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'Outlander' Season 4 Finale's Heartbreaking Goodbye [SPOILERS]
So theoretically, this won't be the last time we see Ian. Keep an eye out for news about the Outlander season 4 soundtrack from series composer Bear McCreary soon. Hopefully by now, you Outlander fans have been able to watch the season 4 finale of the STARZ drama series It was heartbreaking, as some of the best scenes in the[...]
What's Gonna Happen in 'Outlander' S4E13, "Man of Worth"?!
Meanwhile, Brianna (Sophie Skelton) worries that her family might not return from the wild, and contemplates life as a single parent without them. Here is a selection of 10 photos courtesy of STARZ from the season finale: Book readers no doubt will guess what's to come in this episode from some of the photos–but, we're doing our[...]
What's Gonna Happen in 'Outlander' S4E11, "If Not For Hope"?!
As someone who very much enjoys Diana Gabaldon's source material, the use of dialog directly from the books certainly has made up for some of the more…interesting narrative choices. In Outlander season 4 episode 11 "If Not For Hope", we see a very pregnant Brianna (Sophie Skelton) arriving at River Bend to stay with dear Auntie Jocasta (Maria[...]
Lets Talk About 'Outlander' Season 4 Episode 9, "The Birds & The Bees"
Did everyone recover from STARZ series Outlander season 4 episode 8? No? Well, hopefully some of episode 9 "The Birds & The Bees" will make up for the trigger-warning inducing turn season 4 has taken. If you haven't caught up on Outlander season 4, you may want to find something else to read, as there will be superspoilers[...]
Maril Davis on THAT Scene from 'Outlander' s4e8 "Wilmington"
If you watched STARZ series Outlander season 4 episode 8 "Wilmington", we know We KNOW That's why the cable network warned viewers ahead of time, that's why we made damn sure you knew too. That said, if you HAVEN'T watched the episode, you may want to find something else to read/watch, as there will be spoilers here[...]
STARZ Warns 'Outlander' Viewers About Portrayal of Sexual Violence in s4e8
And, it was only a matter of time before a rather harsh occurrence happens, facilitated by Bonnet. As a reviewer for the series, I have already watched the episode, and can tell you only that the scene is portrayed mostly off-screen; but those who are sensitive to depictions of sexual violence may want to avoid this[...]
Whats Gonna Happen in 'Outlander' Season 4 Episode 7 "Down The Rabbit Hole"?!
She does have a fire though, so at least her previous outdoors experience from Frank (Tobias Menzies) stuck. Outlander season 4 airs on STARZ on Sundays. Season 4 of STARZ series Outlander is clipping along at a nice pace, with episode 7, titled "Down the Rabbit Hole", right around the corner If you haven't caught up with last[...]
Let's Talk About 'Outlander' Season 4 Episode 6, "Blood of my Blood"
However, when Roger and Brianna search for proof that Brianna's parents reunited in the 18th century, a shocking discovery makes them both consider following in Claire's footsteps. Outlander season 4 airs on STARZ on Sundays, and OMG we can't wait for next week's "Down The Rabbit Whole" episode. https://youtu.be/C-GFDsjA1SwVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Outlander[...]
'Outlander' Writers on THAT Big Season 4 Character Surprise
Hopefully by now, you will have seen STARZ series Outlander season 4 episode 5, "Savages" Or, if you haven't, you'll go find something else to read (like "Drums of Autumn", maybe?) so you don't spoil yourself, because THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. No really Big, giant, highland cuuu sized spoilers. Okay, if you're still here, we're going to talk[...]
Creating "Common Ground" in 'Outlander' s4e4 [SPOILERS]
Outlander season 4 is well underway on STARZ; new country, new perils for our Fraser Clan, and new challenges for the creative team behind the series. In this installment of STARZ-gives-us-some-insight, Outlander executive producers Maril Davis and Matthew B Roberts go in depth about the process of creating the "Common Ground" needed for the episode. A lot went into creating the[...]
'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe on the Unsavory Side of "Do No Harm"
Roberts told Variety that the production team "consulted multiple historians and historical accounts," and that "violent atrocities and the very institution of slavery even more difficult to accept." He continued: "At her core, Claire is a surgeon and a mother, and her first and natural instinct is always to help any person in need, and to that[...]
What Do You Mean River Run Wasn't Real on 'Outlander' Season 4?!
(Remember also that while Outlander season 4 takes place in the Americas, the series is still filming in Scotland): "Gary Steele, our production designer, designed it and built it He did a lot of research of period plantations, because people kind of instantly go to antebellum type plantations in the deep south He wanted to build it[...]
'Outlander' EP on THAT Song Choice in Season 4 Premiere [Spoilers]
The great thing is that we've been through that process creatively with the dialogue anyway, and hit all the parts the we wanted to hit, so that music can be more powerful in the final edit.   Outlander season 4 airs on STARZ on Sunday nights. Chances are by now, Outlander fans have watched the premiere episode of[...]
Diana Gabaldon outlander author
I can comment on anything in the course of this, and I tell them everything that I think. Outlander season 4 returns to STARZ on Sunday November 4th. https://youtu.be/7_3yOsfA1tkVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Outlander | Season 4 Opening Credits | STARZ (https://youtu.be/7_3yOsfA1tk) Fans of Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander" books know there have been some changes from[...]
Outlander Season 4 to Premiere at SCAD Savannah Film Festival
Good news, Southern Sassenachs- Outlander season 4 will have a big premiere ahead of it's return to STARZ during the SCAD Savannah Film Festival this October. Outlander season 4 premiere episode will screen on October 28th during the SCAD Savannah Film Festival, and attendees will be treated to a post-premiere Q & A with the cast and creators[...]
New Outlander Season 4 Trailer Shows More Sassenach Goodness
Along the way, the Frasers cross paths with notorious pirate and smuggler Stephen Bonnet in a fateful meeting that will come back to haunt the Fraser family. The series will have a presence during NYCC this year, and will have a panel at the NYC PaleyFest offerings the first weekend of October. Outlander season 4 is set[...]
STARZ Releases New 'Outlander' Season 4 Key Art
Outlander season 4 is gonna be a brave new world — you don't have to take our word for it, it is literally all over the brand-new key art STARZ released. The new art features Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in absolutely AMAZING costumes by Terry Dresbach standing on an overlook [might there be strawberries[...]
John Bell (Young Ian) Gives Fans Tour of 'Outlander' BTS
#Outlander pic.twitter.com/EyFANyC4vt — Outlander (@Outlander_STARZ) August 10, 2018 While there isn't anything terribly exciting featured in the video, fans of the book will no doubt appreciate the similar youthful exuberance Bell is showing here, and how similar he is to his on-screen character, Young Ian. If you haven't seen the short teaser trailer for season 4 of Outlander yet, you[...]