Jonah Hex Bronze Age Omnibus Orders Cancelled, Resolicited Without the Bronze

Jonah Hex Bronze Age Omnibus Orders Cancelled, Resolicited Without the Bronze

We haven't had official confirmation, but we have seen a few projects change names of the words 'Bronze Age', lose their prominence on the covers, or lose a unified look.The latest to be affected is Jonah Hex: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol 1 Which we reported was also to contain a missing, unpublished story by[...]

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Omnibus Increase in Page Count and Price

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Omnibus Increases in Page Count and Price

Looks like whoever is sorting out the Spider-Man: Miles Morales Omnibus did a new page count and a bean count, or took the opportunity to put even more material in there.Because the solicit for Spider-Man: Miles Morales Omnibus just jumped from a 624-page,  $75 book to an 856-page, $100 book That's another $25 and another[...]

DC Comics Regig 'Bronze Age' Covers For Upcoming Collections?

DC Comics Redesign 'Bronze Age' Covers For Upcoming Omnibus Line

 DC Comics has been publishing a number of Bronze Age Omnibus collections, collecting comics work from the seventies and early eighties, in a similar manner as they have Golden Age and Silver Age collections And they have a similar house style...Bleeding Cool previously reported how retailer orders for Justice League Of America: The Bronze Age Vol 1[...]

Zero Hour 25th Anniversary Omnibus Gets Bigger, More Expensive

The Zero Hours 25th Anniversary Omnibus from DC Comics is getting bigger - and more expensive It was solicited as a 976-page volume for $125 Both numbers are going up... ZERO HOUR 25TH ANNIVERSARY OMNIBUS HC written by DAN JURGENS and others art by DAN JURGENS, JERRY ORDWAY and others cover by DAN JURGENS and JERRY ORDWAY Celebrating the 25th[...]

Lucifer Omnibus Increases Page Size, Goes Hardcover

Lucifer Omnibus Increases Page and Price, Goes Hardcover

DC April solicitations included a 974 page Lucifer Omnibus Vol 1 paperback for a hundred bucks, scheduled for October 30th The date hasn't changed - but the nature of the beast has Someone somewhere decided that a 974-page paperback may be a little much to keep together.It is now a hardcover, It has at least 26[...]

DC Gives The Joker His Own Omnibus in February Solicits

Well, it only seems natural in that case that The Clown Prince of Crime gets his own omnibus collection this August, as DC has just solicited The Joker Bronze Age Omnibus, collecting The Joker's best stories from the 1970s Featured creators include Denny O'Neil, Len Wein, Gerry Conway, Doug Moench, Dick Giordano, Jim Aparo, Gene[...]

More DC Comics Omnibuses, Absolutes, Completes, Deluxes And Big Books For 2017 And 2018

Here's a look at some of them... Omnibuses Jack Kirby's Fourth World Omnibus over here.DC Rebirth Extended Omnibus over hereJustice League Detroit and Justice League International Omnibuses hereBronze Age Swamp Thing and DC Horror: House of Secrets Omnibus here.Grayson Super Spy Omnibus hereHarley Quinn Omnibus here.Batman & Robin by Peter Tomasi & Patrick Gleason Omnibus November 2017 $99.99 800 pagesPeter[...]

Grayson Gets A "Superspy" Omnibus In October

In October 2017, DC Comics collects the Grayson run from Tom King, Tim Seeley and Mikel Janin that gave us scenes like this.And this.And this.The Grayson: The Superspy Omnibus is out on 24th October for $99.99 With Dick Grayson, exposed as Nightwing, believed dead, and operating as Agent 37 for Spyral, planted by Batman.This oversize omnibus collects[...]

Harley Quinn Is Celebrating Her 25th Anniversary With Some Big Books In 2017

Since her inception from the minds of Bruce Timm and Paul Dini she has been among DC’s most popular characters of all time!Harley Quinn by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner Omnibus Vol 1 12 September $99.99 752 pagesOne of the most successful best-selling runs on any DC title ever is finally collected in its entirety in[...]

Everything Swamp Thing Did Before Alan Moore, Collected In An Omnibus

And now, DC Comics are collecting it all in an Omnibus Out in September for $99.99 From creators Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson and many more...Swamp Thing: The Bronze Age Omnibus Vol 126 September 2017 $99.99The roots of one of DC’s greatest—and strangest—heroes of all time are collected here in their entirety in the giant-size[...]

DC Comics Reclaim "Justice League Detroit" For A JLA Omnibus Next Year

"Justice League Detroit" was the mocking name given to a certain era of the Justice League Of America when it was filled with what were regarded as "second stringers". Trying to "teen up" the comic in the mid-eighties Gerry Conway and Chuck Patton saw Aquaman dissolve the League and rewrite its charter to allow only heroes who[...]

Not The Greatest News For Anyone Who Bought The DC Rebirth Omnibus

 Did you buy the DC Universe Rebirth Omnibus? Featuring all of the DC Rebirth issues of all the relaunched comics? All 21 comics and 568 pages of it?Weeeellll...In September, DC Comics are publishing the DC Rebirth Omnibus Expanded Edition.With everything in the original omnibus, but now the addition of Justice League Of America: Rebirth #1, The Ray:[...]

DC Comics To Collect Jim Balent's Run On Catwoman, Starting With Book One

His legacy may have been besmirched on the character in the last two years. But DC Comics look to be reviving the appeal. Hence the collection planned for September from DC Comics, Catwoman by Jim Balent Book One. Jim Balent is the modern architect of Catwoman's look all the way up until the New 52. His […]

Marvel Clears Out Omnibus Stock – Infinity Gauntlet To Young Avengers…

This is what is going to happen.Marvel are clearing out a bunch of Omnibuses from their warehouses And are offering mad discounts to retailers to take them off their hands.Which means that the market is about to be flooded with these bricks of comics and readers may be able to pick up sweet deals.The books[...]