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Monopoly Is Celebrating Shark Week? Yes, That Is A Thing
The Op revealed this week they have a brand new version of Monopoly on the way to celebrate Shark Week Yes, really, this is a thing Officially being called Monopoly: Predators of the Deep Edition, the team has formed a partnership with Discovery to bring all of the fearsome action from one of the ocean's[...]
The Op Releases New Godfather-Themed Monopoly
The Op has released a brand new version of Monopoly this week as old-school movie lovers can get one based on The Godfather As you might suspect from the look and feel of the game in the images below, you're getting a game that is made to represent the film as if it were the[...]
The OP Releases New Dexter-Themed Version Of Clue
The OP has released a brand new version of the classic board game Clue as players can now experience it through the eyes of Dexter The game will be taking cues from the original Showtime version of the series as you're back to being a part of the Miami PD as you take on the[...]
Hello Kitty & Friends Just Got Their Own Version Of Monopoly
Fans of Hello Kitty & Friends will have a brand new board game to add to their collection as The Op has released a new version of Monopoly Partnering with the parent company Sanrio, the company has released the version you see below, officially being called Monopoly: Hello Kitty and Friends The board looks so[...]
The Op Launches New Game Mountains Out Of Molehills
The Op has released a brand new board game that will have you stacking to win as you can now play Mountains Out Of Molehills This new game is a bit of a light strategy title in which all of you are playing moles trying to be the one who is in the most control[...]
The Op Reveals Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances
The Op has revealed a brand new Disney tabletop game this week as they have made Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances The game will take the already popular mobile battle royale game and turn it into a tabletop competition as you'll take characters that are already in the game onto this special battlefield to face[...]
The Op Cooks Up A Special Spam Version Of Yatzee
Board games publisher The Op has released a brand new version of Yahtzee for a certain kind of foodie as there's now a Spam edition As a bit of a follow-up to their Cup Of Noodles edition they released in 2021, this will have lovers of the canned meat product rolling for days The game[...]
The Op Launches Tabletop Games For The Goonies & Kingdom Hearts
The Op revealed two new tabletop games they have launched for the holidays as we have one for The Goonies and Kingdom Hearts It's not the first time either franchise has been given a board game, and in fact there are a few fun ones out there you can find However, what sets them apart[...]
The Op Releases New Board Game Based On Cuphead
For those of you who were hoping to get more Cuphead action, we have good news! The Op has released a board game based on the video game For a while, there has been talk of something involving the series in a tabletop form, but every time someone seemed to be stepping up to make[...]
The Op Releases Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Things are about to get cool, cool cool cool cool as The Op has released a brand new version of Clue with Clue: Brooklyn Nine-Nine As you might suspect just looking at it, this is an entire version of the classic whodunit board game set inside the 99th precient, where you'll have to use your[...]
The Sopranos Brings The Mob To The Monopoly Board
Fans of The Sopranos will be happy to see that The Op will be bringing the world of that show to the classic tabletop game of Monopoly Monopoly: The Sopranos is a brand new version of the game that will bring all of the nostalgia and references you can get from the popular HBO drama[...]
The Op Releases Deadpool Vs. The World For 30th Anniversary
The Op has teamed up with Marvel to release a special card game for Deadpool to celebrate his 30th Anniversary Being called the "Nerdy 30" Edition, you can now get your hands on this special version of the fun and totally adult party game Deadpool Vs The World of their hilarious party game: Deadpool vs[...]
The Op & Steve Jackson Games Announce Munchkin: Disney
The Op and Steve Jackson Games revealed a brand new Munchkin title that will have Disney fans excited with Munchkin: Disney As you might expect from the game, this is going to be a Magical Kingdom's worth of challenges, armor, villains, and messing with each other as all the players attempt to get to Level[...]
"Critical Role" Is Getting Its Own Version Of "Munchkin"
You can pre-order Munchkin: Critical Role at this link, as we have a few quotes about the new partnership below. Credit: The Op "We're thrilled to see the world and characters of the Mighty Nein come to life in card game form with Munchkin, and we can't wait to share it with the Critters[...]