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Spy x Family S01E12 "Penguin Park" The Forger Family Keeps Appearances
The mid-season finale of Crunchyroll's Spy x Family was a perfect campy Forger episode to end part one of the anime With no more episodes to go until October, we got enough of a Forger dose to keep our interest peaked until then This was a great Forger family-centered episode that did a great job[...]
Spy x Family UT Collection Coming from Uniqlo in July
Uniqlo has announced that it will launch the SPY x FAMILY UT collection on Thursday, July 7th, in the United States The collection celebrates the hugely popular manga series, now an anime series, by writer and illustrator Tatsuya Endo, that has garnered a string of awards since it debuted in March 2019 in Shonen Jump[...]
Spy x Family E11 "Stella" With Shiny Stella Comes Great Responsibility
In this week's episode of Crunchyroll's Spy x Family, "Stella", we get to see along with Loid what Anya really excels at This episode shows how much Anya currently relies on her power to obtain things rather than studying and, or working for them However, it also shows how smart she is regardless of her[...]
Spy x Family S01E10 Anya Aims for a Star in "The Great Dodgeball Plan"
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's Spy x Family "The Great Dodgeball Plan" was so wonderfully extra and filled with only the best Rocky-style training cheese So far this show might be winning in the extra department; it seems it keeps finding new ways of outdoing its own craziness each week and it just works so[...]
Chainsaw Man: Crunchyroll Unveils Teaser Trailer, 2022 broadcast
Guests can also visit the booth to enter to win awesome prize packs; photo opps with The Rising of the Shield Hero characters Naofumi, Raphtalia, and a giant 10' tall Filo; check out a shikishi (autographed artboards) gallery with over 40 artists; play the latest titles from Crunchyroll Games library; and more. Crunchyroll will also have[...]
Spy x Family "Show Off How in Love You Are" Will Yor & Loid kiss?
Will the Forgers show off a little romance on this week's episode of Spy x Family, "Show Off How in Love You Are"? Their path seems to be filled with a ton of hurdles and Twilight seems more & more desperate with each episode Could there be actual "feelings" creeping into their fake family set-up?[...]
Spy x Family S01E08 "The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation"
The next obstacle in the Folger's way was revealed in this week's episode of Spy x Family, "The Counter-Secret Police Cover Operation" Needless to say, the mission just keeps getting more and more impossible by the minute Not only is Anya not performing as the agency hoped for, but there seems to be danger lurking[...]
Spy X Family S01E07 "The Target's Second Son" Damian Desmond
The newest episode of Crunchyroll's Spy x Family, "The Target's Second Son", explores new aspects of the failed friendship scheme Twilight considered pulling off It was a bitter-sweet episode that also showed Anya's vulnerability as a mind-reader Regardless of how silly it can get, the anime knows how to pull and thread serious moments throughout,[...]
Spy X Family S01E06 "The Friendship" Operation Strix Next Mission
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's Spy X Family, "The Friendship", was a very sweet little gem that tackles the next part of Operation Strix The Forger family is far from done, there are new hurdles to prepare for that Twilight might not have accounted for It seems that Eden Academy's name also puts a target[...]
Spy X Family S01E05 Loidman to the Rescue on "Will They Pass or Fail"
This week's episode of Crunchyroll's Spy X Family, "Will They Pass or Fail", was another enjoyable & engrossing episode where the Forger family finds itself in action-packed silly situations no one would have imagined The show keeps finding ways of keeping me on my toes while laughing and caring more and more for each of[...]
Spy X Family
The Folger family gets tested in this week's episode of Spy X Family, "The Prestigious School's Interview" Our favorite fake fam must put up a show and make darn sure they stand out as they get tested by seeming elite and elegant Twilight's biggest mission yet, so it seems, as well as the most anxiety-inducing[...]
Spy X Family S01E03: Family Complete on "Prepare for the Interview"
Our quirky family is now complete and moved in together on this week's episode of Spy x Family, "Prepare for the Interview" A telepath, a Spy, and an Assassin living under one roof and hiding their true persona from one another, what can go wrong? Right? Turns out it is starting off a bit shaky[...]
Things pick up right from the start on this week's episode of Crunchyroll's Spy x Family, "Secure a Wife", where Loid tackles the next part of his mission: finding a mom for Anya It was filled with action from beginning to end and will keep viewers talking to the screen A spy, an assassin, and[...]
Crunchyroll Simuldub™ Spring '22 Lineup, Spy x Family English Cast
Crunchyroll has announced its full SimulDub lineup for this Spring 2022 anime season, which will be its largest in history with nearly 30 highly anticipated titles, including SPY x FAMILY, The Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2, Kaguya-sama: Love Is War -Ultra Romantic-, Skeleton Knight in Another World, Date A Live IV, The Greatest[...]
spy x family
Crunchyroll's new anime SPY x FAMILY premiered this weekend and it was everything we were hoping for and even more It captured our hearts and joined our must-watch list, making us fall in love with a fake family in the making It is a very funny and cute anime that follows Twilight, a spy, on[...]