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Star Ace Teams Up With X-Plus for Wonder Wild Woolly Mammoth
Star Ace Toys and X-Plus are turning back time as they announce their newest addition to their Wonder Wild statue series Coming out of the Ice Age is the mighty Woolly Mammoth standing 9.84 inches tall, featuring a high detail sculpt B+Placed on a snow-covered rocky terrain base, the Woolly Mammoth comes to life right[...]
Harry Potter’s Cedric Diggory Comes To Life With Star Ace Toys
Coming out of Harry Potter and the Goblet of the Fire, Cedric Diggory is back as Star Ace Toys' newest release This popular character lost his life in the Triwizard Tournament as he fell victim to the Dark Lords' evil plan This 1/6 scale figure is loaded with amazing detail, articulation, accessories, and an authentic[...]
Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Batman Ninja Star Ace Toys Figure Release
Star Ace Toys is back with another addition to their growing Batman: Ninja figure line with the devious Harley Quinn She now joins fellow villains, Catwoman, Joker, and the multiple Batman figures on a 1/6 scale Capturing her appearance straight from the animated film Star Ace Toys as she stands 11.5" tall Harley Quinn will[...]
Catwoman Joins Batman in Feudal Japan With Star Ace Toys New Figure
Star Ace Toys is back with another amazing DC Comics figure from the hit animated film, Batman Ninja Standing 11.5" tall, Catwoman is joining the fight against warlord Joker and his chaos he has created in the past Star Ace has revealed two different versions of the figure, with a standard and deluxe getting released[...]
Star Ace Toys Debuts Ray Harryhausen Stop Motion Kali Statue
X-Plus and Star Ace Toys are at it again as they bring the iconic work of Ray Harryhausen to life once more This time we are traveling back to 1973 to the film The Golden Voyage of Sinbad as the Goddess of Death, Kali arrives Standing just under 12" tall, this guardian is here to[...]
Dracula Is Back With Star Ace New Scars of Dracula 2.0 Statue
The Star Ace Toys statue will also feature a light-up castle base that will have a removable and wearable ring that has the lords crest on it Dracula is out for blood, and fans will not want to miss out on this blood-thirsty collectible from Star Ace Toys Pre-orders have arrived on Sideshow Collectibles for[...]
Lord Voldemort Arises Once Again With New 12” Star Ace Toys Figure
He Who Must Not Be Named is back as Star Ace Toys, and Sideshow Collectibles reveals new Harry Potter 1/6 scale figures We have already seen Harry Potter come to life from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which fans can view here This time we get an older version of Lord Voldemort from[...]
Harry Potter Enters the Triwizard Tournament Again With Star Ace
Star Ace Toys is back as they announce the rerelease of their popular Harry Potter figure from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire However, this figure is more than just a rerelease as they increase him from 1:8 to 1:6, giving witches and wizards an even better, highly detailed figure Harry Potter is back[...]
Batman Ninja 2.0 Samurai Gets Deluxe Horse Set From Star Ace
Batman is back in his Samurai attire as Star Ace Toys reveals their newest Batman Ninja 2.0 figure This time, fans can acquire the new deluxe set that gives the Dark Knight his own Samurai Horse The 1/6 scale figure features Batman in his ceremonial samurai armor and is loaded out with excelled detail and[...]
Jason and the Argonauts Talos Statue Coming From Star Ace Toys
Star Ace Toys announces the newest statue in their Ray Harryhausen collection The legendary American artist created a special form of stop motion animation known as Dynamation that changed cinema One of those films was the 1963 fantasy adventure film Jason and the Argonauts The story follows the journey of Jason, Hercules, Acastus, and others[...]
One Million Years BC Dinosaur Comes to Life with New Star Ace Statue
Star Ace Toys is taking collectors back to 1966 to relive the classic fantasy film One Million Years B.C with their newest statue The iconic stop-motion work of Ray Harryhausen comes back once again with this beautifully re-created Ceratosaurus statue Standing roughly 12 inches tall, the One Million Years B.C statue captures the original stop-motion[...]
Star Ace Cyclops Honors the 100th Anniversary of Ray Harryhausen
Star Ace Toys is back with yet another remarkable statue from the masterpieces of Ray Harryhausen Harryhausen is a legendary for his use and creation of the stop motion animation used in old school films One of those classic films is Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, and in it viewers were greeted with the deadly Cyclops[...]
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This time we are getting a new exclusive Kong: Skull Island Kong figure from Star Ace Toys He will stand 7.87 inches tall and will be highly detailed to comparison of the film's beast From detailed claw marks on his chest to the sculpting of his fur, this Kong: Skul Island is a true monster[...]
Planet of the Apes Ceasar Leads the Way with Star Ace Toys
The Ape Resistance is back, and Ceasar is leading the charge with Star Ace Toys Pre-orders for a new Spear Version Statue from the Apes film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has shown up on Sideshow Collectibles The statue is quite massive, coming in at 15 inches tall It shows off Ceasar on[...]
Kong Fights The Deadly Skullcrawler with Star Ace Toys
Kong: Skull Island is back as Sideshow Collectibles has put up new statues from Star Ace Toys The King of Skull Island is taking on the deadly Skullcrawler with this piece There will be three options available to this Star Ace Toys collectible with a solo release of the Skullcrawler, a standard Kong Vs Set,[...]