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Captain America is the Frontline in the New MAFEX Figure
Captain America is back in action as he is getting a new MAFEX figure from Medicom This figure is based on his Avengers: Infinity War appearance and is packing with detail The figure comes with a nice set of accessories from the film too Cap comes with both hand shields that Black Panther gave him, a[...]
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Collectibles have easily been flying out of the woodwork and why wouldn't they, Spider-Man rules! This time we can add another Iron Spider figure to our going Spidey collections as MAFEX announces a new figure This one comes with the Nano Gauntlet, external leg attachments, and a kill mode head This figure should please a[...]
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Pre0-orders are already live and you can find him located here. Check him out below! Credit: Medicom Yuke! Iron man! The predecessor of MAFEX in 1998 As the first product of MIRACLE ACTION FIGURE Tetsujin 28 was released after 22 years Perfect refinement with the latest technology Enjoy that perfect form! Both the best form and the outstanding movable area! The[...]
The Dark Knight Returns Gets a New Figure from MAFEX
MAFEX has announced that The Dark Knight Returns is getting a new figure who is ready to take on Superman This figure comes with two interchangeable head, one masked and another unmasked The unmasked version does have cowl attachment to show it behind his head The Dark Knight Returns figure will also be getting 4[...]
Grindlewald Has Escaped with New Fantastic Beasts MAFEX Figure
This time we're looking at the main villain Grindelwald himself as he will be getting a new MAFEX figure from Medicom Grindlewald is roughly 6 inches tall, very articulated, highly detailed and even showcases Johnny Depp's portrayal of this character on the big screen Grindelwald will come with a secondary head portrait, a skull hookah, and[...]
Carnage Is Ready to Create Some Chaos with New MAFEX Figure 
Appearing in the MAFEX series Maximum Carnage will be ready to start some chaos and is looking for his next victim The figure is 6 inches tall, is very detailed and is quite articulated Carnage does come up with three different head swaps, one being normal, one being open mouth and the last one is[...]
Spider-Man’s New Upgraded Suit Is Ready for Action with MAFEX
Until then we have collectibles and this one is MAFEX newest Spider-Man: Far from Home upgraded suit Spider-Man The suit is based on the suit Peter Parker makes in Tony Stark plane on his way to London to stop Mysterio This Spider-Man suit is a little bit different than the rest as it is black and red[...]
Aquaman’s Mera Makes a Splash with New Mafex Figure
I know a specific guy who would love to own this as he is a massive fan more than the most.  The Aquaman movie Mera MAFEX Figure is scheduled for release in July 2020 She is priced roughly at $73 (after conversion), pre-orders for her have already gone live Original pre-order links will be located here or check[...]
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Mafex is giving us the ability to own this spectacular highly articulated Spider-Man in figure form He comes with a fabric jacket as well as sweatpants, yes the glorious sweatpants We then get four different heads, two masked and two unmasked Peter B Parker also comes with a coffee cup, pizza slice, interchangeable feet, and[...]
Thor is Ready For Battle With New MAFEX Infinity War Figure
At least, this new MAFEX figure of him from Infinity War is The figure features a ton of articulation form newly designed joints from Medicom, three swappable heads, swappable hands and chest armor, ten effects pieces, Stormbreaker, cape, and a figure stand you can use to pose him Just looking at the pics below you[...]
Shazam MAFEX Figure is Up For Order Right Now
Shazam is coming to the Medicom MAFEX line of highly articulated figures, and he looks incredible Featuring a spot-on likeness of actor Zachary Levi, the figure features many, many points of articulation and tons of accessories like a soda can, a box of donuts, a phone, and multiple pieces of interchangeable effects, hands, and heads[...]
MAFEX Wolverine 6
The first pictures of the upcoming MAFEX Wolverine figure have debuted online thanks to Facebook account Toyzfrontline The figure should cost around $72 when it goes up for order Not all details have been revealed yet, but Logan will come with two masked heads, an unmasked head, and many pairs of swappable hands Like all[...]
MAFEX Miles Morales Collage
He's hitting the big screen next month in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, he has a new comic series starting up, and now Medicom Toy is introducing his very own MAFEX figure The Miles Morales MAFEX stands at around 6 inches tall, and features many points of articulation so you can display him in all of[...]
Pennywise is getting a MAFEX figure release from Medicom Toy The figure will stand around 6 inches, and features many points of articulation He also comes with interchangeable parts, including four pairs of hands, three different heads all with different face portraits, the S.S Georgie, and his iconic red balloon This of course is based[...]
MAFEX Venom Figure 1
Venom is getting a classic look MAFEX figure from Medicom Toy in summer 2019 The highly articulated meanie has a Todd McFarlane vibe to him, and that is a good thing He will come with three sets of hands, swappable magnetic feet, three web strands, and three different heads, including a Eddie Brock head They[...]