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Full Marvel Comics August 2023 Solicits & Solicitations
As seen in the fully leaked Marvel Comics August 2023 solicits and solicitations, that just ran on Bleeding Cool, we have a full checklist for the Fall Of X crossover in August coming from Marvel Comics In which we learn that the Hellfire Gala had cataclysmic events, and Professor X faces the end of his[...]
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Because, yes, if North Korea dropped a bunch of HRT patches on the shore of Dover, Kim Jong Un would probably become a national treasure here. Although with the Beast creating clones of himself as well, in which to run his own rogue Krakoan operation from, he is going down the Mister Sinister route more and[...]
Marvel Comics Promising A Rebirth For Fall Of X...
The Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead.  You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The ten most popular stories yesterday Marvel Comics Promises A Rebirth For Fall Of X S.W.A.T.: CBS Ends Popular Shemar Moore-Starring Series with Season 6 Geoff Johns Introduces The[...]
Louise Simonson Writes a Jean Grey Krakoan X-Men Comic For Fall Of X
For Fall Of X, she returns to Marvel Comics and the X-Men books to write a Jean Grey X-Men solo comic in August, initially set in the Krakoan present, even as it looks back to the past, with artist Bernard Chang. Why might Jean Grey be solo? Well, we have ideas about that too… FALL OF X[...]
Marvel Comics Promising A Rebirth For Fall Of X...
UPDATE: Here it is, it's Jean Grey… Marvel Comics just tweeted out the following, three hours before some Fall Of X-style announcement they are planning to make With the Krakoan language for "Rebirth" because yes, I can soght-read Krakoan now What have you done to me, Jonathan Hickman...   "Fall of X" is the planned upcoming relaunch of[...]
Marvel Comics
Today sees the return of Immortal X-Men and the first of the Before The Fall Of X one-shots, that flow the adventures in the Sins Of Sinister thousand year timeline, We previously asked on Bleeding Cool how Emma Frost might be attending the Hellfire Gala given that she is in the Krakoan Pit We also[...]
Marvel Comics
So how did he make it back:? What will happen with Krakoa, The Quiet Council or Arakko learn of this? Is this the Fall Of X – or its rise again? He's certainly looking a lot better than on Arakko… Even after he had managed to hold his own heart together. Is this an imposter? Is this[...]
What Do You Call A Hellfire Gala Without Emma Frost? #XSpoilers
The big announcement from the second Hellfire Gala has been neutralised. Is this the Fall Of X? No more resurrection?  If so, the upcoming Free Comic Book Day X-Men/Avengers issue may have one of two issues, with the mystery Orchis soldier who has taken the Captain Krakoan suit for some false flag operations… Because that looks like[...]
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Just as the Fall of X is about to hit, no Professor X, no Hope Summers, no Exodus and… no Emma Frost? What is a Hellfire Gala without Emma? And without a functioning Hope Summers, how do you bring back Krakoan resurrection? No one had better die soon…  SINS OF SINISTER DOMINION #1 MARVEL COMICS FEB230676 (W) Kieron Gillen[...]
Uncanny X-Men Free Comic Book Day
With the colour scheme to match… Watch out for the build-up in tomorrow's Invincible Iron Man #5… INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #5 MARVEL COMICS FEB230833 (W) Gerry Duggan (A) Juan Frigeri (CA) Kael Ngu Tony Stark is at the end of his ropes, so for support, he turns to-Emma Frost?! Will she help Tony overcome the attacks from his new foe, Feilong?[...]
Marvel August 2023 Solicits
Welcome to the Marvel Comics August 2023 solicits and solicitations, not yet released in full, so we have Frankensteined together what is available to us right now and run a bolt of electricity from tip to toe ahead of the full releases made available next month – more as we have it! Fall Of X,[...]
Si Spurrier & Lee Garbett Launch Uncanny Spider-Man For Fall Of X
Following Children Of The Vault and Alpha Flight announcements from Marvel Comics, Si Spurrier and DSTLRY co-founder Lee Garbett are announced as the new Fall Of X series Uncanny Spider-Man, as first seen in Timeless #1 last year.. and it's Nightcrawler in the Spider-Man duds No chimaera necessary And out for September. Since 2019's revolutionary HOUSE[...]
Ed Brisson and Scott Godlewski's Alpha Flight For Fall Of X
The second Fall Of X thing for the day… Ed Brisson and Scott Godlewski's Alpha Flight to follow Children Of The Vault There's at least one more to come as well… and we get another suggestion as to how final for Krakoa this Fall of X will be as Brisson states in the PR, "Having[...]
Children Of The Vault #1 by Deniz Camp & Luca Maresca For Fall Of X
More X-Men Fall Of X stuff today As Si Spurrier tweets "I think there might be a bit of a megasplodo announcement today." His may come later But first we have Deniz Camp and Luca Maresca's new X-Men limited series, Children Of The Vault, launching in August With Bishop And Cable against the time dilated long-evolved[...]
Marvel To Launch Marvel Zero In July 2023
This year's Gold titles from Marvel Comics will be reprinted in a special deluxe edition in July for the launch of what is being dubbed Marvel Zero. The books available for free on the 6th of May are Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men and Free Comic Book Day: Spider-Man/Venom, which will lead into the X-Men's Fall[...]
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With Dark X-Men and the Fall Of X to come and the Sins Of Sinister to unravel It looks as if the Quiet Council have their own genocidal plans against the Brood, courtesy of Bishop. X-Men #21 So it's down to Nightmare to put all these pieces together and work out where this is all going. "What is[...]
More X-Men Fall Of X August 2023 Solicitations
We could Frankenstein more of Marvel's August 2023 solicits and solicitations next week than we could for July, thanks to Fall Of X and Star Wars Which is odd Here are a couple more from Marvel comics for August for the continuing Fall Of X event. In July's X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1, the future of the[...]
Torunn Grønbekk and Diógenes Neves Launch An Asgardian Realm Of X
How close were we? Well, pretty close it seems. Following July's X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1, mutantkind will enter a thrilling new era of uncertainty, danger, and mystery known as FALL OF X! This new age won't be limited to Earth, as a small band of mutantkind's fiercest warriors are sent on a mystical mission across the Ten Realms in REALM[...]
Dark X-Men From Steve Foxe and Jonas Sharf For Marvel's Fall Of X
Ah there we go then, Steve Foxe and Jonas Sharf are the creative team for Marvel's Fall Of X August launch for Dark X-Men with Madelyne Pryor, Havok, Archangel, Gambit, Azazel, Zero, Albert, and Emplate But no Beast. "Since 2019's revolutionary HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X series, mutantkind has experienced unparalleled growth and prosperity[...]
Steve Orlando and Vincenzo Carratù on Marvel's Astonishing Iceman
Marvel Comics has announced details to the new Astonishing Iceman comic book launching from Marvel for Fall Of X in August, not Steve Foxe but Steve Orlando Steve Foxe will be on either Realm Of X or Dark X-Men pop by in half an hour to check which But for now Steve Orlando and Vincenzo[...]
Marvel Making More Fall Of X Announcements Today
Last weekend, Bleeding Cool scooped Marvel's Fall Of X announcements by a matter of hours They are taking no such chances this weekend by issuing a bunch of pre-announcement spoilers, that they will be announcing the creative teams for the new series Astonishing Iceman, Dark X-Men and Realm Of X, in Krakoan language.   That will be[...]
Is This The Uncanny Spider-Man? Fall Of X Fallout
More fallout from this weekend's Fall Of X panels Marvel Comics' Timeless 2022 comic book gave us all a glimpse of the Marvel Universe to come Some of them could only be interpreted in hindsight Such as Mary Jane Watson gaining her Jackpot powers… And then there was this image of Spider-Man But is it Spider-Man? This[...]
When Fall Of X Leaked in The Daily LITG, 2nd of April 2022
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The ten most popular stories yesterday Fall Of X Details Leak- Uncanny Spider-Man? Alpha Flight? Dark X-Men? Adult Swim April Fools' Day: AI Smiling Friends, New Eric Andre & More  Marvel Comics Introduces Spider-Boy This Week Marvel's X-Men August 2023 Solicits For Fall Of X Revealed New Batman And Robin[...]
X-Men August Solicits For Fall Of X
Bleeding Cool leaked the Bryan Hitch Fall Of X image earlier today with a tonne of titles for August 2023 And then at the Marvel Fall Of X panel at MegaCon Orlando, it all went official as Jordan D White,  Gerry Duggan, Benjamin Percy and Joshua Cassara started talking about, and showing off their stuff[...]
Fall Of X Details - April Fool Or Real?
The image below was passed to Bleeding Cool earlier today, seemingly detailing the upcoming Fall of X event from Marvel Comics, and an image by Bryan Hitch which does not appear to exist anywhere else, When asked about it, Bryan Hitch told me "That didn't take long to leak." And on April Fool's Day of[...]
Marvel Teases a Very Very Dark Fall Of X Event For X-Men This Year
We just mentioned Uncanny Avengers #1, and the Hellfire Gala, but there was lots more, especially regarding Fall Of X, and not put off by Chris Claremont's crossover comments. Marvel Unlimited screencap Jordan told us that "Fall Of X going to be a rough one for mutants Things has been relatively good for them… I mean, there[...]