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These Doomed Isles Announced For Summer 2023
Triplevision Games Limited and Fireshine Games have announced they will be holding a Closed Alpha for These Doomed Isles if you haven't seen the game before, you basically play as a god to create land and build settlements for your followers You will give them what they need in shelter, resources, and more to help[...]
Beer Brewing Simulator Brewmaster Partners With Moor Beer Company
Auroch Digital and Fireshine Games confirmed that Brewmaster will finally be coming to all three major consoles later this week The game has been out for a few weeks now on PC as they have taken the homebrewing experience and transformed it into a simulator game where you'll be trying to make your own beer[...]
Terraria & Core Keeper Will Launch New Crossover On September 26th
Pugstorm and Fireshine Games, along with Re-Logic, have revealed details of a new crossover between Terraria and Core Keeper This will become a free content update for Core Keeper starting on September 26th, as King Slime will become a brand new in-game boss that can be spawned by placing a specific royal accessory onto Glurch's summoning[...]
These Doomed Isles Announced For Summer 2023
Fireshine Games and Triplevision Games revealed this week that they'll be releasing These Doomed Isles for PC sometime in Summer 2023 This is a bit of an oddity that looks really fun as they are meshing two genres together you don't normally see, as you'll be getting a god title with survival city construction and[...]
Publisher Sold Out Rebrands Company As Fireshine Games
This morning, indie publisher Sold Out announced that they have officially rebranded their company and will be called Fireshine Games According to the company, this will be a completely new identity for them moving forward with no more ties to the previous name The UK-based publisher will continue working with companies it already has relationships[...]