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Minecraft Releases The New Way of The Nether Update
Best of luck to you seeking out all of the new things to play with and getting out alive. Looks like we're going to be doing some deep-diving, courtesy of Mojang. The Nether Update brings the heat to an already fiery dimension with new biomes, mobs, and blocks Discover Netherite, a powerful new material that makes Diamond[...]
Minecraft Dungeons Has Two DLC Packs Coming In 2020
Minecraft Dungeons has barely been out for almost a week and already we're hearing that Mojang has some DLC content on the way The game is already receiving some popular reviews, which we'll have ours shortly, with people wondering how much more is on the way The company revealed on their blog that they have[...]
Minecraft Adds Pac-man To The Game For 40th Anniversary
So, of course, Mojang and Microsoft would be on board with adding the character in The company has added a DLC pack in the Marketplace for 1,340 Minecoins, which will get you Mac-Man, all four of the ghosts, and 10 mazes for you to play in a 3D environment perspective instead of the traditional top-down[...]
Auto Draft
For the longest time, Mojang has been known primarily for one thing: Minecraft This week, that all changes as they look ahead Ever since Markus Persson founded the company back in 2009 and released the game that would change not only the industry but indie gaming for the next decade, the two brands have been[...]
Minecraft Earth is getting a new series of blind box figures.
They're also absolutely adorable. Minecraft Earth is getting a new series of blind box figures, courtesy of Mojang. There will be two different kinds of Minecraft Earth figures you can pick up: Boost and Standard Minis There are plans in place to debut 20 different Boost Minis at launch, which all resemble their fun and colorful in-game[...]
"Minecraft Dungeons" Will Officially Be Released On May 26th
Mojang and Double Eleven announced today that Minecraft Dungeons has been pushed back, but will officially be released on May 26th The game has kind of been on the tipping block of getting a proper release date for a while, but locking down a date has been difficult as of late Due in part to[...]
"Minecraft Dungeons" Gets A New Video Explaining The Lore
Microsoft and Mojang have released a new video this week for Minecraft Dungeons as they attempt to explain the lore behind the game This is the final episode of a series of videos they've released over the past couple of months in which they try to explain the game to everyone Whether you be a[...]
"Minecraft Dungeons"
Developer Mojang took to Twitter with the news that the studio has made the decision to send its employees home to work on the game. Minecraft Dungeons hasn't suffered an official delay just yet, but it's on its way, as Mojang noted that "our workflows will unfortunately be impacted." That means you may want to prepare[...]
"Minecraft Earth" is Available in Early Access on iOS and Android
Credit: Mojang Minecraft fans, get ready to jump into Minecraft Earth! The hotly-anticipated mobile game is now available in early access for both iOS and Android users in the US. The game was previously up for grabs across the UK, in Australia, Canada, Mexico, and Iceland Now that it's finally made its way to the US, legions[...]
"Minecraft Dungeons" Receives A New Cinematic Trailer
Microsoft and Mojang released a brand new trailer today for Minecraft Dungeons, giving the game a much more cinematic feeling to the story.  We're still probably a good six months out from seeing anything, as the game is currently slated for a Spring 2020 release But this is a pretty decent look at what's to[...]
"Minecraft Earth" Will Be Joining Early Access Sometime In October
Mojang released a brand new trailer this weekend for Minecraft Earth along with the news that the game would finally be coming to Early Access The company didn't put an official date on when it would be happening, simply stating that it would happen sometime next month, October 2019 The game will essentially mimic others[...]
Minecraft Story Mode Will Be Taken Offline In Late June
It's been a minute since we've had any bad news related to the fallout from Telltale Games going under, but the latest round of games affected by the move is the popular Minecraft story they put together with Mojang, who were the ones who posted the bad news this week. credit//Telltale Games Today, we have some important[...]
Minecraft Has Sole 176 Million Copies Over The Past Decade
During one of those posts, the company revealed that over the past decade, both while they were in control and during the original Mojang days before the buyout, the game has officially racked up over 176 million copies sold around the world, in almost every single country on the planet. credit//Microsoft As some people have noted, that[...]