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Renegade Game Studios Becomes World Of Darkness Publisher
Some big news today for World of Darkness fans as Renegade Game Studios is now the publishing partner for their catalog The news comes as a relief after things had gone pretty quiet tabletop-wise for the IP after the release of the Fifth Edition of Vampire: The Masquerade Now we know that on top of[...]
Renegade Game Studios Announces Partnership With EC Comics
Some cool news from Renegade Game Studios today as they have announced a brand new partnership with EC Comics One of the all-time greatest publishers of comics at a time when sci-fi and horror were finding a new voice, EC has a place in Americana for being the birthplace of Tales From The Crypt, Vault[...]
Renegade Game Studios Expands Its Partnership With Hasbro
Renegade Game Studios revealed this morning that they have expanded their partnership with fellow game distributor Hasbro Not uncommon but not exactly talked about, the two companies have done business with each other in the past and produced some awesome results They both first partnered up on Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Miniatures Board[...]
Renegade Game Studios Adding Puzzles To Their Repertoire
Renegade Game Studios, the tabletop board game and card game company responsible for bringing us the Gudetama card game as well as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid, is venturing into new territory! Their next journey in the tabletop gaming world may seem puzzling, but that's because they're doing just that: puzzles! A selection of boxes featuring[...]
Alice Is Missing, A Silent Role-Playing Game Funded On Kickstarter
However, Hunters Entertainment, in conjunction with Renegade Game Studios, has gotten backing for a new role-playing game called Alice Is Missing over Kickstarter The weirdest thing about this game, from the outside looking in, might be that the game is played silently, through text messaging alone. The header for Alice Is Missing, a "silent role-playing game,"[...]
Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid Getting New Renegade Releases
Renegade Game Studios is releasing a bunch of new products for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid! Alongside other solicitations, Renegade is releasing not one, not two, but three new items for the popular board game. The Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver Pack for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid by Renegade Game Studios. The Legendary Ranger: Tommy Oliver[...]
"Space Battle Lunchtime" Being Adapted to a Card Game!
However, throughout the better part of this terrible pandemic, Renegade Game Studios has pulled through as a reliable and hard-working tabletop game company We are happy to state that at long last, Renegade is releasing a plethora of new tabletop games, including Space Battle Lunchtime and Wardlings. An array from Space Battle Lunchtime by Renegade Games, out now! Based[...]
Renegate Game Studios Announces Gudetama Card Game
Renegade Game Studios, who we have covered before regarding their various board games, has announced a new card game, styled after the antics of Sanrio's character, Gudetama, the Lazy Egg. Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game's box. Gudetama: The Tricky Egg Card Game is an upcoming trick-taking card game, according to the blurbs on Renegade's website, for[...]
Rise of the Psycho Rangers box
Renegade Game Studios, the game company responsible for Space Battle Lunchtime and the Altered Carbon role-playing game, has done something remarkable and gotten its $25,000 Kickstarter campaign for Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid fully funded in all of six minutes' time The campaign, which is presently exceeding $160,000 as of the time of writing this article,[...]
"Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game" On Kickstarter
The Altered Carbon Role Playing Game, a new RPG by Renegade Game Studios, is now up for preorder on Renegade's website! We here at Bleeding Cool covered this RPG's Kickstarter campaign back in early February, and now it's finally coming to fruition Hunters Entertainment and Skydance Television teamed up with Renegade to get this game off[...]
Clank Adventuring Party header
Renegade Game Studios, game designers well-known for such titles as Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid and Space Battle Lunchtime, are releasing an expansion set for their deck-building adventure card game, Clank!, called Clank! Adventuring Party With Clank! Adventuring Party, the game as a whole can be run with upwards of six players (whereas the original Clank! could only be run[...]
PR HotG header
Today, via Twitch stream, Renegade Game Studios revealed an all-new set of expansions for their board game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid This new release, which includes an expansion proper as well as a new villain pack, will be funded via Kickstarter, which will go up on May 12th. The logo for Power Rangers: Heroes[...]
Renegade Announces "The Search for Planet X"!
Renegade Game Studios has come out with a boatload of new game content lately From Succulent to Space Battle Lunchtime, Renegade seems to really be covering their bases when it comes to board games, regardless of aesthetics Neat! Source: Renegade Game Studios Well, now they've announced a space exploration board game called The Search for Planet X[...]
"Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game" On Kickstarter
To achieve the July publishing goal, Hunters Entertainment is teaming up with Renegade Game Studios While backers will have the first grab at the digital materials offered by this Kickstarter campaign, DriveThruRPG will be handling all of the digital releases. Source: Hunters Entertainment Inspired by the hit Netflix television show which was in turn based upon a[...]
"Scott Pilgrim" Miniature Board Game Gets Full Kickstarter Funding
The game was designed by Scott Gaeta, and will have several scenes and battle scenarios from the comic in which you will use the miniature figures to do battle. Credit: Renegade Game Studios The game itself is a pretty cool concept and it's a wonder no one thought to make this until now The oddity about this[...]