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Grab Your Twinkies with the New Ghostbusters Egon Statue from Star Ace
Star Ace Toys is back with another new addition to their growing Ghostbusters lineup, as the brilliant scientist and paranormal investigator Egon Spengler has arrived One of the founding members of the Ghostbuster is back and has been faithfully brought to life with an impressive new 1:8 scale statue Coming in at 8" tall, Egon[...]
Grab Your Twinkies with the New Ghostbusters Egon Statue from Star Ace
Ray Stantz, one of the original members of the Ghostbusters team, is set to receive a fitting 40th Anniversary tribute statue from Star Ace Toys Standing at an impressive 8 inches tall, features an impressive sculpt for the buster who has an unbridled passion for the supernatural Featuring the likeness of the man behind the[...]
Toho Ultimates! Shogun Godzilla (1995) Turns Up the Heat with Super7
Star Ace Toys and X-Plus are bringing this legendary silent film icon to life with a brand new quarter statue Featuring his distinctive bowler hat and toothbrush mustache, Chaplin is sculpted to perfection with a cane and a notable outfit Two versions are coming with a Standard and a Deluxe, with the Deluxe having a[...]
DC Comics Batgirl Takes Down Clayface with New Statue from Sideshow
It is time to return to Philadelphia as Star Ace Toys is back with yet another 1/6 scale figures from the world of Rocky That is right, it is finally tome for the main man himself to set into the spotlight with their newest figure Rocky Balboa is ready for action and itching to step[...]
DC Multiverse Batman v Superman Batfleck Coming Soon from McFarlane 
It is time to bring the paranormal home, as Star Ace Toys is back with a brand new statue from the world of Ghostbusters One of the gatekeepers has awoken as the deadly Terror Dog known as Zuul is ready to come home to your collection Zuul serve as minions to the ancient Sumerian deity[...]
Star Ace Toys Reveals Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Origins 2.0 Statue 
Star Ace Toys and SFX Collectibles are back with yet another DC Comics statue as they step into the video game world once more with Injustice 2 Raw power has been unleashed with Superman as this deadly hero who has turned all his effort into making Earth a better place after the Joker killed his[...]
Star Ace Toys Reveals Limited Edition Batman: Arkham Origins 2.0 Statue 
Star Ace Toys and SFX Collectibles are taking collectors deep into the heart of Gotham City with their latest statue from Batman: Arkham Origins! This statue brings to life the raw power and determination of a younger yet equally formidable Batman Our Caped Crusader is in for a very long night as eight of the[...]
The Power of Ivan Grago from Rocky IV Enter the Ring from Star Ace Toys 
The man who killed Apollo Creed is back as Star Ace Toys has unveiled their latest 1/6 scale figure from Rocky IV Dolph Lundgren returns as the legendary Rocky villain Drago with an impressive sculpt, standing at 11.8″ tall and features roughly 30 points of articulation Star Ace Toys has used a seamless body for[...]
LEGO Goes Prehistoric with New Jurassic World T-Rex Skull Set 
Halloween might be over, but the spooky and paranormal lives all year round, and Star Ace Toys has a new Ghostbusters statue coming soon Everyone's favorite green, blob-like ghost with an insatiable love for food is back Coming in at 8.66" tall, Slimer is ready to eat up your collection with this new statue that[...]
Star Ace Toys Celebrates Bruce Lee’s Legacy with New 1/6 Scale Statue 
Get ready to bring some power into your martial arts collection as Star Ace Toys has unveiled their new Bruce Lee 50th Anniversary Commemorative Statue It has been 50 years since the death of this legendary martial artist and fans can celebrate this legacy with this new 1/6 scale statue His appearance from Game of[...]
Ghostbusters Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man Arrives from Star Ace Toys
Get ready for the taste of marshmallows as Star Ace Toys has unleashed the horror of the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man once again Coming to life from Ghostbusters, this delicious big bad, was brought to life to destroy the busters and New York Standing at roughly 12" tall, fans can now bring this tasty treat[...]
Star Ace Toys Debuts New Ray Harryhausen Statue with the Minaton 
Star Ace Toys has been slowly celebrating and honoring the works of Harryhausen with some new statues An updated monster has returned, and this one comes back to fans from the film Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger The bronze minotaur known as Minaton has been brought to life and is ready to serve[...]
Star Ace Toys Unveils New Batman Arkham Origins 1:8 Scale Statue
Star Ace Toys is reliving the events of the video game Arkham Origins with an exclusive Batman Origins statue Standing at 16" tall, Batman is perfectly posed on the iconic Bat-signal that features LED Capabilities The light shows off the deadly villain Man Bat as his claws and wings are wrapped around the signal Star Ace[...]
New Ray Harryhausen Statue Arrives with Kali, Goddess of Death 
The magic of the legendary Ray Harryhausen continues to come to life with Star Ace Toys once again We are returning to The Golden Voyage of Sinbad with their latest release, which features the power of Kali, the Goddess of Death One of Harryhausen's more ambitious stop-motion creations comes to life as the stop-motion hoysala[...]
Star Ace Toys Dinosaur Skulls Debut for Wonders of the Wild Series
While we continue to wait for some official Jurassic Park collectibles, Star Ace Toys is dishing out some fantastic dinosaur skull replicas Dino fan scan now brings home miniature replicas of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex and the infamous Spinosaurus Both pieces are nicely detailed, showcasing these colossal dinosaur skulls on a levitating base standing 6.69"[...]
Apollo Creed Gets a KO with Star Ace Toys Latest 1/Rocky Figure 
Star Ace Toys is going back to those simpler times with their latest 1/6 scale figure release Apollo Creed is ready to enter the ring once again with a brand new figure that is beautifully sculpted and showcases a likeness to Carl Weathers Star Ace has this World Heavyweight Champion getting multiple versions as well,[...]
Count Dracula Rises Up with New 1:4 Scale Statue from Star Ace Toys
Star Ace Toys has revealed a brand new Universal Monsters collectible as the coffin of Dracula has been opened Coming in at 23.6" tall, Count Dracula is back and ready to suck your blood with incredible detail This version of the count is based on the iconic portrayal of Bela Lugosi, and Star Ace Toys[...]
Star Ace Unveils New Ray Harryhausen Statue with the Snake Woman 
The legacy of stop motion animation continues at Star Ace Toys as they debut their newest Ray Harryhausen's 100th Anniversary Collection statue We are traveling all the way back to 1958 with the movie The Seven Voyages of Sinbad for this newest release Naga the Snake Woman is back and ready to add some sinister[...]
Ray Harryhausen’s Mighty Joe Young Comes to Life with Star Ace
Star Ace Toys has slowly yet surely been bringing new statues to life for their Ray Harryhausen Collection Mighty Joe Young has arrived for this collection with a 13" tall statue released in both standard and exclusive editions. Collectors will be transported back to 1949 with a faithfully recreated right off the table of the legendary[...]
Clash of the Titans Harryhausen Medusa Arrives from Star Ace Toys
Star Ace Toys continues to celebrate the iconic stop-motion movie monster creator Ray Harryhausen Plenty of his legendary creatures have been brought back to life in incredible format The newest beast has arrived as we return back to 1981 to revise the film Clash of the Titans Medusa has arrived and is ready to turn[...]
Harryhausen’s Skeleton Army Rise with New Star Ace Toys Statue 
Star Ace Toys does it again as they dive back into the past they continue to expand their Ray Harryhausen Anniversary Series This line literally captures cinematic history by showcasing some of Harryhausen's iconic and memorable stop-motion creatures We have seen sho man Harryhausen creations so far with The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, 20 Million[...]
Ray Harryhausens Pegasus Soars in with New Star Ace Toys Release
Ray Harryhausen is a legend who brought movie monsters to life, and Star Ace Toys continues to expand their Ray Harryhausen's 100th Anniversary Collection with X-Plus This time we are getting more love towards Clash of the Titans with another majestic beast Pegasus is flying on in with a gorgeous new 1/6th scale statue that[...]
Star Ace Toys Reveals White Zombie Murder Legendre Bela Lugosi Figure
The horror icon Bela Lugosi is back as Star Ace Toys takes collectors back to 1932 with their newest 1/6th scale figure Coming out of one of the first known zombie films, White Zombie, the evil voodoo master Murder Legendre is back Three different collectibles will be offered with a standard, deluxe, and a solo[...]
Planet of the Apes General Thade Join the Fight with Star Ace Toys
Every monkey civilization needs a leader, and General Thade has answered the call with Star Ace Toys newest 1/6 scale figure Coming out of the 2001 film Planet of the Apes, this chimpanzee is beautifully crafted capturing his likeness perfectly from the film Two versions of General Thade will be offered with a standard and[...]
The Boys Homelander Has Arrived with 1:6 Star Ace Toys Figure
The Boys is finally starting to get some truly incredible collectibles, and Star Ace Toys is here to give fans another one Homelander has landed and is making his presence known with this highly detailed 1/6 scale figure with a high likeness to actor Anthony Starr Homelander's outfit is full fabric that really brings The[...]
The Boys Billy Butcher Comes to Star Ace Toys with New Bloody Figure
Star Ace Toys has just revealed their newest set of Billy Butcher figures, with a standard and deluxe coming our way capturing his deadly nature He will stand at 12" tall, with 30 points of articulation, and is loaded with incredible detail and accessories The normal Billy features some swappable hands as well as a[...]
Star Ace Teams Up With X-Plus for Wonder Wild Woolly Mammoth
Star Ace Toys and X-Plus are turning back time as they announce their newest addition to their Wonder Wild statue series Coming out of the Ice Age is the mighty Woolly Mammoth standing 9.84 inches tall, featuring a high detail sculpt B+Placed on a snow-covered rocky terrain base, the Woolly Mammoth comes to life right[...]
Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory Comes To Life With Star Ace Toys
Coming out of Harry Potter and the Goblet of the Fire, Cedric Diggory is back as Star Ace Toys' newest release This popular character lost his life in the Triwizard Tournament as he fell victim to the Dark Lords' evil plan This 1/6 scale figure is loaded with amazing detail, articulation, accessories, and an authentic[...]
Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Batman Ninja Star Ace Toys Figure Release
Star Ace Toys is back with another addition to their growing Batman: Ninja figure line with the devious Harley Quinn She now joins fellow villains, Catwoman, Joker, and the multiple Batman figures on a 1/6 scale Capturing her appearance straight from the animated film Star Ace Toys as she stands 11.5" tall Harley Quinn will[...]
Catwoman Joins Batman in Feudal Japan With Star Ace Toys New Figure
Star Ace Toys is back with another amazing DC Comics figure from the hit animated film, Batman Ninja Standing 11.5" tall, Catwoman is joining the fight against warlord Joker and his chaos he has created in the past Star Ace has revealed two different versions of the figure, with a standard and deluxe getting released[...]