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Dead by Daylight Gives Leatherface An Old Lady Outfit
Behaviour Interactive has given Leatherface a new skin in Dead By Daylight in the form of an Old Lady Outfit This getup is straight out of the original film series when you see the character in the kitchen, and it looks just as disturbing in a video game as it did in the film We[...]
Silent Hill Content Arrives In Dead By Daylight Mobile
Behaviour Interactive revealed this week that the Silent Hill content had finally arrived in Dead By Daylight Mobile As part of the additions to the game, you have two new characters joining The Entity's Realms as you're getting Cheryl Mason, previously known as Heather as a Survivor Meanwhile, the Killer is Pyramid Head, known here as[...]
Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive has released the latest Tome into Dead By Daylight, bringing with it an event in time for Halloween The new tome that's been added to the game is Tome V: Unleashed, which we have more details for you below along with several trailers for you to check out But this time comes with[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile Celebrates 10 Million Downloads
Behaviour Interactive is celebrating Dead By Daylight Mobile reaching 10 million downloads with new features Along with NetEase Games, the company has released an update into the game that a lot of people will be looking forward to as it is both an upgrade and a general improvement to a lot of items First, two[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches Silent Hill Cybil Bennett Legendary Set
Behaviour Interactive showed off a new Dead By Daylight Legendary skin today for the game as Silent Hill's Cybil Bennett has been added Technically the character has not been added to the game, per se This is a skin for Cheryl Mason, one of the game's survivors, as you can transformer her into Bennett for[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Next Chapter With Descend Beyond
Behaviour Interactive finally has a proper reveal to the latest Dead By Daylight chapter as we now all experience Descend Beyond Technically, this content has been out for a while now as it's been sitting on the test servers for the past couple of weeks The new additions are a killer (who has been teased[...]
Dead By Daylight Will Be Coming To Next-Gen Consoles
Behaviour Interactive revealed today that they will be bringing Dead By Daylight to the PS5 and Xbox Series X with an overhaul Right now on the public test servers, you can get a glimpse of what's to come as the developers have been slowly upgrading everything on a visual level The game will run at[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile Reveals The Cursed Legacy Chapter
Behaviour Interactive has revealed a new update on the way for Dead By Daylight Mobile as the Cursed Legacy Chapter is on the way This chapter brings with it the Oni killer, inspired by the samurai but with a cruel and insatiable desire for blood According to the story, the Oni was once trained by[...]
Dead By Daylight Reveals Cross-Play & Cross-Friends Features
Behaviour Interactive announced this morning that they have now added cross-play and a few cross-friends features into Dead By Daylight For the longest time, there has been a demand from the fans to incorporate cross-play as soon as the game was son multiple platforms, because PC players wanted a bigger playerbase to get in on[...]
Dead By Daylight Launches Tome IV, Known As Conviction
Behaviour Interactive launched a brand new tome in Dead By Daylight this week, as players can now experience "Conviction" Much like the previous tomes, you get to work with two killers and two survivors to earn special bonuses for them and unlock parts of their story The four in question are Meg Thomas and Ace[...]
The "Dead By Daylight" "Chains Of Hate" Update Launches Today
Behaviour Interactive had some great news for Dead By Daylight console players as they will have cross-play and progression coming soon The details were released in a new blog post on their website, going over the details of how things would work out between players on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch We have a[...]
Dead By Daylight's Next Killer Is Pyramidhead From Silent Hill
Behaviour Interactive released info on the next Dead By Daylight update, as they've partnered with Konami for a Silent Hill chapter There are three big additions that will make fans freak out when it comes to content for the game First and foremost, the killer is Pyramid Head, who has become the de facto icon[...]
Dead By Daylight Mobile LeatherFace
Behaviour Interactive is slowly adding killers to Dead By Daylight Mobile, the latest will be a familiar sight as LeatherFace joins the game The ever-freaking kind of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a part of the main game for a couple of years now, earning the nickname "Leather Daddy" and "Tum Tums" among players[...]
Dead By Daylight 4th Anniversary
Behaviour Interactive revealed that for their upcoming fourth anniversary for Dead By Daylight, a new horror IP is being added The developers have a lot to celebrate about the game as they have kept it going for this long with new additions and features, as well as the addition of compelling stories for the characters[...]
Dead By Daylight Tome 3 Escelation
Behaviour Interactive has launched Tome III into Dead By Daylight as The Archives enter a new phase of Escalation Along with a new set of challenges for both killers and survivors which we're sure will drive everyone insane trying to achieve without breaking a keyboard or controller, a few new stories have been unlocked for[...]