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World Of Warships Has Added A Massive Dragon Port
Wargaming revealed a brand new addition to World Of Warships as the game has now received a massive Dragon Port The company is ringing in the Chinese New Year, celebrating the Year of the Ox, by bringing forth a brand new port in the 0.10.0 update that will add a massive new map featuring a[...]
World Of Warships Receives A 2020 Holiday Update
Wargaming has revealed details to the latest World Of Warships update on the way that should get you into a more festive mood The company has added the 0.9.11 update, which includes the VIII Kansas, IX Minnesota, and X Vermont for all players to research Also running from December 1st-24th, you will get special daily[...]
Azur Lane Returns To World of Warships: Legends
Wargaming announced this morning that Azur Lane has officially made its return to World Of Warships: Legends this week In what's being referred to as the "second wave", this event will feature Baltimore, Graf Spee, Queen Elizabeth, Scharnhorst, and Fusou all getting into the action You will receive five new commanders, three premium ships, two[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Is Coming To Both Next-Gen Consoles
Wargaming has revealed this morning that their popular World Of Warships: Legends will be coming to both next-gen consoles The company revealed this morning that on November 9th, they will be adding in a brand new update that adds a group of new Japanese Destroyers along with the new Yasen Butai Leader and Tokyo Express campaigns, which brings two[...]
World Of Warships Gets Several Additions This Week
Wargaming introduced a brand new update, a Halloween event, and several additions to World Of Warships this week The latest update (0.9.10) brings about the second stage of the U.S Battleships event and also presents a unique U.S Navy focused historical collection You'll be given a wide range of combat missions and daily shipments with regular[...]
World Of Warships: Legends
The folks at Wargaming have released a new update for the month of October into World Of Warships: Legends with a couple of new ships So first off, the Italian fleet that was released in the primary game is now available in Legends Second, there have been several improvements made to the Russian and Italian[...]
World Of Warships
World Of Warships just got a new update from Wargaming as there are now a bunch of new U.S ships added to the fleet The 0.9.9 Update has added a number of ships from both World War 1 & 2, including the VIII Kansas, the IX Minnesota, the X Vermont, and the VII Florida It's[...]
GIveaway: Special World Of Warships Fifth Anniversary Bonus Codes
Wargaming has partnered with us to give away 100 special bonus codes for World Of Warships to celebrate the game's fifth anniversary The company is mighty proud of the game, and as such, they would like to pass on some of the celebration to you, the fans We have been given 100 Bonus codes for[...]
The Italian Navy Has been Added To World Of Warships: Legends
This week, Wargaming revealed that the next set of ships coming to World Of Warships: Legends will be from the Italian Navy The update is bringing in a new line of cruisers and a campaign to add to the game that will get you very familiar with the fleet The Veni, Vidi, Vici update will[...]
World Of Warships Adds German Aircraft Carriers In Latest Update
Wargaming has released a new update for World Of Warships as they have brought German Aircraft Carriers into the game These boats present a new option of air combat as they can deploy small planes to scout or provide a distraction as you get into position What's more, three new ships will become available with[...]
The Transformers Have Come To World Of Warships
In what seems like the weirdest crossover we've seen yet in 2020 (there's still time) the Transformers are now in World Of Warships Yes, you read that correctly, the shape-changing robots that have been raging war across the galaxy, including here on earth, have taken to fighting each other on the seas Four ships have[...]
World Of Warships: Legends Gets An Anniversary Update
Wargaming is celebrating the one -year anniversary of World Of Warships: Legends with a major update to the game for you to enjoy Some of the new additions for this update include the long-awaited addition of the French Destroyers, as you will get a line of ships in early access There will also be a[...]
World Of Warships Celebrates National Tattoo Day With A Contest
Wargaming would like to see some of your tattoos as World Of Warships will be celebrating National Tattoo Day with a contest The makers of the game want you to share with them your naval-inspired tattoos at this link, and you could get some awesome prizes for your ink Players will vote on the best[...]
German Aircraft Carriers Arrive In World Of Warships' Next Update
Wargaming has released the Update 0.9.6 for World Of Warships, bringing German Aircraft Carriers and more to the game's fleet The new German CVs are the Tier IV Rhein, Tier VI Weser, and Tier VIII August von Parseval Each of these is about as historically accurate as you can get inside a video game, right[...]
World Of Warships Gets An Update With Revamped Dockyard & Ships
Wargaming has sent out a new 0.9.5 update out for World Of Warships which is bringing in a few new mechanics and changes The new update will allow players to construct two German ships: the VI Admiral Graf Spee and the VIII Odin, both of which can be made directly within the Hamburg Port Dockyard[...]