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Volume from Bogacs, Patridge, & Shammas Brings Rebellion to Scout
Noise is rebellion." That's how Scout Comics begin their latest announcement The indie company that added multiple new imprints this year has now added another title to their ever-growing slate for next year. Volume will introduce a world where music has been made illegal by a populist dictatorship known as "The Regime." Created by writer Christof Bogacs,[...]
Scout Comics Inks Distribution Deal with Simon & Schuster
Scout Comics has attempted creative ways in the past to expand their readership, with such ideas as the comics vending machine Now, as Scout continues to expand its publishing line as they announce title after title for 2021 release, the growing indie publisher seems to have made major headway with the distribution of their graphic[...]
Scout Launch Red X-Mas, Murder Hobo, Sam & His Talking Gun, Sh*tshow
Scout Comics is ramping up for the end of the year, launching four separate series, Red X-Mas, Murder Hobo, Sam & His Talking Gun and Sh*tshow, all part of their December 2020 solicitation Here's the covers and listings. MURDER HOBO ALL INN AT DRAGONS SHAFT #1 CVR A LYNCH (MR) OCT201551 (W) Joseph Schmalke (A/CA) Jason Lynch Murder Hobo[...]
Scout Comics has sent the first issues of two new comic books back for second printings and new covers Both Atlantis Wasn't Built For Tourists #1 by Eric Palicki and Wendell Cavalcanti, and It Eats What Feeds It #1 by Max Hoven and Aaron Crow will be reprinted and arrive in comic book stores for[...]
Stabbity Bunny's Richard Rivera Will Lead Scout's Scoo! Imprint. Credit: Scout
Scout Comics & Entertainment previously announced six new imprints that would roll out in 2020 and 2021 This included Scoot!, a line of comics and graphic novels for young readers and parents alike that would focus on diversity, education, and, as Scout says in their latest PR, "pure joy." The focus age range will be[...]
Scout Comics' New Title Unikorn Set for Feature Adaptation at Armory
It hasn't even hit shelves yet, but Scout Comics latest graphic novel is already getting turned into a movie. Unikorn, both the graphic novel and the film, will be written by Don Handfield, the screenwriter of 2012's Kurt Russel vehicle Touchback, and Joshua Malkin, the Cabin Fever 2 screenwriter who previously partnered with Handfield on Scout Comics'[...]
Auto Draft
Andrea Mutti's new series from Scout Comics, Vlad Dracul, has been burning through those print runs, leading Scout Comics to send the first two issues back to the printers, for second prints of issues #1 and #2 Issue 3 is out tomorrow… could something similar happen to that as well? Andrea Mutti's Vlad Dracul Gets Second[...]
The Shining Meets Twin Peaks in Scout's Frank At Home On The Farm
Scout Comics has just announced their "period, body-horror, mystery" Frank at Home on the Farm, written by Jordan Thomas and drawn by Clark Bint This new series, which will debut in November, followed the titular Frank, a World War I vet who is returning home, at last, only to discover that his family is missing from their farm[...]
Children On The Grave and Frank On The Farm in Scout November 2020 Solicits
In November, Scout Comics is launching a number of new comic book series including Frank At Home On The Farm, Children Of The Grave and a Gutt Ghost Vs Stabbity Bunny special But it may be The Recount, by Jonathan Hedrick and Gabriel Ibarra Nunez about a Presidential assassination and electoral conspiracy that might get[...]
Killer Bootlegs' Phantom Starkiller Toy Comes to Comics at Scout
Phantom Starkiller started out as a vintage-style action figure made in collaboration between Killer Bootlegs and Super 7, and now this skeletal warrior is coming to life at Black Caravan, a new imprint from Scout Comics Black Caravan, a line of titles set to "explore the darker side of creator-owned comics," will do just that with[...]
Scout Comics Enters Deal with CBSN, Comic Book Shopping Network
Scout Comics has announced a new venture with CBSN, the Comic Book Shopping Network, to create exclusive editions of their upcoming comics and graphic novels The CBSN is led by two names that will be very familiar to the retailer community, including Jen King known for the Space Cadets Collection in Texas, and Jesse James Criscione,[...]
Killchella from Candelaria & Acuña Brings Murder to Coachella in 2021
Scout Comics has announced Killchella, a new series by writer Mario Candelaria and artist Serg Acuña for 2021 The series, which will launch along with an online merch store that surprisingly doesn't consist of Macklemore's entire wardrobe, will also feature colors by Go Go Power Rangers colorist Katherine Lobo, letterer Matt Krotzer, and editor James Fergson.  Killchella from Candelaria & Acuña[...]
Cult of Ikarus, A Coming-of-Age Dark Fantasy, Launches at Scout
2020 saw Scout Comics expand their roster by naming Charlie Stickney as Co-Publisher on the heels of the success of his comic White Ash, as well as rolling out a slew of interesting and dynamic new series with the sci-fi thriller Concrete Jungle, the fantasy revenge series By the Horns, and another volume of Metalshark Bro, the funniest comic[...]
Concrete Jungle Coming From Sheldon Allen & Karl Moster at Scout
Scout Comics has spotlighted their upcoming title Concrete Jungle, slated for an October shelf date, with their latest press release The series, which reimagines Miami in the mid-1980s as a city ruled by crime as well as robots, aliens, and mutants. Concrete Jungle pairs Spider-Man Unlimited writer Sheldon Allen with DCeased: Unkillables artist Karl Mostert, along with colorist Warnia Sahadewa and[...]
Scout Comics Makes Kickstarter Comics Into Hits, Will Others Follow?
Scout Comics has been on the rise lately The company has built themselves up to a publisher to watch in the indie comics community from the release of Yasmeen, the story of a teenage girl on the run from ISIS, and the second volume of their comedy/horror/aquatic Metalshark Bro, to their plan to put comics in vending[...]
Second Printings For Decorum #2, Murder Hobo, It Eats What I Feeds
While Scout Comics is sending another two back to the printers, the sensitively titles Murder Hobo: Beaten, Broken, Buggered by Joseph Schmalke and Jason Lynch and the pet monster It Eats What Feeds It from Max Hoven and Aaron Crow. Here are the solicits… DECORUM #2 (MR) IMAGE COMICS (W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Mike Huddleston There are many assassins in[...]
Unicorn-Hunting Revenge Thriller, By The Horns, Coming from Scout
Scout Comics, fresh off the release of the second volume of the excellent Metalshark Bro, have officially doubled down on their effort to conquer the market of strangest concepts in comics As if refusing that SDCC is over, the company kicked off the first day of the post-Con week with a new announcement: By the Horns,[...]
Concrete Jungle, Phantom Starkiller in Scout October 2020 Solicits
Scout Comics is launching telepath-police drama Concrete Jungle by Sheldon Allen and Karl Mostert, space opera Phantom Starkiller by Peter Goral and Joseph Schmalke and Black Caravan spin-off anthology series Electric Black Presents, all in Scout Comics October 2020 solicitations. CONCRETE JUNGLE #1 AUG201568 (W) Sheldon Allen (A) Karl Mostert When a rogue telepath begins hijacking unsuspecting minds and[...]
Vlad Dracul #1 Review:
It takes a bold creative team to look at all of that and go, "Yeah, I have a story to tell about that guy." That's precisely what writer Matteo Strukul and artist Andrea Mutti did with Scout Comics' Vlad Dracul #1 Does their tale stand out from the crowd? Vlad Dracul #1 cover, as Strukul and Mutti set out to[...]
Metalshark Bro Volume 2 #1 Review:
The Adventures of Byron is a new all-ages one-shot from Scout Comics, who has recently been rolling out interested and diverse content with their slate Now, with this new concept from writer/artist Chris Hamer, co-writer Quenton Brodnak, and colorist Noel Saabye that evokes classic Nicktoons, can the company continue to deliver great comic after great comic? The Adventures[...]
Yasmeen #1 Review:
Yasmeen billed as the epic story of a teenager on the run from ISIS, is out from Scout Comics this week Written by Saif A Ahmed and Fabiana Mascolo, the unique indie series sets out with a unique concept and artwork that evokes the feel of autobiographical cartoonists It's an outlier in both story and presentation among[...]
Metalshark Bro Volume 2 #1 Review:
Now, Metalshark Bro is back with Volume 2 from Scout Comics, which begs the question: with the central conflict of the series resolved last time, how will the title continue? Metalshark Bro Volume 2 #1 cover Credit: Scout Comics. Hilariously is the answer Comics needs more comedy, and writers Bob Frantz and Kevin Cuffe have created an intrinsically funny book[...]
Yasmeen #1 and Vlad Dracul #1 Debut Next Week From Scout Comics
Doesn't a creator-friendly publisher just warm your heart in the digital torture chamber that is Comic Book Twitter? Scout Comics took to the social media platform, which is reportedly powered by the pain of starving creators, to spotlight their upcoming week of releases and the talent involved It looks like a big week for the[...]
Publisher James Haick of Scout Comics writes; Starting NOW we plan on offering our retail partners a chance to order new Scout Comic content.  These comics will be released starting the second week of June from one of our print partners (Comic Impressions) who are only a few miles away from our headquarters here in Fort[...]
And now Scout Comics, publisher of Stabbity Bunny among many others,  has done the same, with the following letter sent out by Scout Comics President James Haick He writes, We want to help. First and foremost, we here at Scout Comics hope you and your families are all safe during this insane time we find ourselves in[...]
Scout Comics Launches Vending Machine Display at ComicsPRO
James Haick, President of Scout Comics writes about a new product launch at ComicsPRO last weekend You can catch up with all of Bleeding Cool's ComicsPRO coverage right here. My name is James Haick and I became President and partner at Scout Comics and Entertainment a little over a year ago Never in my wildest dreams[...]
Scout Comics Launches New Young Adults Imprint, Scoot, in July
And in May, Scout Comics will be launching Scoot Presents, a one-dollar look at their brand new YA imprint, Scoot. Scoot Presents 2020, out on May 6th, just after Free Comic Book Day (and looking suspiciously like an FCBD-rejected title) will include: A feature episode of UNIKORN, written by Don Handfield (the Source, the Rift) and illustrated[...]