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Rewriting Moira MacTaggert's Third Life In Inferno #1 (Spoilers)
Today sees the publication of Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schiti, and David Curiel But you may be forgiven for thinking it is drawn by Pepe Larraz Because Valerio explicitly redraws Pepe Larraz's scenes from House Of X #2 – and Curiel matches Marte Gracia's colours, as we saw Mystique and Destiny's confrontation with[...]
Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti's Inferno From Marvel Comics
But we have the official news now that Jonathan Hickman's new comic to follow X-Men and the Hellfire Gala from Marvel Comics is called Inferno, deliberately named after the eighties X-Men event that has been dragged over the embers recently in the Krakoan X-Men titles and drawn by Valerio Schiti. Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti's Inferno[...]
John Cassaday, Pepe Larraz, Peach Momoko Recreate Captain America
These definitive comic book stories will be presented in an all-new way in a star-studded special that will delight long-time True Believers and the current generation of Marvel fans! The comic will include artwork by John Cassaday, Marguerite Sauvage, David Lapham, Declan Shalvey, Perf Pérez, Salvador Larroca, Leinil Francis Yu, Valerio Schiti, Carlos Pacheco, Inhyuk Lee,[...]
Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti’s New X-Men Comic, S,W.O.R.D.
By Al Ewing and Valerio Schiti. ONE GIANT LEAP FOR MUTANTKIND! The Mutant nation of Krakoa has quickly become a major force on the world stage… but why stop there? Krakoa has relaunched the Sentient World Observation & Response Directorate – a fully independent organization dealing with all things extra-terrestrial on behalf of all of Earth[...]
`Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 cover by Alexander Lozano
The fight-scene towards the end is decent, even if it is sidetracked both visibly and narratively by the way the book decides to handle Rhodey's PTSD. Tony Stark: Iron Man #2 cover by Valerio Schiti and Edgar Delgado Valerio Schiti's holds up, having the glitz and energy that Tony Stark needs The fight scenes lack some clarity[...]
Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 cover by Alexander Lozano
The resolution to it is a bit groan-worthy, but the path there was fun. Tony Stark: Iron Man #1 art by Valerio Schiti and Edgar Delgado Valerio Shciti's artwork gives me mixed feelings It has the energy and kineticism for which the tone and pacing call, but some panels feel undercooked in terms of detailing The Iron[...]
Comic Book Wins and Losses, Week of 04/04/18: sonic the hedgehog and more
Sometimes a "loss" isn't a bad book; it's a book that made glaring mistakes that prevented the comic from being genuinely good. Marvel Two-in-One #5 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell Win: Marvel Two-in-One #5 is Downright Amazing Chip Zdarsky, Valerio Schiti, and Frank Martin continue to kill it on this half-FF-now-sorta-full-FF title by bringing together two broken Fantastic Four[...]
Marvel Two-in-One #5 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
Plus, the threat of a Galactic Doom brings an immensely dangerous threat that is all at once familiar and new (apart from the original Secret Wars technically). Marvel Two-in-One #5 art by Valerio Schiti and Frank Martin Valerio Schiti is given room to get creative with the visuals in this issue, and it makes for some memorable[...]
Marvel Two-in-One #4 cover by Nick Bradshaw and Morry Hollowell
However, these don't hurt the book too badly. Marvel Two-in-One #4 art by Valerio Schiti and Frank Martin Velerio Schiti's artwork captures the emotional weight of the book well, with many solemn scenes of a moist-eyed Ben Grimm or hurting Johnny Storm The scene between the multiverses is gorgeous The short action sequences are well-constructed The paneling[...]
Marvel Two-in-One #3 cover by Jim Cheung and Frank Martin
The path that led to that answer could have been shortened by a lot, and more could have been accomplished this issue. Marvel Two-in-One #3 art by Valerio Schiti and Frank Martin Valerio Schiti joins up for the art this time around His style brings an odd mixture of cartoonish qualities and realistic detailing It's mostly good,[...]
I Can Seuss With My Eyes Shut! No, You Really Can't
This issue is an example of that. Art by Valerio Schiti and Richard Isanove Bendis actually crafts a pretty good story, all in all Groot, stuck on Earth, is told by the other Guardians to stay in Central Park because simple-minded humans would be scared of him When Groot sees a crime being committed, he intervenes, and[...]
Improbable Previews: Bendis Builds To Big Blowoff In Guardians Of The Galaxy #16
We can't guarantee 100% accuracy- in fact, our accuracy may be much lower than that – but we can guarantee that it's better than looking at a bunch of unfinished pages. As superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis builds to the end of his final story arc on Guardians of the Galaxy, "Grounded," he intends to[...]
Bleeding Cool's 11 Best Comics Of 2014
Avengers/New Avengers from Marvel Comics, written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Leinil Francis Yu, Kev Walker, Simone Bianchi, Valerio Schiti, Jim Cheung, Mike Deodato, Rags Orales, Salvador Larroca and more Despite its pretense, this is really just one comic book, with each title taking a diametric opposite viewpoint but running one story for a few years now[...]