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Developer and publisher Neowiz has confirmed this week that Lies Of P will be getting released sometime in August 2023 The team dropped the news along with another new trailer, showing off more of the game's visuals and the story that explores an alternate reality in which you play Pinocchio as a brave warrior in[...]
Neowiz has teamed up with AMD to release a brand new trailer for Lies Of P, showing off more of the gameplay in glorious 8K The trailer, which we have for you down at the bottom, gives you over two and a half minutes' worth of content, as you can see the work they did[...]
Skul: The Hero Slayer Receives Massive Free Expansion
Neowiz and SouthPaw Games have given Skul: The Hero Slayer a bit of a surprise today as they released a free expansion on PC The Dark Mirror expansion will be available to Steam, the EGS, and Xbox PC Game Pass first, with console versions coming later The new expansion comes with a new Hard Mode,[...]
Neowiz Shows Off Brown Dust 2 Gameplay In New Video
The crew at Neowiz has released a new video this week for Brown Dust 2, giving players a new look at the gameplay Players have a chance to look at a sneak peek of a few of the thrilling battles you'll encounter as well as the combat system You also get to see a few[...]
BraveNine Story Receives New Holiday Update To Cap Off 2022
Neowiz has released a new update for BraveNine Story as they basically gave players a holiday update with a bunch of Christmas stuff The update is now live and has an event tied to it that kicks off today and runs all the way until January 5th During this time, you'll be able to experience[...]
Snoopy Comes To Cats & Soup For Special Holiday Event
Neowiz has a brand new event happening in their mobile game Cats & Soup right now featuring the classic Peanuts character Snoopy! This is one of those rare events in which they have allowed the character, along with Woodstock, to appear for a limited time in celebration of the holidays The people who run the[...]
Neowiz Reveals New Details On Puzzler Oh My Anne
Neowiz decided to drop some new details about one of their new upcoming mobile games as we learn more about the puzzle title Oh My Anne The game was originally revealed a couple of months ago as the team is working to make this one based on the novel Anne of Green Gables, written by[...]
Wholesome Adventure Game Aka Is Coming This Summer
Neowiz revealed a new adventure game coming this year as they'll be publishing a much more wholesome title called Aka Developed by Cosmo Gatto, this game will have you playing as a cute little retired red panda soldier on Pine Tree Island, looking to build a new life for yourself after a great war has[...]
Sanbai Is Inviting Everyone To A Special Beta Event
Neowiz and developer Wonder Potion have released a new free prologue for their game Sanabi ahead of its release on Steam This is basically designed to give you information on two major things in the game: the character you'll be playing and the city this entire world is set in Which you'll be seeing a[...]
Forest Island Launches New Winter Veil Update
Neowiz has released a brand new update into Forest Island this week in which you can have a little more snowy fun before Spring hits A lot of people have already had their special winter update back when the holidays first kicked off in December, but the team behind the game decided to wait a[...]
Sanbai Is Inviting Everyone To A Special Beta Event
Neowiz and developer Wonder Potion will be holding a special beta event in Sanabi, and they're inviting everyone to attend it The developers are looking for people to join up a special beta period on Steam, which will be running from January 17th until February 2nd Anyone can join the test as you will be[...]
Blade Assault Is Confirmed For Launch On January 17th
Neowiz and developer Team Suneat revealed they have a set release date for Blade Assault as the game drops on January 17th The game has already been out in Steam's Early Access for over half a year after teasing back in mid-2020 and getting a successful Kickstarter campaign to help fund its development Now it[...]
Skul: The Hero Slayer Will Launch On January 21st On Steam
Some fun news from Neowiz this week as we now know when Skul: The Hero Slayer will be making its way over to consoles The game will officially drop on all three major consoles (including next-gen) on October 21st, 2021 And it won't just be the regular game, it's also getting an update that will[...]
Bless Unleashed Confirms PC Beta To Start On November 4th
Neowiz dropped details this week about the Founders Pack that will be released ahead of Bless Unleashed's launch on Friday While the game will officially be released onto Steam on August 6th, the developers at Round8 Studio revealed three tiers of Founders Packs for people to purchase, which will be available starting on launch day[...]
Bless Unleashed Will Be Fully Released On August 6th
It's taken a long time to get here, but Neowiz and Round 8 Studio have confirmed Bless Unleashed is finally coming out as a full game on PC The word came down on the game's official Steam page as part of the Steam Next Fest celebrations The Steam version will have a number of changes[...]
Metal Unit Platformer Releases For Nintendo Switch On June 17th
Independent video game developer JellySnow Studio and publisher NEOWIZ have announced that their action-platformer game Metal Unit will be released for the Nintendo Switch on June 17th of this year A 2-D sidescrolling platformer with stunning sci-fi pixel-art aesthetics, this game tells a story of humanity's desperate efforts to defeat a monstrous and mechanized force[...]
Neowiz and Round8 Studios announced this week they have a new action RPG title on the way called Lies Of P If you love twisted takes on fairy tales, then you might get a kick out of this darker version of Pinocchio as he is dropped into a twisted land in search of Geppetto The[...]
Neowiz Reveals Their Next Upcoming Title With Unsouled
Neowiz announced this morning that they will be releasing a new game, this one from Megusta Game as they're publishing Unsouled Megusta Game, if you're not familiar, is a one-man development studio based in South Korea, who has been dedicating their time to making this game as good as they can Neowiz picked them up[...]
Bless Unleashed Confirms PC Beta To Start On November 4th
We have a snippet of some of the changes below, but we recommend checking out the full blog so you get an idea of the scope of the changes. Credit: Neowiz Enhanced Combat Through the Updated Skill System The development team is constantly working to provide a more unique and dynamic combat experience depending on the skills of[...]
Skul: The Hero Slayer Will Launch On January 21st On Steam
NEOWIZ and SouthPaw Games have released an official launch trailer today for their upcoming game Skul: The Hero Slayer The developers chose to do the reveal of the game through IGN, who showed it off this morning, which you can check out down at the bottom The game is set to be released on January[...]
Plebby Quest Receives Chaos Mode In Latest Update
NEOWIZ and developer PiedPipers have released a new update for Plebby Quest: The Crusades that includes a brand new mode to play The turn-based strategy title has been given a new game mode called the "Land of Chaos", which has been aptly named due to the uncertainty each playthrough offers The new mode comes with[...]
Skul: The Hero Slayer Will Launch On January 21st On Steam
NEOWIZ and SouthPAW Games revealed today that Skul: The Hero Slayer will officially launch on Steam on January 21st, 2021 Technically, the game is already there as it was released into Early Access clear back in February 2020 But the developers shared the announcement, which we have in-fill below, saying that version 1.0 of the[...]
Bless Unleashed Is Getting A Closed Beta In January
NEOWIZ revealed this past week that Bless Unleashed will finally get a PC closed beta on Steam next month The team has started taking pre-registrations on their website which will go all the way until January 5th, 2021 Keys will start going out on the 10th, followed by a download period on the 11th so[...]
Bless Unleashed Confirms PC Beta To Start On November 4th
Neowiz revealed a number of changes will be coming to the PC version of Bless Unleashed when the game eventually releases The devs have released some details of the changes that will be implemented after they ran a beta this month However, even though we know about these changes, they still haven't attached a release[...]
Bless Unleashed Confirms PC Beta To Start On November 4th
Neowiz and Round8 Studio confirmed this week that they will be holding a PC beta for their upcoming game Bless Unleashed next month According to the info released, the beta will kick off on November 4th, 2020, and will run for five days The beta will give you access to the full game up to[...]
"League Of Legends" K/DA Songs Added To "DJMAX Respect V"
Neowiz and Riot Games have teamed up to add the League Of Legends' pop band K/DA's songs to the DJMAX Respect V library for you to play Both songs, "POP/STARS and "Get Jinxed", have been added to the playlists as you can jam out to the music videos as you attempt to complete the songs[...]
"Brown Dust" Is Being Given A Massive "Jump-Start" Update
You can read more about it along with a trailer below. Credit: Neowiz With the introduction of the Jump-Start Quest system, players will now have new quests and numerous updated login rewards to enjoy Most notably, players can select a free, max-ranked Six Devils Mercenary from fan favorites like Alec, Angelica, Granhildr, as well as four ★4[...]
Bless Online Adds a New Fortress Dungeon in Latest Update
credit// NeoWiz NeoWiz Bless Studio has updated Bless Online to add the new Urdaata War Fortress Dungeon, new cosmetics, and more to the game. The Urdaata War Fortress is a new level 50 dungeon with a group size of upto 10 players, and can be entered once per week. Those who deign to enter will have to battle their way[...]
Bless Developers Release a Founder's Pack Preview Trailer
This week, NEOWIZ released a brand-new trailer for Bless showing off the Founders Pack that raised a storm a few weeks ago along with a bunch of price changes The company also seems to have updated its info on the Steam page regarding Early Access to the game We have some of that info for[...]