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InfiniDice Earns Full Kickstarting Funding In Ten Minutes
The dice are made especially for TRPGs and add an artistic element that fits with the theme of many of the most popular games. "For any tabletop role playing game, dice are an essential element of gameplay They determine the results and actions that create realism and challenge in the game But as any RPG player[...]
Catan 25th Anniversary Edition Released For The Holidays
"We are honored to introduce so many new gamers to the wide and wonderful world of tabletop games — there is probably no better way to celebrate 25 years than that." The 25th Anniversary Edition contains: The classic and award-winning CATAN base game CATAN 5-6 player extension Scenario – Helpers of CATAN New sorting trays for resource and development cards Special iridescent player pieces Custom dice Two[...]
Asmodee Launches Connect & Play For Online Board Gaming
Here's more info from the company about the service and the games available. Play from a select number of titles that are easy to learn, courtesy of Admodee. "We thought about ways to bring socially distant relatives together, and truly believe that tabletop games are the best social entertainment there is" said Ruby Nikolopoulou, Head of US[...]
Critical Role Launches New Publishing Wing Darrington press
who is an experience tabletop game maker as he is also the co-owner of Hunters Entertainment and has been a consultant to several companies over the past decade As to the games, they will be publishing, you can read more about the first four below, all set for 2021. A look at the logo for Darrington[...]
Roll20 Will Support Pathfinder Second Edition on Day 1
The updates should go into effect for players once they open the service. Roll20 hosts a number of popular tabletop RPGs on their service. Roll20 Service Updates Mobile App – Roll20 Mobile is just on the horizon The team is hard at work on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that can be sent directly to the[...]
MÖRK BORG CULT: Feretory By Free League Publishing Out Now
Yesterday, we covered a piece of tabletop gaming news revolving around Free League Publishing's newest expansion book for Vaesen, their Nordic horror game Free League Publishing, probably best known for ALIEN: The Roleplaying Game, has also released an expansion book for their doom-metal RPG, MÖRK BORG CULT Known as MÖRK BORG CULT: Feretory, this game is most assuredly[...]
Roll20 Reveals Details For Roll20Con Happening Next Weekend
This year the focus of the event, aside from tabletop fun, will be aimed at charity and gaming for a cause Through the three days of streaming, the company will be celebrating the online TTRPG community with panels, discussions, and gaming sessions for everyone to check out This includes revealing more about the company's[...]
PAX Unplugged Officially Canceled, Will Return In 2021
Because the format primarily centered around video games and digital gaming, people became concerned as to how a tabletop convention would play out online Sadly, it really can't, as there's a strong in-person element you can't duplicate online So the company posted this notice today letting fans know it was not happening in 2020, but[...]
Alien: The RPG Receives Destroyer Of Worlds Module & Starter Set
Priced at $29.99, the Alien: Destroyer of Worlds Cinematic scenario comes in a boxed set, including maps, handouts, and cards for a fully immersive tabletop experience. Alien: The RPG Starter Set is designed to be the perfect entry point into the game and the Alien universe Affordably priced at $49.99, it contains everything needed to start playing, including[...]