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Call Of Duty: Mobile Season Two Launches Wednesday
Activision and Tencent Games will launch the second season of Call Of Duty: Mobile tomorrow with new additions One of the most beloved maps in all of CoD will be coming to the game as the 2019 version of Shipment will be added along with Shoot House The new Battle Pass will have 50 tiers[...]
PUBG Mobile Celebrates Its Third Year Anniversary With An Update
Tencent Games and Krafton have added the 1.3 Update to the game today, which will add a new event called Hundred Rhythms, as well as a few upgrades and additions to the game Starting today, players can drop into the all-new music-themed game mode "Hundred Rhythms" in the Erangel map When you queue up for[...]
PUB Mobile Partners With B.Duck For A Special Collaboration
Courtesy of Tencent Games. The classic image of B.Duck will emerge at five locations on Erangel in PUBG Mobile From Feb 24 until Sunday, March 7, players can participate in the special "B.Duck World Tour" in-game event By competing on PUBG Mobile's popular Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Livik maps, players will be awarded up to[...]
Tencent Games Acquires Minority Stake In Bohemia Interactive
Tencent Games has continued its road toward owning a piece of everything in the game industry with a stake in Bohemia Interactive If you haven't been paying attention recently to the moves of the company, they've slowly been acquiring complete companies to put under their banner, or moving ahead with acquiring small strategic stakes in[...]
PUBG Mobile Gets Some Special Updates For Valentine's Day
Krafton and Tencent Games have added a new update to PUBG Mobile this week that brings a little love for Valentine's Day Oh, and some power-ups for you to survive with Version 1.2 will bring with it EvoGround gameplay, Power Armor Mode, and high-tech Power Armor on Livik What's more, starting on Tuesday you'll have[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches The Season 17 Pass Today
Krafton and Tencent Games recently launched Version 1.2 of the game, and with it came a ton of changes for players to explore This new pass comes with a number of new cosmetics that look out of this world as you now have access to armor sets and weapon designs that will make people fear[...]
PUBG Mobile Version 1.2 Has Officially Been Released
and Tencent Games revealed a brand new version of PUBG Mobile has been released as fans can download Version 1.2 now The new update to the game brings about Runic Power, which as you can see from the artwork below, has transformed the map in ways you can't even comprehend The Erangel map has received[...]
Warframe Launches Onto PS5 On November 26th
After the news this past week of Tencent Games buying out the major shares to Digital Extremes, fans became concerned for Warframe All things considered with the way some of their subsidiaries have been run in the past, there was a worry from the game's fanbase that their favorite title may go the same way[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches The Frost Festival Event For 2020
Krafton and Tencent Games revealed that the Frost Festival event has returned to PUBG Mobile for 2020 with some new stuff to do This is basically just a free update to the game that will bring you a bit of a winter theme to the game, specifically a unique version of the Erangel battle royale[...]
PUBG Mobile 2020 Global Championship To Hold Highest Prize Pool
and Tencent Games announced the PUBG Mobile prize pool for next year, and it is a doozy It has been revealed that the prize pool for this tournament will be $14m, the highest prize pool for any mobile esports tournament to date Despite being in the middle of a global pandemic, the game has exceeded[...]
Auto Draft
Courtesy of Tencent Games. The 0.20.0 PUBG Mobile Lite content update delivers several wonderfully wintry additions, all available for free To kick off the season, players can deploy cover with throwable frozen eggs and duke it out for cold chicken dinners on a snow-covered version of Varenga Version 0.20.0 also introduces exhilarating snowboarding gameplay, allowing players to traverse[...]
PUBG Mobile Collabourates With Metro Exodus For New Event
You can read more about the event below. Credit: Tencent Games Similarly, Metro Royale mode introduces tactical equipment which players can gain strategic tactical advantages over enemy players, including Thermal Sight, Night Vision Scope & Goggles to track enemies in the dark A diverse range of armor attachments that can be further customize the abilities of armors[...]
PUBG Mobile Reveals Details For Halloweeks Seasonal Event
and Tencent Games revealed the latest details for the Halloweeks event happening in PUBG Mobile this month The team has released the new "Halloweeks Mode," which is a new themed gameplay mode on the Erangel map, filled with challenges and frights and just an overall spooky theme to make you not trust what's around the[...]