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DaNi Draws Black Beth For Rebellion/2000AD Specials In 2021
Bleeding Cool already ran a list of all the graphic novels and collections that Rebellion, publisher of 2000AD and Judge Dredd, were putting out in 2021 Now we have word of three "specials" sold through newsagents, supermarkets and subscription And I will use this to remind me to put them on my Tesco order when[...]
Every Single 2000AD/Judge Dredd/Rebellion Graphic Novel For 2021
Because while all manner of comic book companies stopped publishing comics during the shutdown, Rebellion kept publishing 2000AD every week, and Judge Dredd Megazine every month. Their graphic novel line took a bit of a beating, however, especially when titles were published in East Asia So for 2021, they are ramping up, increasing their title count[...]
Rebellion To Publish Al Ewing's The Fictional Man in January
And its the publisher of the latter two, Rebellion, who have put The Fictional Man back into print for 2021 Even if they stretch the meaning of the word "new" in their January 2021 solicitations Maybe we might see a revival of the Zombo books as well? Rebellion To Publish Al Ewing's The Fictional Man in[...]
James Killen, Barnes & Noble Graphic Novel Buyer,
And now we know. Jim Killen of Barnes & Noble Joins 2000AD and Rebellion Publishing Killen has joined Rebellion Publishing as their new American "Editor-At-Large" position based out of New York, from Monday 19th October Jim said: "I've been a fan of Rebellion for some time I'm glad to call it my new home." Ben Smith, Head of[...]
John Sanders Tell-All Book About Action and Other UK Comics Secrets
And now he is going to spill all. Cover to Action. In January, the current owner of Rebellion will publish King's Reach: John Sanders' Twenty-Five Years at the Top of Comics It had a bit of a COVID-related delay but now it's back on track I am looking forward to being able to search through the index[...]
Sniper Elite 4 Is Headed To The Nintendo Switch
developer Rebellion revealed that they would be bringing the 2017 action title Sniper Elite 4 to the Nintendo Switch The game did really ell for itself when it was released over three and a half years ago, as fans of the series loved the new innovations and, of course, kill cams that come with the[...]
Karl Urban in Judge Dredd (Image: Rebellion)
Last month, comics publisher Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley (2000AD) revealed that the early stages of development on the live-action series Judge Dredd: Mega-City One were already underway and that a script was already in place Once COVID health and safety precautions are in place, production on the intended sequel to 2012's Dredd can start up[...]
Sylvester Stallone as Judge Dredd (Image: Screen Cap)
Comics publisher Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley (2000AD) shared with YouTube show V2A Emergency Broadcast System that the early stages of development on a "Judge Dredd" series are already underway and that a script for a series is already in place The biggest stumbling block right now? COV-ID "I want there to be a sequel [to[...]
John Wagner's Thirteenth Floor Returns to Rebellion Oct 2020 Solicits
Which, for Rebellion, means another trip to John Wagner, Alan Grant and Jose Ortiz's The Thirteenth Floor, a second volume of these twist-in-the-tale horror and ghost stories from IPC's deep and sordid past As well as a Dracula Files collection and the usual 2000AD and Judge Dredd titles… John Wagner's Thirteenth Floor Returns to Rebellion Oct[...]
John Steel
The original creator of the character is unknown. Rebellion, publisher of 2000AD who bought up the IPC assets a few years ago, is now returning John Steel to print, part of their The Treasury of British Comics line,  collecting never-before-reprinted stories by Bermejo in a new special edition This collection will feature the classics 'Play it[...]
Coming in 2021 Judge Dredd Live in London's Piccadilly Circus
It's time to choose your side." CEO of Rebellion, Jason Kingsley OBE, owners and publishers of 2000AD/Judge Dredd says "The world of Judge Dredd is the greatest imaginative universe to come out of British comics and we're proud to bring it to ever wider audiences Every reader has dreamed of setting foot in a Mega-City, and[...]
Official Logo of the CBLDF.
Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is a maker of scents and oils well-known in fandom circles for products inspired by the likes of creators such as Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker, and franchises like The Dark Crystal, Hellboy, Labyrinth, and Grendel, among others.  The company is also well known for its stance on social activism, explaining[...]
Twenty Years Of Rebellion Publishing 2000AD
The 2000 AD Sci-Fi Special out tomorrow, is focusing on the 20 year anniversary since games developer Rebellion acquired 2000AD and Judge Dredd Megazine This 100-page special features brand new work from the likes of Jock, Al Ewing, Dan Abnett and more, with a combination of new work and old, exploring Rebellion's tenure as the[...]
Carlos Ezquerra's Major Eazy Gets a Complete Collection in 2021
We mentioned over the weekend that Rebellion was soliciting a Battle Of Britain 2020 special, reviving the pre-2000AD comic book, Battle, with an all-star cast Well, it looks like they are continuing that newly-revived brand name and publishing history, with the very first collection of the early (mid) adventures of iconic British war comics character,[...]
Rebellion Battle Of Britain Garth Ennis
Promised last year, now coming to fruition, a Battle Of Britain Special with Garth Ennis, Keith Burns, Alex De Campi, Glenn Fabry, Staz Johnson, PJ Holden, Alan Grant, Alan Hebden, Dan Abnett, Rob Williams and many more, celebrating the classic British war comic, Battle, that very much set the space for 2000AD. Garth Ennis & Glenn[...]