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NBA 2K21 Launches MyTeam Season 3 Today
2K Games launches Season 3 of MyTeam in NBA 2K21 today, and with it, they included a theme as this will be a Season Of Giving This season is going to be fun for anyone who loves Shaq as Shaquille O'Neal makes his presence known in a major way You'll be able to play as[...]
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2K Games revealed a new addition to NBA 2K21 as the game heads to next-gen consoles with the new neighborhood look of The City The developers introduced this brand new look and all of the features to it today, with a bevy of notes for players who are looking to expand their experience and gameplay[...]
NBA 2K21 Launched MyTeam Season Two Over The Weekend
2k Games launched the second season of MyTeam in NBA 2K21 back on Friday, and with it comes a few changes to the system The new season launched for current-gen systems as they are continuing the first season structure in the franchise's history However, this season will focus on highlighting the NBA's off-season, as you[...]
2K Games Shows Off NBA 2K21 On Next-Gen Consoles
2K Games dropped a new trailer this morning for NBA 2K21 as they show off how the game will look on the PS5 and Xbox Series X The trailer specifically shows off the PS5 version, but based on what we've seen from both consoles so far as well as their hardware specs, it's a pretty[...]
NBA 2K21 Receives Second Patch Fixing Minor Game Issues
2K Games released a brand new patch today for NBA 2K21, addressing a number of minor issues to the game that needed fixing The company had already released the first major patch for the game two weeks ago, which corrected a number of problems people were having with the game This time around it's more[...]
NBA 2K21 Receives Its First Major Update This Week
2K Games has released its first major update for NBA 2K21 since the game was launched, fixing a number of items We have some of the notes below, and you can read the full list of them here, but the short version is that they're fixing a lot having to do with the Pro Stick[...]
Charles Barkley at the 2011 T-Mobile NBA All-Star Game, Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA, editorial credit: s_bukley /
Usually when you pick up an NBA 2K game, there are a few legendary players in the mix, like how you see Michael Jordan pop up here and there But for those of us who grew up watching the NBA in the '80s when it was picking up steam and the '90s when it was[...]
Kobe Bryant Immortalized On The Mamba Forever Edition Of NBA 2K21
2K Games revealed all the covers for NBA 2K21, including the Mamba Forever Edition which will feature Kobe Bryant taking center stage This year the company is replacing the Legends Edition with this version, which will sell for $100 (while the Standard Edition with Zion Williamson will still go for $60) What's more, as you[...]
NBA 2K21 Runs A Teaser Trailer During The PS5 Reveal
During the PS5 reveal today, 2K Games showed off a teaser for NBA 2K21, featuring Zion Williamson from the New Orleans Pelicans With the season on the rocks due to COVID-19, we were kind of curious about how that might affect 2K's plans moving forward with the next title Turns out, not at all Well,[...]
Scuf Revealed Their Refresh Of The NBA 2K League Collection
Scuf released new images and prices this week for a new line of gaming controllers created for their NBA 2K League Collection If you're not familiar with this line, these controllers are specifically designed for every esports team tied to a real NBA team as part of the league As you can see examples here[...]
NBA Players Will Play The Rest Of The 2020 Season... On "NBA 2K20"
In what is a truly modernized move, several NBA players announced over the past few days they'll play the remaining games of the season on NBA 2K20 The whole ordeal got started when the Phoenix Suns took to their Twitter account to announce that their players would get together online and play out the rest[...]
2K Games Will Shut Down "NBA 2K18" Servers This Month
Those of you who are still playing NBA 2K18 won't be doing it for much longer online, as 2K Games will be shutting down the servers The official date for the servers to come down will be January 18th, 2020 Meaning you have less than two weeks to do whatever you want to do with[...]
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2K Games has released new information and a special trailer on the WNBA additions to NBA 2K20 that will be coming out this year The company released a brand new blog entry that goes over the entire planning and addition of the league to the game Along with an announcement with some quotes, which we[...]
"NBA 2K20" Releases New Info On System Improvements
2K Games released a new blog entry this week talking about some of the system improvements they made to NBA 2K20 and what you need to look for We have some of the key ones we got a kick out of for you below as you can see they've upgraded some key systems Especially working[...]
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Some interesting news this week from 2K Sports as NBA 2K has signed a multiyear partnership deal with NBA star Zion Williamson Aside from the fact that the highest-rated rookie since 2011 will make his video game debut in NBA 2K20, the agreement will include Williamson's integration into various game initiatives, consumer events, brand creative,[...]