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Doctor Strange is Back With New Infinity War MAFEX Figure
The Sorcerer Supreme is back as Medicom finally gives fans a full look at their new Doctor Strange MAFEX figure Coming out of Avengers: Infinity War, the doctor is in and is packed with movie accurate detail and accessories Standing roughly 6 inches tall, he will come with two different head sculpts featuring standard and[...]
The Boys Homelander MAFEX Figure Arrives With Deadly Power
The upcoming MAFEX figure has been teased left, and right and now fans get the first look as pre-orders go live Homelander is a true American hero but has a bit of a dark side, and it really shows with this MAFEX figure The Boys figure stands roughly 6 inches tall and will have television[...]
Superman Comes Back From the Dead With Medicom
Superman is back from the dead as Medicom announces a new DC Comics MAFEX figure Coming from the beloved DC Comics storyline The Death and Return of Superman, that Man of Steel is back in his signature black suit straight from the comic He will stand roughly 6 inches tall and feature two different head[...]
The Boys & MCU Figures On The Way From Medicom, Preorders Live
The Boys and two new MCU figures have been shown off by Medicom in their MAFEX line From The Boys, we have a new Homelander figure, complete with an American flag cape I would say that there will be more of these coming in the future, but Homelander is the one to get out asap[...]
Astro Boy Saves the Day with New MAFEX Figure
the Mighty Atom, is back once again with a new modified MAFEX figure from Medicom Astro Boy is leveling up this time as they are releasing version 1.5 of this character model He now will include additional eye parts even more heads with different, more dynamic expressions Astro Boy is ready to save the day[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Armored Batman Joins MAFEX
Medicom has announced its newest DC Comics action figure for their MAFEX line Coming out of the hit 1986 miniseries Batman: The Dark Knight Returns comes to the Caped Crusader himself Bruce Wayne is back and is not ready to retire just yet, even at his old age Batman is ready to put Superman in[...]
Medicom Teases The Boys MAFEX Figures With Homelander Teaser
Medicom has teased that the hit Amazon Prime television series, The Boys, is coming soon to MAFEX They recently shared a teaser image of Homelander confirming that the company has acquired rights for the dark superhero series Oddly enough, The Boys does not have a lot of collectibles out there Funko did reveal that a[...]
Ben Reilly Spider-Man Swing on in With New MAFEX Figure
This iconic web-slinger is back as Medicom announces a new Marvel MAFEX figure Spider-Man will have three different head sculpts with two masked faces showing different eye sizes and an unmasked portrait He will come with a nice set of other accessories like interchangeable hands, web effects, and a mask to off while Ben is[...]
Batman Begins His Knightfall New MAFEX Figure From Medicom
Medicom is bringing this Batman back as they announce their newest MAFEX figure Standing roughly 6.3 inches, Azrael Batman is fully detailed, fully articulated, and packed with a nice assortment of accessories He will include 2 different head sculpts one of which features an unmakes version showing Jean-Paul underneath the mask On top of that,[...]
X-Men Psylocke Hold the Power with New MAFEX Figure
Medicom is bringing another comic book inspired figure to life with their next Marvel Comics MAFEX figure This time, the X-Men are joined by Psylocke to take on the Brotherhood of Evil The figure features her classic comic book out as seen in iconic Marvel Comics books like Excalibur and Uncanny X-Men She stands roughly[...]
Joker Creates Chaos with New Batman Hush Figure from Medicom
We have already seen Batman, Superman, and Hush, but now Joker is getting his debut with his own MAFEX figure The figure stands 6.3" tall and will come with two interchangeable heads, a knife, and a pistol with the classic BANG gimmick The design of the Joker is pulled right out of the Batman Hush[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin Come to MAFEX
They have announced that the dynamic duo is back with a new 2-pack MAFEX figure set Batman will be donning his blue and grey suit and we get the new Robin, Carrie Kelley at his side Both are packed with detail and will get a nice variety of interchangeable pieces Both will get swappable head[...]
Iron Man Joins MAFEX With His Avengers: Endgame Appearance
Don't miss out on some of the other Avengers and Marvel MAFEX like Captain America, Thor, and several Spider-Man. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: MAFEX Credit: MAFEX Credit: MAFEX Credit: MAFEX Credit: MAFEX Credit: MAFEX "The Iron Man Mark LXXXV suit joins the MAFEX line[...]
Batman Gets Animated in New MAFEX Figure From Medicom
Medicom has unveiled a new MAFEX figure featuring the Dark Knight This figure stands 6.3 inches tall and will come with a nice variety of swappable pieces and accessories For heads, he will get 1 based Batman bowl and the other is an unmasked with animated Bruce Wayne For accessories, he will get his trusty[...]
Wolverine is the Best at What He Does With MAFEX
Wolverine is back as Medicom announces a new MAFEX figure The X-Men seem to have had a nice assortment of figures lately with Medicom From the Age of Apocalypse Magneto to Gambit, mutant fans have a nice variety to choose from This time it looks like Wolverine is getting a retro costume with the return[...]
Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham Swing on in With New MAFEX Figures
Under their MAFEX line, Spider-Gwen and Spider-Ham come to life with a new special two pack figure set Both of these characters are coming out of the hit animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse These fan-favorite characters are back and ready to swing on into action Spider-Gwen stands at roughly 5.5 inches tall and she[...]
Batman Hush Gets Their Villain With New MAFEX Figure
Batman Hush fans will be pleased with this figure and will be a must have for any DC Comics fans collection. MAFEX did right by this figure and you can tell by the different layers used The flexible trench coat is nicely done and stands out with the black outfit The red and black costume is[...]
The Mandalorian and The Child Get Another Figure with MAFEX
Figuarts, and now with MAFEX Each one has its pros and cons and I quite like the look and design of this figure The armor is crisp and the accessories are a nice variety of pieces throughout the show Plus you get a The Child figure it's him which is also a big deal now[...]
Michael Jordan Returns to 1992 With New MAFEX Figure
Medicom has announced a new MAFEX figure that brings a member of the 1992 Dream Team back That's right, Michael Jordan is back and is ready for Team USA This figure will be a must have for any MJ or 1992 Summer Olympics fan The figure comes in at roughly 6.7 inches higher and is[...]
Gambit Draws a Lucky Hand in New MAFEX Figure From Medicom
The one and only Ragin' Cajun Gambit is ready to create a little mayhem with Medicom and their newest MAFEX figure This popular X-Men is a sweet talker and this new figure is a real treat Based on his appearance from Marvel Comics this figure features high detail and is loaded with some amazing accessories[...]
Captain America Wields Mjolnir in Newest MAFEX Figure
Medicom has announced a new MAFEX Marvel figure This time Captain America is back and returns to the Endgame with this 6" tall figure Captain America will come with three interchangeable heads, one standard, another is an angry expression, and the last is unmasked He does come with a wide variety of accessories and probably[...]
Magneto MAFEX Figure from Medicom
Medicom has announced that the X-Men villain, Magneto, will be getting his very own MAFEX figure This time we are seeing Magneto from the hit Marvel Comics X-Men storyline, The Age of Apocalypses He will be sporting longer hair and will have a removable helmet He will come will a couple of interchangeable hands and[...]
Medicom has just put up pre-orders for a new MAFEX figure that that is ready to dribble his way to your hearts Lebron James is no stranger to having collectibles of him but this one is nicely detailed and packed with accessories He comes in a 7" tall and features a nice fabric jersey In[...]
Hush Batman will even have a more serious secondary head sculpt for a more aggressive approach during this event.  The MAFEX Batman Hush Black Suit Version is set to release in January 2021 He is priced at 7,800 Yen which turns into about $70 and you can find his original link here Pre-orders are not live[...]
Spider-Man MAFEX Upgrades to the Stealth Suit 
This time Medicom is dropping a new MAFEX figure showing Night Monkey in all his glory Unlike most figures, this Spider-Man comes with 4 interchangeable heads with 2 stealth suit and 2 Peter Parkers Each one gives the figure a more compelling feel and the sculpting is fantastic This is a figure fans should add[...]
Joker Returns for Once Last Laugh With Dark Knight Returns MAFEX
This time Medicom has a new MAFEX figure heading our way and this one is no laughing matter The Joker shows to the world that he is a changed man but it was all just an act One man has the power to stop his reign of terror but until he arrives The Joker is[...]
Catwoman Stretches Her Claws in New MAFEX Figure
They have announced a new MAFEX figure that is perfect for any Catwoman fan She is highly detailed, articulated, and packs the accessories Selina comes with three interchangeable heads, multiple hands, and her whip This figure would be great to add to the Batman and Superman figures already announced from Medicom. The Batman: Hush Catwoman MAFEX[...]
Captain America is the Frontline in the New MAFEX Figure
Captain America is back in action as he is getting a new MAFEX figure from Medicom This figure is based on his Avengers: Infinity War appearance and is packing with detail The figure comes with a nice set of accessories from the film too Cap comes with both hand shields that Black Panther gave him, a[...]
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Collectibles have easily been flying out of the woodwork and why wouldn't they, Spider-Man rules! This time we can add another Iron Spider figure to our going Spidey collections as MAFEX announces a new figure This one comes with the Nano Gauntlet, external leg attachments, and a kill mode head This figure should please a[...]
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Pre0-orders are already live and you can find him located here. Check him out below! Credit: Medicom Yuke! Iron man! The predecessor of MAFEX in 1998 As the first product of MIRACLE ACTION FIGURE Tetsujin 28 was released after 22 years Perfect refinement with the latest technology Enjoy that perfect form! Both the best form and the outstanding movable area! The[...]