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Modiphius Announces Several Additions To Star Trek Adventures RPG
We have the rundown of what's inside all three as you can pre-order them all through their shop Credit: Modiphius Entertainment Tricorder Collector's Edition Boxed Set The tricorder boxed set is the world's first wearable roleplaying game for tabletop fans on the move and cosplayers alike It contains a 304-page digest-sized core rulebook, campaign booklet, rules summary sheets,[...]
Paizo Issues Update on Coronavirus Situation
We'll see what more comes from the union and the discussions that will be had between the two entities moving forward, but this could be the beginning of a major catalyst in tabletop gaming as many of the companies and publishers within the genre have never had unions, or what few efforts there were in[...]
Modiphius To Publish More Partnered Independent Creator Titles
Modiphius Entertainment revealed that they will be publishing new indie creator tabletop titles under their Via Modiphius co-publishing program If you're not familiar with the program, this system allowed independent creators access to Modiphius' extensive retail and digital distribution network through a special partnership, as the company provides support through social media and PR The[...]
Funko Games Reveals Two New Grinch Titles For The Holidays
Funko Games revealed two new tabletop titles this week from the world of Dr Seuss as we're getting a couple of Grinch-themed games Just in time for the holidays to play with friends and family, we're getting Dr Seuss Merry Grinchmas! Game and Dr Seuss Grow Your Heart Card Game Each one of them gives[...]
Deep Rock Galactic Is Coming To Tabletop With A New Board Game
Essentially, they're going to do their best to make the tabletop game as close to the video game as possible, while still making it fun and accessible for anyone to jump into We have a snippet from that blog below as they talk about the differences between Mission and Campaign in the game while we[...]
Free League Publishing Announces Blade Runner Tabletop RPG
Free League Publishing announced this morning they have a new famous IP being turned into a tabletop RPG as we enter the world of Blade Runner Working with Alcon Entertainment, the two will be publishing a core rulebook (which you can see the cover here) along with other materials and resources throughout 2022 For this[...]
Asmodee Announces New Game 7 Wonders: Architects
Asmodee along with Repos Production announced a new tabletop release this week as we'll soon be getting 7 Wonders: Architects The game will have you working on the ancient wonders with a streamlined gameplay system and easy-to-understand rules, as you do your best to recreate many of the world's wonders The game is set to[...]
Renegade Game Studios Announces The Transformers Roleplaying Game
Renegade Game Studios revealed the final IP they're doing a tabletop RPG with this week as we're getting the Transformers Roleplaying Game Much like the announcements for the Power Rangers and G.I Joe this week, the company is releasing a Core Rulebook in which you will be able to play as your favorite Autobots from[...]
Renegade Game Studios Announces The G.I. Joe Roleplaying Game
Renegade Game Studios revealed another awesome IP becoming a tabletop RPG as they announced the G.I Joe Roleplaying Game Much like they did yesterday with the Power Rangers version, the company has revealed they are releasing a Core Rulebook so you can play in their universe with all the characters you're familiar with from the[...]