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Billy The Kid Launches In Acme Ink November 2020 Solicitations
More to come in months to come. Billy The Kid and Misfits in Acme Ink November 2020 Solicitations BILLY THE KID #1 ACME INK SEP200999 (W) Ken Thomas (A) Jo Galicia (CA) Alan Robinson Another tense evening at the Wickett place Billie (Billie Jean McCarty) and her mother await as they have so many times before, Sheriff Bob Wickett (Billie's abusive[...]
Hillbilly: Treacherous Toe in Albatross Funnybooks November Solicits
Eric Powell has a bunch of titles scheduled for November 2020 with a few spilling over into December, including the launch of a new Hillybilly mini-=series written and drawn by him, The Treacherous Treason Of 12-Toe Maggie… alongside a new issue of The Goon, also written and drawn by him, Tank Girl and a little[...]
Prisoner and Black of Heart Launch From Source Point in November 2020
Black Of Heart is a new series from Chris Charlton and David Hollenbach launching from Source Point Press in November , as well as a number of other series, oneshots and graphic novels in their November 2020 solicitations. Black Of Heart Launches From Source Point Press in November 2020 BLACK OF HEART #1 (OF 5) (MR) SEP201432 (W) Chris[...]
Rai #9 Only New Solicited Title From Valiant For November
No doubt other titles will be rescheduled to help fill some of the gaps. RAI (2019) #9 CVR A DIAZ VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC Rai #9 Only New Solicited Title In Valiant November 2020 Solicits SEP201538 (W) Dan Abnett (A) Juan Jose Ryp (CA) Netho Diaz Visionary creators Dan Abnett and Juan José Ryp's post-apocalyptic epic races onward! As Rai faces his strongest[...]
Mirka Andolfo's Un/Sacred 2nd Volume in Ablaze November 2020 Solicits
Mirka Andolfo's Mercy is burning up the charts at Image Comics, which is perfect time for Ablaze Media to publish a second volume of her angel/demon hijinks, and the new kid Eden…. MIRKA ANDOLFOS UNSACRED VOL 2 #1 CVR A ANDOLFO (MR) Mirka Andolfo's Un/Sacred 2nd Volume in Ablaze November 2020 Solicits SEP200970 (W) Mirka Andolfo, Davide Goy (A)[...]
Happy Hour Launches in Ahoy Comics November 2020 Solicitations
Peter Milligan and Michael Montenat's new series Happy Hour is coming out in November from Ahoy Comics, and sees his new take on the Judge Dredd world, with a future where it is mandated that everyone be happy, and the Joy Police to brutally enforce the code… here's the solicitation along with everything else Ahoy[...]
Image Comics November 2020 Solicitations
Image Comics has a big launch for Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw's Crossover #1 in November 2020 solicitations, as well as the resolicitation for the delayed Kick-Ass Vs Hit-Girl that was solicited before the world flipped over… and a lot more as well, of course Such as the first collection of Albert Monteys' Universe series[...]
AfterShock November 2020 Solicitations
AfterShock Comics launches three new titles in their November 2020 solicitations, including Kaiju Score by James Patrick and Rem Broo, Miskatonic by Mark Sable and Giorgio Pontrelli, and Red Atlantis by Stephanie Phillips and Robert Carey. KAIJU SCORE #1 CVR A BROO SEP201019 (W) James Patrick (A/CA) Rem Broo It's the most dangerous heist ever attempted[...]
The Official Alien Cookbook in Titan Comics November 2020 Solicits
How scrambled are their eggs going to be? Here are their solicitations for November 2020. ALIEN OFFICIAL COOKBOOK HC TITAN BOOKS The Official Alien Cookbook in Titan Comics November 2020 Solicits SEP201500 (W) Chris-Rachael Oseland Alien: The Official Cookbook collects together 50 recipes that journey through the Xenomorph's terrifying life cycle; featuring recipes such as avocado Xenomorph eggs and chicken facehugger[...]
Rick & Morty Presents Jaguar in Oni/Lion Forge November 2020 Solicits
Lion Forge and Oni Press have their combined November 2020 solicitations… withe original graphic novels aplenty – but also Rick And Morty comics, including the famed assassin Jaguar getting the lead… RICK AND MORTY PRESENTS JAGUAR #1 CVR A ELLERBY ONI PRESS INC. Rick & Morty Presents Jaguar in Oni/Lion Forge November 2020 Solicits SEP201356 (W) Marc Ellerby (A/CA) Marc[...]
Sandman/Locke & Key Launches in IDW November 2020 Solicits
IDW Entertainment has issued their November 2020 solicitations, including the launch of the Sandman/Locke & Key two-part crossover (the second part coming in January) as well as a second TMNT Jennika series, the Star Trek Voyager series, Seven's Reckoning, the resolicitation of Sea Of Sorrows, a brand new Marvel Action Spider-Man #1, a spin-off Usagi[...]
Boom Studios November 2020 Solicitations
Boom Studios has issued its November 2020 solicitations – the launch of their new series Origins from Clay Chapman and Jakub Rebelka, and the two MMPR titles, Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers launch with up to 1:500 cover copies for both Keanu Reeves' BZRKR continues, as does Boom's upcoming massive hit, We Only Find Them[...]
Archie Comics November 2020 Solicitations
Sabrina The Teenage Witch finally finishes her five-issue mini-series in November, alongside the rest of Archie Comics' November 2020 solicitations being released… #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ SABRINA: SOMETHING WICKED #5 (of 5) The thrilling conclusion of Sabrina: Something Wicked is[...]
More Characters Involved In The King In Black, Revealed
December sees the launch of The King In Black event spinning out of Venom and following on from Absolute Carnage, courtesy of Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman. It's getting a kinda-prequel in November courtesy of the Symbiote Spider-Man series from Peter David and Greg Land, but the series of dollar-priced 'True Believers' reprints tied into The[...]
Marvel's X Of Swords Ends In Destruction- November 2020 Solicitations
Marvel Comics will be releasing their full solicitations for November 2020 later today But until then, here's a roundup of everything they announced for November already…   Marvel Comics November 2020 Solicitations, 19 Comics Frankensteined U.S.AGENT #1 (of 5) Written by CHRISTOPHER PRIEST Art by STEFANO LANDINI Cover BY MARCO CHECCHETTO In "American Zealot," Chapter 1 of 5, John Walker, the former[...]
Dark Horse Comics November 2020 Solicitations
Dark Horse Comics has issued their November 2020 solicitations, including the IP crossover series Stranger Things and Dungeons & Dragons #1, the new Resident Alien: Your Ride's Here #1 ahead of the SyFy television series, a new series based on the game and Netflix show, The Witcher: Fading Memories #1 featuring Geralt, and a collection of[...]
Auto Draft
Set in "the Iranian ghost-town Bad City" depicting the doings of "a lonesome vampire", the director Amirpour has adapted the movie to comic books, drawn by Michael DeWeese and Patrick Brosseau, and being published by Behemoth Comics in November 2020 Here is the solicitation, alongside everything else Behemoth is putting out that month. A Girl Walks[...]
DC Comcis November 2020 Solicitations
Cancellations aside, the DC Comics November 2020 solicitations sees the launch of The Other History Of The DC Universe, years after it was originally meant to be published Did DC Comics really want to get this published before anything else goes down? THE OTHER HISTORY OF THE DC UNIVERSE #1 written by JOHN RIDLEY art by GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI[...]
DC Cancels Hellblazer, Hawkman, Teen Titans, Young Justice and More
In previous months, DC Comics has listed cancellations for ongoing series Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Red Hood: Outlaw, Batman And The Outsiders, justice League Odyssey and more, with November 2020 solicitations they have added Hawkman, Hellblazer, Teen Titans, Young Justice and Suicide Squad to that list, while Aquaman remains up in the air Which is hardly[...]