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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Studio Series Debuts with Hasbro 
To this day, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is one of my favorite films It was a non-stop action film with comedy, action, and giant freaking robots! I always try to get my hands on new Studio Series figures featuring live-action Bumblebee as well as any Revenge of the Fallen figures Well, we are in[...]
Threezero Deploys Their Next Transformers MDLX Figure with Megatron
Threezero does not have a lot of Transformers figures under their belt, but they are getting there! Their new MDLX line gives collectors a new series of die-cast and plastic figures with impressive articulation and lots of attitudes Threezero brings their popular and incredible DLX line to an even smaller scale while not holding back[...]
Transformers x Canon Collaboration Arrives with Camera Optimus 
Transformers collaboration pieces are all over as of late with team ups with Jurassic Park, Ghostbusters, Top Gun, and even Street Fighter Some of these collaborations are truly awesome, while others are very, very odd Well, another new and interesting one is here as the Takara Tomy line of Transformers is ready to take your[...]
Transformers DK-3 Breaker Receives a Diaclone Variant from Hasbro 
Before there were Transformers, there was Diaclone and Micro Change, the first series of transforming robots After the bot line was discovered by Hasbro, a deal was struck, and that is when history was made Based on the original Diaclone designs, the Generation 1 bots were shipped out, giving collectors new heroes with new colors[...]
Transformers: Shattered Glass Flamewar & Fireglide Arrive from Hasbro
To this day, I still truly love the Transformers: Shattered Glass storyline, as I love to see the villains as heroes It has been a blast to see Hasbro continue to bring the world of Shattered Glass to their Generations line To make things even better, a new figure is here as the heroic Decepticon[...]
Transformers: EarthSpark Rolls Out At SDCC With Trailer, Cast
Transformers: EarthSpark is a new animated series coming from Nickelodeon and Paramount+ The first season will consist of 26 episodes, all on Paramount+ here in the US and internationally on Nickelodeon This show will introduce the first Transformers born on Earth, a new generation of bots, if you will I am sure some of you[...]
Transformers and Bruce Lee Statues Debut from Diamond Select Toys 
The company has plenty of other awesome licenses under its belt, like Transformers and Bruce Lee New statues have been released for each, and we start with another 10" elements collectible for Bruce Lee The martial arts master was even a claimed master of the four elements, and Diamond Select Toys has been bringing this[...]
Transformers Megatron Becomes a Diva with New Kotobukiya Statue 
It was not long ago we saw the world of Transformers come to life like never before with a new human form version of Optimus Prime It looks like her sister wants some time in the spotlight with a fresh sassy yet fashionable new collectible Coming in at 9.96" tall, Megatron arrives as you have[...]
When you look at how far the live-action Transformers franchise has come, it's truly a spectacular feat Sure, not every film has been a major high point for cinema or the franchise itself, but in all sincerity, the Michael Bay-originated world has truly made its mark. The 2007 Transformers film itself found mixed to positive reception,[...]
Optimus Prime is a Heart Throb with Kotobukiya’s Sexy New Statue 
Another iconic Pop Culture icon is back and is not only in human form but gender-swappable! That is right, the Leader of the Autobots is ready to as some spunk to your Transformers collection with a brand new, highly detailed statue Optimus Prime is here and reimagined like never before, fitting the Bishoujo lien perfectly[...]
Transformers Shattered Glass  Slicer with Exo-Suit Debuts with Hasbro
The Transformers Shattered Glass storyline has always intrigued me, and it is fun to see them once villains as heroes As roles are reversed, the villainous Autobots need to be stopped, and it is up to some legendary Decepticons to save the day One of those heroes is the spy, assassin, and undercover operative Slicer[...]
Transformers and Street Fighter Crossover with Exclusive 2-Pack Set 
Just when you think you've had enough, more Street Fighter x Transformers figures sets are on the way! That is right, Hasbro has more odd mash-up figures here for up, with Arcee design up as Chun-Li and Hot Rod as Ken This marks the second Street Fighter x Transformers set to release with the first[...]
Transformers and Tonka Hasbro Collab Arrives to Form Tonkanator
Hasbro is cashing in on this childhood toy as they announce a new Transformers collaboration with Tonka! Six iconic Tonka vehicles make a Transformers return with the Mega Dozer, Power Digger, Motorload, Skyhook, Mega Hauler, and Motormix To make things even cooler, collectors can combine all the iconic vehicles to create and form the mighty[...]
Transformers Optimus Prime Becomes Street Fighter’s Ryu in New Set
We have received a lot of interesting Transformers crossover figures in the past couple of years with X-Men, Jurassic Park, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, and even Top Gun Well, Hasbro has done something even more insane this time as the world of Transformers is colliding with the world of Street Fighter That is right;[...]
New Transformers Masterpiece Trainbot Arrives with Yukikaze
Hasbro is back with another Transformers Masterpiece release as another Takara Tomy figure is here The continuation of the Trainbots is here as Yukikaze joins the G1 line featuring authentic designs and deco Transformers Trainbot Yukikaze will feature three modes with a robot, train, and of course, combiner mode When you combine all five Masterpiece[...]
Transformers Skyfire Takes Aim with Hasbro’s Newest Masterpiece
Hasbro's Transformers Masterpiece line takes some of your favorite Autobots and Decepticons and releases the best possible collectible for them The figure features the return of Skyfire, who is ready to explore Earth once again Skyfire has always been more of a scientist than a fighter, and now Transformers fans get to continue his adventures[...]
Numbskull Kicks Off New Hasbro Partnership with Transformers Ducks
Tubbz Cosplaying Ducks are rolling out as Numskull announces that they are expanding into the realm of Transformers That is right, Megatron and Optimus Prime are getting a Tubbz Duck makeover as Numskull announces their new Hasbro partnership These bots are going where no bot has ever been before and doing it in fashionable duck[...]
Will Michelangelo, Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo, and Jennika learn how to master and control the dark ninja arts… or will they be consumed by them? One thing's for certain: if they are to have any chance at success, they will need to seek out a light from the past to help guide their way. In Shops: Aug[...]
IDW Announces Transformers: Shattered Glass 2 for August
We're here to talk about Transformers, as IDW has just announced a follow-up to last year's Transformers: Shattered Glass mini-series with a sequel, appropriately titled Transformers: Shattered Glass 2. The press release provides more details, though we guess if we were THR, we would probably call this an "exclusive." By popular demand, the dark reflection of the[...]
Cover image for Transformers #43
Preview Transformers #43, the final issue of the ongoing as IDW's Transformers Saga nears its conclusion We say "nears" because though this is a final issue, it's not the final issue That will be the oversized and overpriced Transformers: Fate of Cybertron special coming the following month You thought you were gonna get out of[...]
Transformers x Top Gun Maverick Mash-Up Bot Returns with an Upgrade
In celebration of the long-awaited sequel film Top Gun: Maverick, Hasbro has announced the retro of their Transformers crossover figure The popular jet, Grumman F-14 Tomcat, is back, but as a  from the Transformers bot This is a simple reissue, but to make things more interesting, Maverick will be updated with new packing as well[...]
Hasbro Reveals Final Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Figure with Twin Twist
The final Transformers Wreck N' Rule figure is here as Hasbro announces Diaclone Universe Twin Twist finishes the set Inspired by classic Takara Tomy Diaclone colors, Twin Twist is ready to join Wreckers Crew in style His classic Drill Tank mode returns, and he can be converted in just 18 steps As for accessories, Hasbro[...]
Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Bulkhead is Here and Prepares for War 
Another Transformers Wrecker crew member is on the scene as Hasbro debuts their Wreck N' Rule Autobot Bulkhead This marks the fourth figure in the new Amazon Exclusive collection with connecting artwork and parts Bulkhead is ready to join the fight with a brand new figure that features his Military Van Mode, which he can[...]
Hasbro Reveals New Transformers Takara Tomy Figure with Trailbreaker 
Hasbro has revealed the newest Transformers Takara Toy Masterpiece figure imported directly from Japan The Autobot Cybertron Warrior Trailbreaker is making his way to the battlefield with a highly detailed and articulated figure Trailbreaker will come in his original Japanese packaging and will even include Japanese instruction to keep him as close to his original[...]
Transformers Wreck N’ Rule Autobot Springer Revealed from Hasbro 
Hasbro continues their Transformers Wreckers collection with yet another Generations Legacy Wreck 'N Rule set Unlike previous sets, this is a solo release as Autobot Springer with double transforming modes Springer will convert into a helicopter in 29 steps as well as a off-load vehicle in just 25 steps Both Transformers vehicle modes have weapons[...]
LEGO Fully Transforming Optimus Prime For New Transformers Line
The LEGO Group and Hasbro are creating the first combined fully-transforming LEGO Transformers line, beginning with Optimus Prime This is the first time Hasbro and LEGO have worked together, in what they are dubbing "Engaging Brick Mode". Transformers Optimus Prime from LEGO and Hasbro The LEGO Optimus Prime set includes over 1,500 LEGO pieces and stands over[...]
Transformers Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Collection G2 Universe Arrives
This Transformers figure transforms into the car in 18 steps and comes with two blasters Masterdominus, on the other hand, will convert into his Mastodon skeleton mode in just 14 steps and will also include two blaster accessories Three more Wreckers Crew Transformers packs are on the way so until then, fans can find the[...]
Cover image for Transformers: Last Bot Standing #1
The Transformers do their version of Old Man Logan in this preview of Transformers: Last Bot Standing #1 The series serves as an ending for IDW's Transformers comics, as they're losing the license soon So which Transformer is the last one left alive? And how many robot dicks does he have? We'll find out on[...]
Transformers Legacy Wreck ‘N Rule Impactor and Spindle Set Arrives
Spindle and Impactor are ready to complete their mission and take down any Decepticon in their path as Hasbro reveals their new Transformers Legacy Wreck 'N Rule Collection Comic Universe set Both Transformers bots will feature a Comic Universe deco and will come with the ability to transform Impactor will convert into his tank mode[...]
Transformers Generation Cyclonus is Back with New G1 Inspired Figure
Hasbro has revealed a new Transformers Generation Select figure is on the way with Cyclonus Cyclonus is ready for a solo mission with a brand new figure working for some of the deadliest Decepticons out there This bot has quickly made a name for himself and will do anything Galvatron says while providing loyalty to[...]