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Read All Of Dragonflyman #1 For Free on Bleeding Cool

Now, for the first time ever, all five issues of the series, plus the 2019 AHOY Free Comic Book Day story, will be available in one dimension-smashing volume—and, coincidentally, just in time for everyone’s new favorite summer holiday: Dragonflyman Day.A brand-new but already beloved tradition wherein people from all over earth—Omega, Alpha, and otherwise—celebrate this[...]


Ahoy Comics Delays Comics, Reduced Digital TPBs to Ten Dollars

Ahoy Comics announced that they would delay the publication of two of their upcoming titles in light of the coronavirus pandemic affecting businesses worldwide The debut issue of Ash & Thorn, a story about a septuagenarian who becomes the reluctant savior of the world, will be delayed from April 1st until 29th April In addition,[...]

Judge Hashtag: Danger By Gail Simone's Foreword

Judge Hashtag: Danger By Gail Simone's Foreword

Looking for something to buy on Black Friday? Well, check out Gail Simone's foreword to the just-concluded-and-collected Hashtag Danger series by Tom Peyer, Randy Elliot and Chris Giarrusso, published as a trade paperback last week by Ahoy Comics Gail writes, TO: Tom PeyerFROM: Gail Simone HASHTAG: BACKSLASH! Conventional wisdom says that you should 100% of the time judge[...]


2 Grant Morrison Stories in Ahoy Comics' First Solicits for September 2018

Ahoy Comics, the new comic book publisher founded by journalist Hart Seely, is launching its first two comics in the upcoming Diamond Previews.The Wrong Earth, a six-issue miniseries by Tom Peter and Jamal Igle, where an adventure-loving crimefighter with a kid sidekick dimensionally switch places with a ruthless vigilant, will include a prose story from[...]