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Nexon America Announces 3v3 Shooter Rocket Arena
Nexon America and Final Strike Games are bringing the brand new first-person 3v3 multiplayer shooter Rocket Arena to closed beta on PC. The beta will occur from May 23 to May 29 via the Nexon Launcher and Steam Players can sign up for a chance to blast off this exclusive round of beta testing here. Rocket Arena is a 3-on-3 cross-platform game that[...]
Nexon Launches Durango: Wild Lands on Mobile Worldwide
Nexon has released their latest mobile title worldwide this week as Durango: Wild Lands is now available on iOS and Android This game is an open-world, sandbox MMO where players have been flung through time and will have to explore and survive in a vast prehistoric open world ruled by dinosaurs You can check out[...]
MapleStory adds the Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class
Which is pretty fantastic. But when asked about where the story is going from here, representatives from Nexon said that, well, even they aren't sure The story is being worked on by a professional writer who was contracted by Nexon to craft the story of the game, and so, even Nexon themselves aren't sure what's coming[...]
MapleStory adds the Explorer Bowman Pathfinder Class
So, its basically MapleStory's version of Tomb Raider or Indiana Jones. The summer content updates to MapleStory will come in two parts, though the Pathfinder will be part of the first patch, which is scheduled to hit in June. Nexon explained the split by saying "we want players to have something to look forward to throughout the summer"[...]
MapleStory 2’s Expansive Awakening Update will Hit May 30th
The big items for the update are a new class of fighter: the martial arts expert Striker, 9 new dungeons, 4 new raids, and the titular Awakening mechanic. The update is part of Nexon's MapleStory 2  "Project New Leaf" update, though details on any new gameplay changes have not been announced yet Those should be coming soon,[...]
We’re Live Reporting from MapleStory Fest 2019
Fans of Nexon's MapleStory series have taken over Exchange LA today for MapleStory Fest The fan event is celebrating the franchise's 14th anniversary with an assortment of brick-building activities, raffles, plushies, a content showcase, and cosplay contest So, you know, typical fan fest events. If you were unable to make it out to LA or pick up a[...]
Darkness Rises is Hosting a Crossover with Samurai Shodown VI
Nexon is hosting a new crossover event to action RPG  Darkness Rises to celebrate the game's 25 million download milestone The special collaboration brings SNK's famed Samurai Shodown VI to the mobile ROG.  The collaboration features limited time costumes that make the classes look like favorite characters from the popular fighting game series.  Players entering the dungeons of Darkness[...]
AxE: Alliance vs Empire Releases Pets and a New Beginner Server
credit// Nexon Nexon has launched another update for the sprawling fantasy universe of AxE: Alliance vs Empire, their recently released mobile MMORPG. The latest AxE game update introduces a new Pet system which allows players to collect stat-boosting pet companions ranging from adorable cats and dogs to otherworldly dragons Players that are new to AxE will be welcomed[...]
Nexon Reportedly In Talks For an Acquisition by Disney
Disney's quest to buy and own everything media related on the planet may be moving forward on the gaming front a bit with Nexon a few different sites have caught onto an article from The Korean Herald in which they say NXC Chairman Kim Jung-ju has approached Disney with a deal to purchase a stake[...]
Avengers: Endgame is Coming to Mobile CCG Marvel Battle Lines
Nexon and Marvel's mobile card battle game, Marvel Battle Lines, is getting an update to prepare for Avengers: Endgame with a massive new content update The new Battle Lines update will roll out with more than 100 new cards with original art, costumes, and abilities inspired by the film, a new original Avengers storyline, and a special in-game[...]
We're Still Giving Away those MapleStory M Codes, Come Get 'Em
Credit// Nexon We've still got a ton of MapleStory M codes to give away for fans of the mobile MMORPG. The codes contain $12 worth of in-game content, including: 5 Mysterious Weapon Whetstone (Unique) 15 Mysterious Armor Whetstone (Unique) 2 Enhanced Meso Discount (500K) A Crystal Bonus coupon (20%) To enter the contest, follow the official BleedingCool Games twitter acount, and send us a message[...]
We're Giving Away 330 Codes for MapleStory M
Credit// Nexon MapleStory M is a side-scrolling mobile MMORPG set in the same universe as MapleStory, and it received a major free update this morning So, we're partnering up with Nexon America to give away a literal ton  of codes (330 total) for MapleStory M. The codes contain $12 worth of in-game content, including: 5 Mysterious Weapon Whetstone (Unique) 15 Mysterious Armor[...]
AxE: Alliance vs Empire has Hit 8 Million Downloads Worldwide
credit// Nexon According to Nexon, AxE: Alliance vs Empire has already hit the 8 million download mark on the worldwide market Alongside the milestone announcement, Nexon released the game's first major update, which adds another layer of character customization through character wings. Wings in AxE will provide players with new battle strategies alongside new customization options[...]
Marvel Battle Lines is the Best Marvel Card Game So Far
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Nexon and Marvel Games' digital card battle game, Marvel Battle Lines is a pretty simple game with one very unique mechanic You're basically playing Marvel tic-tac-toe but with a slightly revamped grid Except, none of your tic-tac-toe strategies will work here. That extra row, however, massively changes your strategy And because players have HP, you can[...]
MapleStory 2 is Getting a Major Update Plus a Thanksgiving Event
Nexon released a brand new update today for MapleStory 2, adding in a new Chaos Rising theme and promoting a Thanksgiving event as well The update is officially live today while Turkey Terror will run from now until December 6th You can check out more details on the chaos raids system below. credit//Nexon Chaos Raids are advanced[...]