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Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy Prepare for Quidditch with Star Ace

Harry Potter is a franchise that will continue to constantly come out with collectibles. Star Ace Toys continues that trend as they have announced a special twin pack of figures. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy come to life and are ready for game day. They are both featuring their iconic Quidditch outfits from Gryffindor and […]

“Pulp Fiction” Come to Life with Vincent Vega Figure from Star Ace

"Pulp Fiction" Come to Life with Vincent Vega Figure from Star Ace

Pulp Fiction is a cult classic film and the story telling was something unique and special. Quentin Tarantino gave us a very stage story with this film but also created some iconic characters like the hitmen Jules and Vincent. Star Ace Toys brought us figures of these two before back in 2017 and one of […]

Batman Gets a Life-Size Bust for His Tactical Suit from Infinity Studio

Harry Potter's New Dark Arts Teacher is Here from Star Ace Toys Figure

Remus Lupin is one of my favorite characters besides Sirius Black and is in my second favorite Harry Potter film The Prisoner of Azkaban just behind the Goblet of Fire. His character is so dynamic, as he holds a dark secret and who doesn't want to become a werewolf. Star Ace Toys have announced a Harry Potter and […]

King Kong Stands his Ground with New Star Ace Toys Statue 

New Star Ace Toys King Kong Statue Stands His Ground

King Kong is here and he is angry! I am one that loved the 2017 film Kong: Skull Island movie. It is a rehashed story line and isn't very original but King Kong is one of those characters that is just iconic enough to not matter. With one of the next Godzilla films being King […]

Underworld Brings the Beast with New Statue by Star Ace Toys

Underworld is back! The classic Vampire and Lycan film Underworld starring Kate Beckinsale is a unique aspect of the monster world below our noses. This time it is rising from the darkness again and this time it brings the Lycans! Star Ace Toys is allowing us to own one of these Lycans with their new statues. […]

Arrow Hero Oliver Queen Gets a Fancy New Figure From Star Ace Toys

Arrow is latest DCTV character to get a figure from Star Ace Toys. This Oliver Queen figure will ship in the fall of 2018. "After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal: to save my city." – Oliver Queen Now in its sixth season, the popular CW TV show, "Arrow" follows […]