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PUBG Mobile Launches New Crossover Event With Warframe
Krafton Inc., Tencent Games, and Digital Extremes have come together for a new PUBG Mobile crossover event with Warframe These two franchises will collide with each other starting tomorrow, March 10th, and running for over a month as the Erangel map will serve as the setting for this unique event During this time, players will[...]
Tencent Games Acquires "Improbable" Studio Inflexion Games
Tencent Games revealed this morning that they have officially acquired Inflexion Games, the studio behind the upcoming game Nightingale The publisher purchased the entire stake in the studio from British tech company Improbable, however, they did not specify for how much at the time it was announced According to the minor details released today, the[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile Reveals Plans For
Activision and Tencent Games have released new details for Call Of Duty: Mobile's second season happening in 2022 The theme for the season is "Task Force 141", which will officially kick off on February 23rd in the game and come with a brand new map, a new themed event, and new bundles for you to[...]
PUBG Mobile Launches Santorini Map In Latest Partnership
and Tencent Games have formed a new partnership in PUBG Mobile that is introducing a special kind of new map The two companies have formed a brand new collaboration with the Greek National Tourism Organization to bring in an all-new greek map that you can jump in and play right now The map is called[...]
Spider-Man Comes To PUBG Mobile In Latest Update
Tencent Games and Krafton Inc have partnered up with Sony Pictures to bring Marvel's Spider-Man into the world of PUBG Mobile The content is clearly still part of the promotions going on for the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, as you can enter a new special themed mode of the game to team up with[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile's New Season One Content Launches Wednesday
Activision and Tencent Games have revealed details to the new Season One content for Call Of Duty: Mobile as a new story comes to the title A whole new game and a whole new year brings about a whole lot of changes This season has added a ton of content which includes new maps and[...]
"PUBG Mobile" Pro League Switches To Online Play Over Coronavirus
and Tencent Games have won a major case against cheaters who have been plaguing PUBG Mobile for years Federal Courts in both the United States and Germany have ruled in favor of the game's publishers in their cases against several members of a hacking group The final decision was made that the defendants are ordered[...]
Remedy & Tencent Partner On New Title Codenamed Vanguard
Remedy Entertainment announced today that they have partnered with Tencent Games on a new multiplayer title codenamed Vanguard According to the details, this will end up being a free-to-play co-op PvE shooter title that will be marketed globally with Remedy as the IP owner, with the exception of selected APAC markets, where Tencent will publish[...]
Teams Revealed For PUBG Mobile Global Championship Grand Finals
Tencent Games and Krafton Inc have revealed all of the participants for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021: Grand Finals We have the rundown of the details below on both sides of the coin for the East and West ends of the finals All of the teams will be competing for a massive $6m[...]
PUBG Mobile Adds New React: Survival Mode & More This Week
Tencent Games have dropped a new update into PUBG Mobile that has added a new themed game mode with more coming this week In what was clearly inspired by the popular 2021 series Squid Game, players will be thrown into a controlled environment with a tracksuit that has a number on it They will then[...]
Spider-Man Makes His Way Into PUBG Mobile
Continuing the promotion of the latest film, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Sony has partnered up with Tencent Games and Krafton Inc to bring the web-slinger to the game Starting from today, players around the world now have the chance to get exclusive items in the game related to the character, such as collaboration graffiti by[...]
Tencent Games Launches New Publishing Label Called Level Infinite
Tencent Games has officially launched a brand new publishing label for video games this week which is going by the name Level Infinite The company will have two offices as it will be based in both Amsterdam and Singapore, with staff working remotely around the world as well It appears the company will be working[...]
PUBG Mobile Partners With YouTube Premium For In-Game Rewards
But do remember, it's a trial, so you will be charged for the service once those months are up. Credit: Tencent Games Today, PUBG Mobile players will have the opportunity to claim a FREE YouTube Premium themed gift bag including a 3-month trial of YouTube Premium, an exclusive 15-day limited edition parachute,1000 BP and more[...]
Tencent Games Acquires Minority Stake In Playtonic
Tencent Games has added yet another company under their umbrella as they bought a minority stake in Playtonic The company made the announcement earlier this week but they didn't go too far into the finer details of the deal, but we do know there essentially will be very little change According to Playtonic themselves, the[...]
Call Of Duty: Mobile Season 10: Shadows To Launch November 17th
Activision and Tencent Games will be launching the tenth season of Call Of Duty: Mobile this Wednesday as we enter that "Shadows" This season brings about new additions that will make a lot of players happy as you're getting aid in the Templar search for the missing agent Stansfield, which will take place on a[...]