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Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 8 Cover
With his passing on May 6th and the official announcement delivered on May 20th, Kentaro Miura's popular manga series Berserk has seen a massive upswing in interest and sales The series has followed the Black Swordsman Guts for 40 volumes, as he has sought vengeance against his former friend and leader, Griffith With the last[...]
Yen Press Announces Ten New Upcoming Series for November 2021
Yen Press, LLC announced a slate of upcoming releases that includes several manga (The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time, Let This Grieving Soul Retire, Namaiki Zakari, I've Been an Omega Since Today, The Splendid Work of a Monster Maid and Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Wraith Arc,) and light novels (Magical☆Explorer, Cross-Dressing Villainess[...]
Berserk Creator Kentaro Miura Has Passed Away
Kentaro Miura, the creator of the epic – and epically violent and tragic – fantasy manga series Berserk, has died He was 54 years old His publisher Hakusensha announced on Thursday that he passed away from acute aortic dissection on May 6th. "Berserk" art by Kentaro Miura ©Hakusenha Kentaro Miura was born on July 11th 1966 in[...]
The Drops of God: Epic Wine Manga Series Now Complete in English
The Drops of God, the best – well, the only – manga series in the world about wine and wine appreciation, is now available in English for the first time, all 44 volumes of it! And in time for National Wine Day on May 25th! Created and written by Tadashi Agi, the pseudonym of a[...]
Viz Media releases December 2020 Titles
Ben Applegate is the Director of Publishing Services at Penguin Random House in New York, where he heads a team of editorial and production professionals dedicated to publishing new manga and maintaining the backlist of their client, Kodansha USA Publishing, one of the world's top-selling English-language graphic novels publishers and a subsidiary of Kodansha, Ltd.,[...]
Anime Expo Lite 2021: Registration Open, Benefits Hate is A Virus
"We do this by mobilizing AAPI to participate in local and national campaigns, creating safe spaces for dialogue and education, and providing actionable steps and funding in partnership with trusted community leaders and organizations." For more information on Hate Is A Virus, please visit: To receive Anime Expo Lite new & programming updates, sign-up at: Anime[...]
Oldman Graphic Novel Saga to be Published in English by eigoMANGA
eigoMANGA has acquired the rights to adapt and publish Oldman as a multi-volume graphic novel manga series in English for the first time Oldman is an award-winning and internationally acclaimed series created by acclaimed Taiwanese writer and illustrator Chang Sheng The publication was originally published by Taipei, Taiwan-based Tongli Publishing The epic medieval fantasy series[...]
SuBlime Releases Manga Solicits for Pride Month
SuBLime released their summer lineup of new manga titles in time for Pride Month. May Cover art from SuBlime Dick Fight Island, Vol 1       Story and Art by Reibun Ike      The tournament to choose the next king of the islands is about to begin The rules are simple—whoever comes first loses! To ensure they don't, participating[...]
Viz Media Releases July 2021 Solicitations
But visions of the past may have  the power to save the future when Chakuro becomes witness  to Shaun and O uni's private recollections.  On Sale Date       July 20, 2021  Age Rating          Teen+ Price USA            $12.99 "RWBY Official Anthology" cover art, Viz Media RWBY: Official Manga Anthology, Vol[...]
Kirby Manga Mania: Viz Media to Publish First English Edition of Manga
At last, Viz Media will be publishing the English translation of his manga series for the first time with Kirby Manga Mania on June 8th. Credit: Viz Media Today Kirby is one of the most iconic and recognized videogame characters ever made With a legacy spanning three decades, the video game franchise has sold tens of millions[...]
FCBD Free Comic Book Day 2021 Preview
Including Ablaze getting the rights to the manga Trese, ahead of the Netflix anime adaptation, with previews of both the unpublished volume 2 and volume 3… FCBD 2021 TRESE (MR) ABLAZE APR210014 (W) Budjette Tan (A/CA) Kajo Baldisimo Award-winning comic and soon to be Netflix anime series!  When dusk arrives in the city of Manila, that's when you become the most[...]
Demon Slayer Vol. 1 Digital Manga is Free to Celebrate Movie Release
The movie version of Koyoharu Gotouge's bestselling manga Demon Slayer is a massive worldwide hit It broke all box office records in Japan last year, and anime fans in the US have been desperate to see it Now that it's opened theatrically in America, it's a hit as well Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Mugen[...]
Yakuza Lover: Viz Previews Steamy Shoujo Beat Romance Manga
Viz Media has released a preview of the steamy Shoujo Beat romance manga Yakuza Lover by Nozomi Mino "Shojo" means "young girls" in Japanese, and Shojo Beat is the premier Japanese manga anthology for young female readers The creators and artists are female, creating manga for a female audience. "Yakuza Lover" KOI TO DANGAN © 2019[...]