the little mermaid

Little Mermaid nail art

I really love nail art. I wish I could do my nails up in such dazzling display, but alas, they would get ruined. These The Little Mermaid nails will really make a splash for any mermaid-lover this summer, so if you don't have a labor-intensive job or you're heading to a fancy event soon, go […]

'Howard' Review: A Touching Reminder of a Beautiful Voice Silenced Too Soon [Tribeca 2018]

Director/screenwriter Don Hahn (producer, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast) reminds us of the beautifully creative life and times of famed lyricist Howard Ashman in his touching and informative documentary Howard, which had its premiere at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival; and Bleeding Cool had the opportunity to screen during the festival's run. Over the […]

Nerd Food at Home: A Little Mermaid Parfait, Perfect for Every Merperson

Parfaits are a wonderful warm weather treat, and depending on what you put in them, they can be healthy too! And this parfait is perfect for the little merperson in your life. Ingredients JAR DECOR: 3 large glass mason jars Purple permanent marker Twine Scissors Mini silver plastic forks PUDDING: 1 large box vanilla pudding […]

little mermaid pool accessories

Disney has finally answered someone's prayers for this summer collection. I never knew I needed an inflatable Sebastian pool float, but here we are. Collection complete! Make a splash with the under-the-sea arrivals from the @OhMyDisney Collection 💦 — shopDisney (@shopDisney) April 9, 2018 The entire collection is simply wonderful, and I really […]

disney mermaid fashion

Mermaids are the in thing right now. Mermaid hair, accessories, and pool floats are all over Instagram and Twitter. Personally I like the trend, especially when it involves my personal favorite little mermaid, Ariel! shopDisney has released some fabulous mermaid items to brighten up your life — and to make you feel a little more […]

Siren Season 1 Pilot Review: A Strong Start That's More Buffy, Less Little Mermaid

With Thursday, March 29th being International Mermaid Day, today seemed like a great time for Freeform to premiere their new series Siren with a two-hour, two episode event. Bleeding Cool was lucky enough to screen the first episode of Eric Wald and Dean White's mermaid fantasy-action drama; but before we get to that, a quick sneak preview […]

Toy Fair New York: Hasbro My Little Pony and Disney Princess!

Hasbro didn't just bring Marvel, Star Wars, and Transformers to Toy Fair. Oh no, they also brought both My Little Pony and Disney Princess figures and dolls! I know in my house, we enjoy both of these properties quite a bit. My daughter was super excited to see all the figures and such that they […]

Toy Fair New York: Good Smile Brings Disney, TMNT, Naruto, and Batman to Show Off

Good Smile Company came to Toy Fair New York with a wide variety of products, from statues to their popular Nendoroid figures. They even brought a replica life-size sword from from Sword Art Online. A really cool Samus Aran from Metroid statue, along with some cool Kirby and Legend of Zelda figures tickled my Nintendo […]

Lin-Manuel Miranda To Score Live Action Little Mermaid With Alan Menken

Disney is going to make live action versions of every animated film they have ever done apparently. Jungle Book, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, so on and so on. They are also going to make a live action version of The Little Mermaid, with music by original composer Alan Menken. […]

Legendary Disney Composer Wants A Drag Queen For The Little Mermaid Remake

Legendary composer Alan Menken spoke exclusively to Gay Times Magazine here in the UK, and has revealed that he would like to see the character of Ursula in the live-action remake of The Little Mermaid played by someone in drag. "I've wanted Harvey Fierstein to play Ursula. I would kill for that!" Certainly a very […]

Pixar and Disney To Re-Release Four Of Their Biggest Hits In 3D

Welcome to the latest Hollywood craze: post-converting movies that proved wildly successful upon their first release to 3D and then stuffing them back into cinema playlists for another turn profit-spin. We've known for a while about James Cameron's plans to release a 3D version of Titanic on the centenary of the tragedy, and that Pixar […]