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DC Comics Replace All Copies Of Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus, Free
You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: DC Comics recalls the Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus – the ten most-read stories yesterday… DC Recalls Grant Morrison Omnibus – The Daily LITG, 25th March 2021 The world keeps turning, and America is beginning to heal from all the burns Even if a few scabs[...]
Justice League Dark Omnibus, More Deluxe & Big Books From DC Comics
We've seen a bunch of new Marvel Omnibus and DC Comics Omnibus and Big Books listed in recent days on Bleeding Cool, as well as the recall of the Superman By Grant Morrison Omnibus – well, here are a few more from DC Comics Including Justice League Dark getting its first Omnibus… Justice League Dark: The[...]
DC Comics Replace All Copies Of Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus, Free
Recently, Bleeding Cool pointed out errors in the recently-published Superman By Grant Morrison Omnibus from DC Comics And they were certainly notable ones. Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus These ranged from the minor, such as the misspelling of Sholly Fisch's name in the titles page But also that the lettering had been entirely missed off a page in[...]
Burnside Batgirl Omnibus And More Big Books For 2021
Some people are worrying that the second and final Absolute Fourth World by Jack Kirby book might be a casualty of the cutbacks in the DC Comics collected editions department but last night, DC scheduled both the second volume – and more Omnibus volumes –  for the end of 2021 Here is a selection of[...]
Marvel Omnibus - Howard The Duck, New Mutants, Excalibur, Mutant Massacre
OmnibusWatch: The Uncanny Omar has been running more YouTube scoops directly from Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel And here's the details from some of his recent announcements of Marvel Omnibus volumes planned for December 2021, just in time to make some very big Christmas presents for some lucky folk And there are three big mutant Omnibus[...]
Marvel Full May 2021 Solicits - Heroes Reborn
Where supply and demand and most accurately reflected, where you can see which books are hot, where new orders are coming in and how retailers are reacting to new, unanticipated desire! And courtesy of stats from Diamond Comic Distributors. McFarlane and Michelinie Spider-Man Omnibus Tops Advance Reorders Lots of omnibus punch up thanks to a higher price[...]
Scholly Fisch And Ballon Errors in In Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus
And these stories by Fisch have also just been published in the Grant Morrison Superman Omnibus Which doesn't have his name in the title. Grant Morrison, one of the greatest storytellers of his generation, weaves the history of Clark Kent's early days in Metropolis in this Man of Steel cornerstone of the DC Universe! Collecting the entirety[...]
Classic What If Gets A Second Omnibus For December 2021
Courtesy of The Uncanny Omar, via Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel, comes the word that the Classic What If Omnibus with a Volume 1 coming out alongside the new TV series this August, is getting a second volume for December Which is one hell of a pace as far as Omnibuses go. The first volume collected[...]
Marvel To Publish X-Men: Inferno Prologue Omnibus In September 2021
While Inferno itself drew a lot from Ghostbusters – even bringing in a team of Ghostbusters at one point. Marvel To Publish X-Men: Inferno Prologue Omnibus In September 2021 The Inferno collections and Omnibus have remained popular sellers, and having artists like Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri, John Romita Jr and more couldn't have harmed things[...]
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From Venom #200 to a bevvy of Omnibuses, here's a glimpse of the highlights of what will be revealed by Marvel later today. VENOM #200 Written by DONNY CATES Art by RYAN STEGMAN & MORE Cover by RYAN STEGMAN The landmark issue will pick up after the events of KING IN BLACK Over the years, Cates and Stegman have torn Eddie[...]
Marvel Omnibuses – Kull The Destroyer & Aliens: Original Years Vol 2
Marvel Comics has announced two August 2021 Omnibuses, one by press release, the other by The Uncanny Omar's YouTube channel, Kull The Destroyer Omnibus and Aliens: The Original Years Omnibus Volume 2… covers and content details below. Kull The Destroyer Omnibus will follow Kull: Savage Sword The Original Marvel Years Omnibus out in May The first[...]
Charles Soule's Daredevil Gets A Marvel Comics Omnibus
Marvel Omnibus time! The Uncanny Omar has been running more YouTube scoops directly from Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel. Including the previously-unannounced latest in Marvel's Omnibus line and a reprint. No not the Captain Britain Omnibus, David Gabriel announced a reprint of the Dave Thorpe/Alan Moore/Alan Davis Omnibus already, apparently. We also learned of a reprint of the Todd McFarlane[...]
Loki Gets An Omnibus Series
Marvel Omnibus time! The Uncanny Omar has been running more YouTube scoops directly from Marvel VP – Sales, David Gabriel And looking at all the collections of Marvel Comics listed in next month's April 2021 solicitations, including the latest in Marvel's Omnibus line. And it begins with the first in a series of Loki Omnibus volumes[...]
Marvel To Collect Everything They Published In August 1961 As Omnibus
And in August 2021, sixty-year in, Marvel are to publish an Omnibus containing that comic – and everything else Marvel published in that month Horror, romance, Nurse, Mystery, Western and more Genres that are hardly touched by Marvel Comics these days with the dominance of superhero titles And August 1961 is when it all happened. Credit:[...]
A Very Peculiar Cover To JLA Omnibus
It's JLA Omnibus time Recently, Bleeding Cool pointed out the printing errors – both in print and digital – of the recent Underworld Unleashed collection from DC Comics But we were also made aware of some/thing just as obvious about the recently published JLA Omnibus featuring the work of Grant Morrison and Howard Porter. A Very[...]
More Omnibuses Coming In September 2021 From Marvel and DC
And with The Next Batman featuring either Luke or Tim Fox as the Batman of the near future, so the entirety of the New 52 Batwing series in which he popped up from issue 19 onwards, is collected in Omnibus form for the first time Empyre also gets an Omnibus collecting the series and all[...]
DC Big Books
There is, peculiarly, still no John Byrne Superman Omnibus from DC Comics – the last of his big runs not to be collected in such a volume – but DC Comics are continuing to add new collections of his work to their schedules in 2021 And a host of other big books, deluxe editions, omnibuses[...]
New Marvel Omnibus For Predator, Spider-Gwen, Wolverine & Power Pack
Courtesy of Uncanny Omar at Near Mint Condition comes the news that, as well as that the Aliens Omnibus collecting the Dark Horse Comics line, now from Marvel Comics, comes the word that Predator Omnibus will be doing the same. New Marvel Omnibus For Predator, Spider-Gwen Wolverine and Power Pack Predator: The Original Years Omnibus Vol 1 DM[...]
Upcoming Dan Slott She-Hulk Omnibus Below Cost On Amazon - 60% Off
intriguingly, Amazon has listed the upcoming hardcover oversized Omnibus volume at a full 60% off the cover price This, according to all accounts, is for less than Amazon will pay for a copy It may also include free shipping depending on your territory It is also for a price less than Marvel and Diamond will[...]
DC Comics Delays Collections And Omnibuses Into 2022
Big ones include the delay of the Batwoman Omnibus until this time next year, and some of those Golden Age Omnibuses into 2022 Reports I am receiving from other publishers seem to have them trying to get out as much as possible right now, with a bit of a sales boom DC Comics, however, seems[...]
Marvel To Publish Aliens Omnibus Of Dark Horse Comics
Now Marvel Comics is to publish the Aliens Omnibus to be published in April 2021, collecting quite a lot of the Dark Horse Comics, a kind of 'best of' from across the decades that Dark Horse Comics owned the rights It is likely that the timing of this will coincide with Marvel Comics publishing their[...]
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Oh go on then, let's have a look at some of the Omnibuses, Absolutes and Compendiums that DC Comics are scheduling into 2021… which at least still gives confidence that we'll all be around at that point And it starts with a collection of DC Comics' Who's Who in oversized hardcover form. Who's Who Omnibus Vol[...]
Marvel Sends Omnibuses And Other Big Comic Back To Print
There's nothing quite like an out-of-print comic book omnibus to raise prices on the aftermarket Well, Marvel is looking to put some back to print before that happens Amazing Spider-Man JMS Omnibus Vol 2 was published in April but is already going back to print, in all their flavours, as current storylines seem to the[...]
Retailers Asked to Hold Asterix Omnibuses For Two More Weeks
Oops. The most recent Asterix volume Asterix: The Chieftain's Daughter was published in British English last year, and globally the best-selling comic book of 2019, will also be available in American English on July 15th, and the next Asterix Omnibus volumes will be offered in the August Previews catalogue That date will also see the Free Comic[...]
DC Adds John Byrne Generations and Grant Morrison Superman Omnibuses
DC Comics have added a couple more Omnibuses to their 2021 schedule, into February, both at $75 a pop, both with Superman and both coming through Lunar, UCS and Penguin Random House… and from a couple of big names as well Even if one despises the work of the other… Superman & Batman: Generations Omnibus HC [...]
Marvel Comics may have included the Oz Omnibus on their liquidation list, getting rid of excess copies of their by Eric Shanower and Skottie Young compilations from a few years ago That may be because it is getting chopped up and put out in paperbacks instead, with less of an overall outlay. The Omnibus contains the[...]
Marvel Comics Liquidates 32 Omnibuses to Comic Book Stores
So while retailers are looking at the added costs that DC Comics may be about to land them with regarding distribution, Marvel Comics may have helped out a little with this list of thirty-two Omnibus titles that Marvel is looking to liquidate through Diamond Priced with very large discounts, retailers helping Marvel clear out their[...]
Thank FOC It's Sunday - 22nd December 2019 -
And there are a lot of Marvel Omnibuses. Thank FOC It's Friday With Marvel Omnibuses and Death Metal #2 Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty A final chance for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added A time for[...]
Omnibus, Deluxe and More Big Books From DC Comics
While Batman: The Golden Age Omnibus Vol 9 which should have been out this April is now lined up for June 2021 with this new cover. Crisis and Companions, DC Comics Omnibus and More Big Books in 2021. While Wonder Woman Golden Age Omnibus Vol 5 Hardcover planned for November will now be out in April 2021[...]
dc omnibus
A few looks at a few DC Comics bigger books scheduled towards the end of the year – and into the following one. Phantom Stranger Omnibus January 5, 2021 Collects The Phantom Stranger #1-6 (1952) and The Phantom Stranger #1-41 (1969) Also collects stories from The Saga of the Swamp Thing #1-13; Who's Who: The Definitive Directory[...]