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S.W.O.R.D. #4 Review: Doesn’t Cut The Mustard
All around, as with many other elements of this King in Black crossover, there seems like a lack of coordination that makes S.W.O.R.D #4 a bit like a plate that has been piled too high. S.W.O.R.D #4 Cover Credit: Marvel Comics There are a number of mutants — Cargill, Manifold, and Brand herself — poised to make[...]
King In Black - Reptil Returns, X-Men Teleport And Black Knighting
The King In Black event is coming to a (late) finale but there are still dribs and drabs across the rest of the Marvel Universe Spider-Man gets his own King In Black one-shot – after all, this whole thing is probably his fault for bringing the black symbiote home from the Secret Wars. King In Black:[...]
Thank FOC It's Friday 12th March 2021
Or somesuch. Geiger Begins as King In Black Ends- Thank FOC It's Friday 12th March Traditionally FOC is the date when retailers have a last chance to amend their advance orders for comic books without penalty A final opportunity for publishers to promote books while orders can still be added A time for credits to be amends,[...]
The King In Black Is Over, Even Though It Isn't (Daredevil #28)
A month ago, Bleeding Cool reported how The King In Black series finale has been delayed, as have a number of tie-in mini-series and one-shots But what about the crossover titles who dipped in and then dipped back out? They seem to be motoring on… Previous issues of Daredevil saw Typhoid Mary and Matt Murdock: Daredevil[...]
King In Black
The King In Black finale may be delayed but that gives the chance for all the other books to rush in their final tie-in issues before the big conclusion Some take things very seriously, such as King In Black: Captain America, as Captain America is captured by Knull and a Venom symbiote And gets the[...]
King In Bla
Two weeks ago, Bleeding Cool broke the news that the King In Black finale and its  crossover issues were being delayed Newsarama just noticed a couple fo days ago But does that mean there is a thinning out this week? Not a bit of it Though some of the crossovers may be more crossovery than[...]
The Fox Family In Next Batman
Though thanks to DC, Tuesday Titans too.  If any other retailers would like to report their top sellers, please contact Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List of the week Batman/Catwoman artwork Batman/Catwoman tops all the rest of the DC titles, including Future State: Batman, and even The King In Black – though that may have been down[...]
King In Black #4 Review: A Kind Of Awkward Poetry
It is at this time in King in Black #4 that, at long last, the long con that lay waiting in the center of this "story" finally becomes apparent and ties things together in a way that almost makes sense. King In Black #4 Cover Credit: Marvel There's no use spoiling the reveal here, but long-time Marvel fans will[...]
The King In Rick & Morty & Pokémon GO - Daily LITG 19th February 2021
Whether that's The King In Black, Rick And Morty, Pokémon GO or more, the Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: King In Black, Rick And Morty, Pokémon GO –  the ten most-read stories[...]
King In Black
Whether that's The King In Black, Rick And Morty, Pokémon GO or more, the Daily Lying In The Gutters remains a long-running run around the day before and the day ahead You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. Daily LITG: Nicholas Brendon, Joss Whedon, DC Comics –  the ten most-read stories yesterday… The Daily[...]
King In Black
In Web of Venom: The Wraith we learned of The God Of Light, an opposite of Knull, and one who may defeat him in The King In Black There have been many fun theories, including Franklin Richards, The Sentry, the Silver Surfer and even Star-Lord made a pitch. And Doctor Strange make a last minute bid… In[...]
Doctor Strange, Asgardian God Vs Donald Blake – And Knull
Or Doctor Donald Cates. Doctor Strange #384 by Donny Cates and Gabriel; Hernandez Walta. But Donny Cates has another comic book out from Marvel today, the big event series The King In Black And as Dylan Brock fights the Great God Knull to free the heroes of the Marvel Universe, currently trapped by symbiote in the Hive,[...]
LATE: King In Black #5 Delay Now Delays Other Tie-In Comics
Is The King In Black like Civil War all over again Remember when the main Civil War comic was later, really late, months late, and as a result, all the completed tie-in comics were also delayed by Marvel Comics so that they wouldn't be published before a certain issue of Civil War and spoiling the[...]
King In Black Black Panther #1 Review: Knuckle Up
King In Black: Black Panther #1 shows what happens when he sends his apparently endless forces towards Wakanda and Black Panther does his best impersonation of Gritty. King In Black: Black Panther #1 Cover Credit: Marvel The script by Geoffrey Thorne here truly sets this apart Whereas  King In Black Marauder #1  sidestepped the central conflict of the[...]
King In Black Spoilers
King in Black comes to Fantastic Four, Sword, Daredevil, Black Pamther and Thunderbolts this week, five crossovers and tie-ins as Knull's dragons, symbionts and space goo covers the planet Although some participants have other concerns Such as safe sex orgies in Wakanda. King In Black: Black Panther #1 Sorry, maybe "sheaths" is more of an archaic term[...]