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MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries Adds Cross-Play & More In Latest Update
Fireshine Games and Piranha Games announced the release date for MechWarrior 5: Clans this weekend with a brand new trailer The shorthand to this is that we got a far better look at how the gameplay will work out, along with some of the storyline of how the Inner Sphere is going back into war with[...]
Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers Announced For PC
Indie game development Dino Rocket and publisher Fireshine Games have confirmed Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers will drop into Early Access on March 25 The game has been in the works for a few years now, as the team has created a game with over 180 unique creatures, which you will go around and collect to[...]
Core Keeper Reveals New Seasonal Event For The Lunar New Year
Indie game developer Pugstorm and publisher Fireshine Games have revealed a new Lunar New Year event will be added to Core Keeper The game is still sitting in Early Access on Steam for the moment, but that doesn't mean the devs can't have a little fun with the game while they finish it up This[...]
REKA Will Launch Into Steam Early Access In Q2 2024
Indie game developer Emberstorm Entertainment and publisher Fireshine Games announced today that REKA is coming to Steam's Early Access The game will have you starting your own journey as the powerful folklore witch Baba Jaga, as you start your journey to becoming the legend of lore With a chance for you to customize what kind[...]
Core Keeper - Shimmering Frontier Arrives This October
Fireshine Games and developer Pugstorm revealed the latest update for Core Keeper, as Shimmering Frontier will drop this October The game is still very much in Early Access on Steam, so technically, you're getting a piece of the game they would have added anyway for free Along with some upgrades and improvements, you'll be getting[...]
Shadows Of Doubt: Cheats And Liars Arrives September 25
Indie game developer ColePowered Games and publisher Fireshine Games have announced Shadows Of Doubt: Cheats And Liars is coming out on September 25 The game has been in Early Access since late April, giving you a chance to play a piece of the game, but it isn't quite complete So, in a sense, this is[...]
You Suck At Parking: Complete Edition Hits Retail September 19
The team is working with Fireshine Games to release the physical edition of the game, which will come with everything released for it to date and any bonus content they feel like throwing into the mix The news came with a new trailer, which you can check out below. Credit: Happy Volcano "Get ready to heat things[...]
Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers Announced For PC
Indie game developer Dino Rocket and publisher Fireshine Games revealed that Kādomon: Hyper Auto Battlers is coming to PC Based on the name and the concept of this game, it's pretty clear where the influence for this one comes from, you will fight titular monsters, collect them, upgrade them, and evolve them to build your[...]
Little Friends: Puppy Island
Indie game publisher Fireshine Games have released a new launch trailer for Little Friends: Puppy Island, as the game is now available on Nintendo Switch Those of who you love owning virtual dogs will get a kick out of this latest release, as you'll pamper your pup ad have fun with them across an island[...]
Core Keeper's Paws & Claws Update Arrives May 10th
Fireshine Games and Pugstore Games revealed a new update coming to Core Keeper, as the Paws & Claws update is set to be released on May 10th The update will bring pets into the game for the first time, as player will have a chance to explore the region with a friendly, fury, and helpful[...]
Auto Draft
Fireshine Games and indie developer Ember Paw Games revealed their latest game Odinfall with the news it will be coming out sometime in the Summer The game is a Viking-themed roguelite twin-stick shooter that will have you taking on the gods as a group of outcasts attempts to prevent another catastrophe from happening to the[...]
Shadows Of Doubt
Fireshine Games and indie developer ColePowered Games revealed that Shadows Of Doubt is coming to Steam's Early Access in late April This is a 3D pixel art title in which you'll play a detective in an immersive sandbox, using stealth as your primary weapon to investigate a noir detective thriller The game will be released[...]
Toads Of The Bayou Announced For PC Release In 2024
Fireshine Games and French indie developer La Grange announced their new game Toads Of The Bayou will be coming to PC via Steam sometime in 2024 This is a cute tactical turn-based title with some cool mechanics thrown into the mix as you play toads defending your home against invading forces who wish to remove[...]
These Doomed Isles: The First God Announced For April
Fireshine Games and Triplevision Games revealed These Doomed Isles: The First God will be released for free on PC this April The game will serve as a free prologue to the primary game, which has yet to be given a launch date, but we know will be coming to Early Access on Steam sometime this[...]
Core Keeper Reveals New Content Roadmap & Anniversary Plans
Fireshine Games and Pugstorm revealed their content roadmap for Core Keeper, along with their anniversary plans on the way The game was released into Early Access back on March 8th, 2022, and this year they are looking to give people some fun things to do involving a music-related celebration The team is also looking to[...]
Core Keeper Receives Quality Of Love Update For Valentine's Day
Indie developer Pugstorm and publisher Fireshine Games have added a new update to Core Keeper, just in time to celebrate Valentine's Day The update is called "Quality of Love," and it comes with quality of life updates for the game all around They've added some new features that will be permanently a part of the[...]
Fireshine Games Announces Reka To Be Released In 2024
Fireshine Games revealed a brand new game this week, along with developer Emberstorm Entertainment, as they will release Reka sometime in 2024 As you can see from the image below, the game will be taking on some old fables as inspiration, specifically channeling Slavic folklore, as there's a lot of Baba Yaga influence going on[...]
These Doomed Isles Announced For Summer 2023
Triplevision Games Limited and Fireshine Games have announced they will be holding a Closed Alpha for These Doomed Isles if you haven't seen the game before, you basically play as a god to create land and build settlements for your followers You will give them what they need in shelter, resources, and more to help[...]
Beer Brewing Simulator Brewmaster Partners With Moor Beer Company
Auroch Digital and Fireshine Games confirmed that Brewmaster will finally be coming to all three major consoles later this week The game has been out for a few weeks now on PC as they have taken the homebrewing experience and transformed it into a simulator game where you'll be trying to make your own beer[...]
Terraria & Core Keeper Will Launch New Crossover On September 26th
Pugstorm and Fireshine Games, along with Re-Logic, have revealed details of a new crossover between Terraria and Core Keeper This will become a free content update for Core Keeper starting on September 26th, as King Slime will become a brand new in-game boss that can be spawned by placing a specific royal accessory onto Glurch's summoning[...]
These Doomed Isles Announced For Summer 2023
Fireshine Games and Triplevision Games revealed this week that they'll be releasing These Doomed Isles for PC sometime in Summer 2023 This is a bit of an oddity that looks really fun as they are meshing two genres together you don't normally see, as you'll be getting a god title with survival city construction and[...]
Publisher Sold Out Rebrands Company As Fireshine Games
This morning, indie publisher Sold Out announced that they have officially rebranded their company and will be called Fireshine Games According to the company, this will be a completely new identity for them moving forward with no more ties to the previous name The UK-based publisher will continue working with companies it already has relationships[...]