coulson. Heroes Reborn #7 We asked "A council? A council of hell? A council of Mephisto? He is large, he[...]
Cover image for HEROES RETURN #1
Check out the preview below! HEROES RETURN #1 MARVEL COMICS APR210712 APR210714 – HEROES RETURN #1 BAGLEY CONNECTING TRADING CARD VAR – $5.99 APR210715 – HEROES RETURN #1 CHRISTOPHER ACTION FIGURE VAR – $5.99 APR210716 – HEROES RETURN #1 GLEASON STORMBREAKERS VAR – $5.99 (W) Jason Aaron (A) Ed McGuinness (CA) Leinil Francis Yu An epic, oversize slugfest between the Squadron Supreme and[...]
Heroes Reborn
Today sees the publication of Heroes Reborn #7 and spinoff Heroes Reborn: Weapon X And Final Flight one-shot The latter of which gives us a Wolverine who has successfully killed Hyperion, with adamantium claws cursed with a mystical treatment And with Hyperion as a substitute for Superman in the Marvel Universe, we all know that[...]
Heroes Reborn, Marvel's latest super-mega-crossover event, finally comes to a conclusion this Wednesday, leaving nothing ever the same again after the Marvel Universe was shaken to its foundations and all that But while what they say about Marvel fans is true — one is born every minute — the end of a super-mega-crossover event does[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #7 (OF 7)
On Wednesday, Marvel will publish Heroes Reborn #7, the conclusion of its latest super-mega-crossover event Universes have been rocked to their foundations Rubes have been bilked of all their money with variant covers and spin-offs And of course, as we know, nothing will ever be the same again Well, until the next super-mega-crossover event when[...]
Sorry WandaVision, It's All About Mephisto In Heroes Reborn (Spoilers)
In Marvel's Heroes Reborn series (issue 6 out today) we have a very different Marvel Universe reality in which the Avengers never existed, in which Agent Coulson is President of The United States of America, following on from President Nick Fury during the war, The Squadron Supreme are the major superpower team, the Asgardian gods[...]
Heroes Reborn #4 Review: The Worst Thus Far
After Hyperion's superiority complex and the insufferable smarm of Blur, possibly the worst thus far is "the most hated man in the heavens," Doctor Spectrum. Heroes Reborn #4 Cover Credit: Marvel After using the Worf Effect on numerous galactic powers, including Thanos and a Celestial, to establish the threat of Doctor Spectrum as a patriotic brute dispensing[...]
Marvel's Heroes Reborn super-mega-crossover event has almost reached its conclusion, but there's still time to pump out a few more extraneous tie-ins to bilk more cache out of Marvel's gullible readers before the event is over The latest is Heroes Reborn Night-Gwen #1, which sees Gwen Stacy, Ravencroft Asylum psychiatrist, donning the mantle of Nightbird[...]
Heroes Reborn Squadron Savage #1 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, and in this preview we find The Punisher convinced to rejoin a government kill squad against his will, kind of like the way government kill squads in the real world (the cops) forcefully appropriate his skull logo In any case, Frank Castle[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #6 (OF 7)
Heroes Reborn #6 is in stores from Marvel next week, the penultimate issue of this latest super-mega-crossover event And in this preview, we find All-Gog attempting to make a meal of Power Princess (I guess they don't have food in the Heroes Reborn universe or something Who knows?) Unfortunately for him, he eats her gauntlets[...]
One of the most interesting-looking superfluous tie-ins to Marvel's latest super-mega-crossover event, Heroes Reborn, is Marvel Double Action, a 40-page one-shot Written by Tim Seeley with art by the legend Dan Jurgens, the comic has a retro look and feel, with narration that actually explains who the characters are and what they're all about If[...]
Cover image for HEROES REBORN #5 (OF 7)
Riddle us this, Batman: when is a parody not a parody? In this preview of Heroes Reborn #5, in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, we find Nighthawk ready to descend into Ravencroft Asylum to beat the s**t out of mentally ill criminals, and we really have to wonder, is Nighthawk truly meant to be[...]
Auto Draft
This week sees Kane's Paul Grist take on another crime-filled city, Marvel Comics' New York – which in the world of Heroes Reborn is becoming more and more like Gotham City of DC Comics Squadron Supreme was always Marvel's take on the Justice League, and a world in which the Squadron Supreme have taken the[...]
Extraordinary to Spawn Universe, Thank FOC It's 28th of May, 2021
With a 1:50 Brett Booth cover above. Vinyl #1 by Doug Wagner and Daniel Hillyard from Image Comics is returnable. How did Fantastic Four: Life Story #2 do? #2 is up. Heroes Reborn concludes with Heroes Return  Gamma Flight #1 launches from Al Ewing, Crystal Frasier and Lan Medina. Marvel launches their Marvel's Voices: Pride one-shot, including a 1:100 rainbow[...]