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Mark Waid & David Lapham's Bad Idea First Supper In Diamond Previews
But presumably it must mean something. And yes, it does remind me a lot of how Jim Shooter launched Defiant with a Warriors of Plasm#0 exclusive and bound inside Diamond Previews catalogue almost thirty years ago Dinesh Shamdasani, who revived the Valiant Entertainment publisher that Shooter founded, may have had inspiration there, and a chance to celebrate[...]
Bad Idea Publish Mark Waid & David Lapham's Comic in Diamond Previews
And, given the announcement now, might next week's Previews be as collectable as any other Bad Idea comic? Especially as it includes Mark Waid's first work for the publisher? Or might, for Bad Idea Part Two, they decide to let Diamond distribute them to all stores rather than just the chosen few? Or maybe let[...]
Animal Castle on Diamond Previews Cover
And we have a look at the front and back covers, with Ablaze's Animal Castle Volume 1 HC, Xavier Dorison and Felix Delep riff on George Orwell's Animal Farm on the front cover and Diamond Select Toys' The Green Hornet: Kato Deluxe Action Figure on the back cover, continuing their collectibles based on Bruce Lee[...]
Supermassive & Destro On Next Week's Diamond Previews Cover
Diamond Previews time Or is it? Apparently, the FTP site that comics publishers use to upload their images to Diamond Comic Distributors for Previewsworld is what's down and why there are a lot of missing images and solicitations today But Bleeding Cool is doing its best as ever on a Diamond Day like today And[...]
Cowboy Bebop and Vampirella/Dracula On Front Of Diamond Previews
With Marvel and DC switching distribution deals, Diamond Previews is already looking very different In its December catalogue, we have the front cover for Cowboy Bebop from Titan Comics as well as on the consumer order form, and the back cover Vampirella/Dracula: Unholy from Dynamite Entertainment. Diamond Previews cover Netflix brings back legendary anime Cowboy Bebop as[...]
Mazebook and Snake Eyes On Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers
Last month saw Maria Llovet's Porcelain from Ablaze on the front cover of last month's Diamond Previews catalogue, a first for the publisher, with King Spawn, on the back and Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook's new Black Hammer universe series, The Unbelievable Unteens, on the order form Jeff Lemire makes it two for two this month, with his Mazebook series on[...]
Jupiter's Legacy & Boba Fett On Next Week's Previews Catalogue Covers
Bleeding Cool has a first look at next week's Diamond Previews catalogue for comic books shipping from June 2021 and beyond The front cover features the new series Jupiter's Legacy: Requiem by Mark Millar and Tommy Lee Edwards, as Jupiter's Legacy debuts on Netflix. The back cover features Boba Fett from Charles Soule and Steve McNiven's[...]
Department of Truth and Goosebumps on Diamond Previews Covers
This coming Wednesday's Diamond Previews features The Department Of Truth #1 from Image Comics by James Tynion IV and Martin Simmonds explore humanity's secret history on the front cover And Goosebumps: Secrets of the Swamp #1, a girl's summer in the bayou reveals monstrous secrets by Marieke Nijkamp and Yasmin Flores Montanez from IDW on[...]
X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers
It begins, oddly, with X Of Swords. X Of Swords and Seven Secrets on Next Week's Diamond Previews Covers Image from Diamond. The front cover is for an event that won't even be happening in August though, or rather not any more But it looks like Marvel Comics already had the cover arranged for  X-Men: X of[...]
Threequel Time! Call Of Duty Black Ops III And Dark Knight III Cover Next Week's Previews
Dark Horse's Call Of Duty: Black Ops III licensed comic takes the back of next week's Diamond Previews catalogue, as Dark Knight III takes its front With All-New Avengers taking the front of Marvel's Previews catalogue, and Warren Ellis's James Bond on the front of the consumer order form… Other official "Gems" include Joe Golem: Occult Detective[...]