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Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream Coming From Hasbro
Starscream is ready his time to rule the Decepticons as Hasbro reveals their newest Studio Series figure from Transformers: The Movie Coronation Starscream is here and ready to reign supreme with his new Leader Class figure that stands 8.5" tall The Deception will convert from robot to jet mode in just 29 steps and will[...]
Transformers Animated Film Returning To Theaters This September
Transformers The Movie will make a return to cinemas this September The classic animated film from 1986 will screen in theaters to help celebrate its 35th anniversary on September 26th and 28th, thanks to Fathom Events and Hasbro A new steelbook edition of the movie will also hit stores from Shout! Factory this fall The[...]
IDW October 2021 Solicits
IDW Publishing's full October 2021 solicitations sees the launch of Star Trek: Mirror War as an event comic book, a new Dungeons & Dragons comic book with Mindbreaker, a new My Little Pony series, Generations, and a new Transformers comic book series, Wreckers—Tread & Circuits And all listed in the solicitations below, beginning with some[...]
Transformers Wreckers—Tread & Circuits #1 Cover A
This year IDW has begun expanding their Transformers series coming out of the reboot of the Transformers continuity in 2019 IDW is now set to bring one of the first comic book-created concepts of Transformers back to the printed page in October with Transformers Wreckers—Tread & Circuits. Created by Simon Furman and debuting in issue 82 of the Transformers[...]
In this preview of MLP Transformers II #4, the dragons and the dinobots are having a nice time discussing the power of friendship when Superion, under the control of evil pony Sombra, attacks This issue is the conclusion of the second Transformers/My Little Pony crossover, a delightful event for both Robobronies, the hardcore fans of[...]
Hasbro Reveals Exclusive Transformers Covert Agent Ravage and Micromaster
This time it's the Transformers who are getting their reveals with a celebration towards Beast Wars with this special 2-pack set The PulseCon 2021 exclusive will feature the classic Predacon/Decepticon jaguar know as Ravage in all his glory Both Ravage jaguar mode and classic cassette mode are utilized in this set, with both bots transforming[...]
Transformers Ultra Magnus Is Back From the Dead With Hasbro
Ultra Magnus is back as Hasbro revealed another new Transformers figure as part of their Takara Tomy Premium Finish series The Takara Tomy line brings fans' favorite bots to life featuring original packaging, instructions, and deco straight from Japan Coming out of the Transformers War for Cybertron: Siege animated series Ultra Magnus is back and[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers Takara Tomy Premium Finish Megatron
Hasbro has revealed a brand new addition to their growing Takara Tomy Transformers figure line with the return of Megatron For Transformers fans who are curious about the Takara Tomy line, it gives collectors popular figures from their Studio Series and War for Cybertron lines but with original Japanese deco and sculpt Imported directly from[...]
Transformers Jigsaw Puzzle Preordering At Renegade's Web Store
This time, the puzzle is based on key art from their Transformers Deck-Building Game. The box for Renegade Game Studios' newest jigsaw puzzle, based on key art from the Transformers Deck-Building Game. This enormous puzzle clocks in at 1,000 pieces, 50 centimeters wide and 70 centimeters tall In approximation, that's about 19.7 inches by 27.6 inches, respectively[...]
Transformers Escape #5 is in stores from IDW Publishing on Wednesday, and it's the final issue of the series, which means it's make-or-break time for the titular escape Can the Autobots get those Arks off the ground? It would be a hell of a misleading series title if they can't Check out the preview below. TRANSFORMERS[...]
Transformers Galvatron Makes His Landing As Hasbro’s Newest Release
The ancient Transformers warlord Galvatron is back to serve up any Autobot that gets in his path to power Hasbro has dove into the fires of Unicron to release their newest Generation Selects figure that is inspired by the classic 1986 toy release The figure will feature a special comic-inspired deco as well as 2[...]
After the first two chapters raised the stakes for Optimus Prime and his Transformers, Netflix's Transformers: War for Cybertron Trilogy – Kingdom finds Megatron and the Decepticons with an unmeasurable advantage over our heroes But the final battle is still to be had, as viewers can expect the Maximals and the Predacons to join the search[...]
Transformers Teams Up With J Balvin For Hasbro and NTWRK Exclusive
Hasbro and NTWRK are teaming up once again to reveal the first-ever Transformers collab music-inspired collectible Instead of crossing over with a movie franchise, the Transformers world crosses over with music artist J Balvin The J Balvintron 3-Pack brings a new Decepticon to live with a new Soundwave variant that will also include 2 mini[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers x Jurassic Park T-Rex and Jeep Set
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Transformers/Jurassic Park Beat Zack Snyder- Daily LITG 1st July 2021 Transformers/Jurassic Park Beat Zack Snyder- Daily LITG 1st July 2021 Credit: Hasbro The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Hasbro Reveals Transformers[...]
Hasbro Reveals Transformers x Jurassic Park T-Rex and Jeep Set
We have already seen quite a few crossover Transformers figures with Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and now Jurassic Park That is right; things are getting prehistoric for the Autobots with this mighty Jurassic Park x Transformers figure set Two figures are included with the Tyrannocon Rex and Autobot JP93 that bring to life the[...]