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The Op Releases One More Summer Game With The Perfect Wave
The Op revealed one more summertime game for their library of tabletop titles, as players can get their hands on The Perfect Wave The game is pretty self-explanatory as you'll be competing against other players to get your board ready and out into the water to catch just the right wave and make it the[...]
Get Ready To Rock Properties With An Iron Maiden Version of Monopoly
The Op has probably one of the more metal board games coming out this year, as they have announced an Iron Maiden version of Monopoly Simply called Monopoly: Iron Maiden Edition, the game will pay homage to the band's history in several different ways as you'll make your way around the board as if you're[...]
RuPaul’s Drag Race Monopoly Debuts At DragonCon 2023
The Op brought a brand new version of Monopoly to DragCon this week, as players will be able to have a RuPaul's Drag Race edition Working in collaboration with World of Wonder, the company has created this unique take on the classic board game featuring RuPaul and elements from the award-winning reality TV series This[...]
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You can read more about it below, as the game is for 2-6 players and is currently for sale for $45 via the company's website. Credit: The Op "Join The Gang and be the last scoundrel standing in this contemptible twist on the classic game! Monopoly: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia lets players buy, sell, and trade[...]
Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Reveals Brand New Expansion Pack
The Op introduced a brand new expansion this week for Disney Sorcerer's Arena as they unveiled the Leading the Charge Expansion Pack This all-new expansion will bring in three Pixar and Disney characters to the mix as you'll be able to play as Elsa from Frozen, Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story, and Scar from The[...]
Good Grief, Charlie Brown! The Op Releases Monopoly: Peanuts Edition
The Op revealed this week they have released an all-new version of Monopoly, this time with Chalie Brown and the gang as Peanuts gets their own version Officially being called Monopoly: Peanuts Edition, players will have the chance to join lifelong characters like Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, and more in what feels like a crossover[...]
The Op Announces Their Own "Road To Gen Con" Tour
The Op Games announced that they are launching a special tour for 2023 as they are going across the country for the Road To Gen Con This tour will be a formal invitation for competitors to compete in the Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances World Championship, as they go from city to city, holding special tournaments[...]
Britney Spears
We're not even going to bother with the predictable "Oops" headline, as we're just astonished The Op made a Britney Spears edition of Monopoly Just in time for the holidays, the company has partnered up with the superstar singer to create a version of the classic board game tied to her career and music Monopoly:[...]
The Op Announces Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition
The Op has revealed a brand new trivia title that mashes two properties together in Trivial Pursuit Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition Those of you who think you know everything there is to know about all things D&D will finally be put to the test in a competitive trivial game based on the classic tabletop[...]
The Op Reveals New Yellowstone Version Of Monopoly
In preparation for the upcoming new season of Yellowstone, The Op has revealed a brand new edition of Monopoly based on the show Officially just being called Monopoly: Yellowstone, this is very much what you might suspect from other editions of the board game based on an IP You got properties, tokens, money, Chance and[...]
Squishmallows Receives Its Own Monopoly Game
The Op has another brand of Monopoly game coming out for the holidays as Squishmallows will be getting its own version To be clear, the version of this game is called Monopoly: Original Squishmallows Collector's Edition, and was designed specifically to be released during the holiday season and made to be the ultimate holiday gift[...]
Naruto’s 20th Anniversary Comes To Tabletop With Yahtzee
The Op is helping to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Naruto as the company has released a special version of Yahtzee Bringing a character to the game that has a number of different references to the anime and manga, as you will be taking specially designed dice with different foods on them and rolling them[...]
The Op Announces Three New Spanish/English Bingo Games
The Op has announced three new Bingo-related games with some familiar IP's behind them for both Spanish and English players The three franchises that they have secured for this series are Disney's Coco, Hello Kitty, and Harry Potter, each of them bringing their own style and rules to their versions of the game The games[...]
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The Op revealed a brand new version of Jenga is now in their shop, as they have a version featuring Kool-Aid Simply being called Jenga: Kool-Aid, this version of the game will take things to a new level in more than one way, as you won't just simply be pulling blocks to stack like you[...]
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The Op has a brand new version of Yahtzee on the market this week as they partnered with Disney to release a Hocus Pocus edition Officially being called Yahtzee: Disney Hocus Pocus, this is basically the game that you have come to know and love over the decades put into a brand new format in[...]
The Op Reveals Dr. Seuss & Labyrinth Versions Of Clue
The Op revealed two new editions of Clue this week as they will be releasing versions for The Grinch and Labyrinth As we slowly make our way toward the holiday season, we're seeing more titles pop up that will most likely become staples of the next few months This brings about special editions of anything[...]
The Op Unveils Harry Potter & Nightmare Before Christmas Board Games
The Op announced two new board games this week as they have new titles for both The Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter As we approach the holiday season, both of these will offer a little something different for fans of both franchises that have to do with the season, both of which incorporate frantic[...]
The Op Reveals The Marvel Dice Throne 4-Hero Box
The Op revealed a brand new board game added to their lineup as they bring Marvel to Dice Throne with Marvel Dice Throne 4-Hero Box The game will give you the chance to play as four different heroes as you'll have your choice between the comic book versions of Thor, Loki, Scarlet Witch, and the[...]
The Op Introduces New Overlapping Tabletop Game VENN
The Op revealed a brand new tabletop title being added to their library as you're getting the overlapping board game VENN No, not that VENN; this is based on the concept of a Venn Diagram that you learned about in school and have since only used in memes on Twitter This new party game comes[...]
The Op Officially Launches Clue: Critical Role Today
The Op has officially launched their latest edition of the classic board game Clue, as we got the Critical Role version today Officially called Clue: Critical Role, the game was actually announced a few weeks ago on the show, but today is the official release day for it to hit store shelves as well as[...]
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The Op revealed they have released a brand new version of Clue today as they'll be applying it to six other misfits with the cast of Friends Officially called Clue: Friends, the game took as many references as they could snag from the series and crammed it all into the classic board game as you'll[...]
The Op Announces New Disney Board Game With Smash Up: Disney
The Op announced a brand new Disney-themed board game today as they have partnered up to create Smash Up: Disney Edition The game is being released in time to mark the ten-year anniversary of the Smash Up series, as players have the ability to create over 4,000 team combinations throughout the entire franchise Which includes[...]
The Op Releases New Tabletop Version Of Disney Sorcerer's Arena
The Op has released a new tabletop game this week as they have created a board game version of the mobile RPG title Disney Sorcerer's Arena The mobile title has earned a massive following since being released in 2019, with several expansions over time bringing in fan-favorite characters to essentially have magical battles with RPG[...]
Monopoly Is Celebrating Shark Week? Yes, That Is A Thing
The Op revealed this week they have a brand new version of Monopoly on the way to celebrate Shark Week Yes, really, this is a thing Officially being called Monopoly: Predators of the Deep Edition, the team has formed a partnership with Discovery to bring all of the fearsome action from one of the ocean's[...]
The Op Releases New Godfather-Themed Monopoly
The Op has released a brand new version of Monopoly this week as old-school movie lovers can get one based on The Godfather As you might suspect from the look and feel of the game in the images below, you're getting a game that is made to represent the film as if it were the[...]
The OP Releases New Dexter-Themed Version Of Clue
The OP has released a brand new version of the classic board game Clue as players can now experience it through the eyes of Dexter The game will be taking cues from the original Showtime version of the series as you're back to being a part of the Miami PD as you take on the[...]
Hello Kitty & Friends Just Got Their Own Version Of Monopoly
Fans of Hello Kitty & Friends will have a brand new board game to add to their collection as The Op has released a new version of Monopoly Partnering with the parent company Sanrio, the company has released the version you see below, officially being called Monopoly: Hello Kitty and Friends The board looks so[...]
The Op Launches New Game Mountains Out Of Molehills
The Op has released a brand new board game that will have you stacking to win as you can now play Mountains Out Of Molehills This new game is a bit of a light strategy title in which all of you are playing moles trying to be the one who is in the most control[...]
The Op Reveals Disney Sorcerer’s Arena: Epic Alliances
The Op has revealed a brand new Disney tabletop game this week as they have made Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Epic Alliances The game will take the already popular mobile battle royale game and turn it into a tabletop competition as you'll take characters that are already in the game onto this special battlefield to face[...]
The Op Cooks Up A Special Spam Version Of Yatzee
Board games publisher The Op has released a brand new version of Yahtzee for a certain kind of foodie as there's now a Spam edition As a bit of a follow-up to their Cup Of Noodles edition they released in 2021, this will have lovers of the canned meat product rolling for days The game[...]