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The First Robin To Do What Batman Never Did - Nightwing #76 Spoilers
Anyway it seems to me that one of the more realistic facets of the Batman sagas is that Gotham never gets better for long after Batman's villain destroying exploits like Batman saves Gotham over and over and over again but he never actually improves it all so why does no one ever call Batman out[...]
DC Comics Batman Preview
Last week DC Comics announced Dark Knights of Steel, a new series by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri, a 1602-style remake of the DC Universe, Taylor saying "Despite being the writer of the DC horror series, DCeased, I'm actually a huge fantasy fan Combining two of my favorite things, DC superheroes, and high fantasy, is[...]
Dark Knights of Steel by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri
DC Comics had revealed the dream project teased earlier this week by superstar writer Tom Taylor, created with a dream artist now revealed to be Yasmine Putri, and starring medieval reimaginings of Batman, Superman, Harley Quinn, Black Lightning, Wonder Woman, and more Called Dark Knights of Steel, Taylor has spend two years working on the[...]
Peter Parker & Mary Jane Married With A Kid - But Only In Dark Ages
The initial attack sees the cities fall from the impacts, from New York to Atlantis – Wakanda survives better than most courtesy of Vibranium. But it is the saving the world from the creature is what plunges everyone into darkness, and removes electricity from the world, to the cost of a number of characters who might[...]
More DC Comics Big Books
Marvel Comics was meant to have published Dark Ages by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello in October 2020, and it was previewed in the Free Comic Book Day comic printed in the February of that year, then delayed until the mid-summer Dark Ages wasn't even solicited, until recently, lined up to be published in September[...]
What is DCDKOS? Tom Taylor's DC Comics Dream Project
Superstar writer Tom Taylor has done it again! And by it, we mean provided Bleeding Cool with the means to create a clickbait article out a single tweet Taylor took to Twitter on Sunday to announce that a (presumably DC) dream project, worked on for two years in secret, is near fruition, with an announcement[...]
Superman's New Costume
Writer Tom Taylor tweeted out a few pieces of art A John Timms panel from Superman: Son Of Kal-El #2 will a more classic Superman shield than Jonathan has been sporting of late. Designs of the new suit – no red pants, the shield extending to the shoulders, and a new belt buckle. And John Timms' cover[...]
Seven Secrets #10 Review: Bold Storytelling
Taking a big swing with bold storytelling and intimate ideas, this blockbuster series from the minds of rising stars Tom Taylor and Daniele Di Nicuolo takes another bold step with a big issue to move all the players into new positions To see that and a (somewhat) new player stepping onto the board makes Seven[...]
What Will Dean Cain Say When He Hears About New Superman?
And a certain twist on a familiar phrase. Truth, Justice, and what now? Writer Tom Taylor emphasised the line over the weekend Given former Superman actorDean Cain's recent outbursts on Fox News and social media over a Captain America comic book he hadn't read, what will he say when he doesn't read Superman: Son of Kal-El[...]
More Multiversal Questions In Next Week's DC Comics (Spoilers)
At the San Diego Comic-Con@Home Superman panel, writer Tom Taylor talked about this week's new comic Superman, Son Of Kal-El, with a Jonathan Kent taking his father Clark Kent's place And Taylor said that the character would have a new costume "What you've seen on the cover to issue one will change So yes, Superman, our[...]
Jonathan Kent, Superman, Will Get A New Look - The Cover Lied To You
Earlier in the month, Bleeding Cool looked at the upcoming Superman: Son Of Kal-El series from Tom Taylor and John Timms We pointed out a few notable changes about Jonathan Kent's birth, but also noted how Damian Wayne was still interacting with Jonathan Kent. Superman: Son Of Kal-El #1 As part of the Superman panel at San[...]
DC Rewrites Jonathan Kent's Birth
Superman: Son Of Kal-El from Tom Taylor and John Timms is published on the 27th of July. SUPERMAN SON OF KAL-EL #1 CVR A JOHN TIMMS (W) Tom Taylor (A/CA) John Timms Jonathan Kent has experienced a lot in his young life He's traveled the galaxies with his Kryptonian grandfather and lived in the future with the Legion[...]
Dark Ages Preview
Dark Ages is the long-delayed comic book series from Marvel Comics by Tom Taylor and Ivan Coello, originally teased and promised as part of Free Comic Book Day in May 2020 and now coming out in September 2021 –  after Free Comic Book Day in August 2021 The preview showed the Marvel Universe having to[...]
Seven Secrets #9 Review: Relentless Sense of Urgency
Things got much more "live ammo." Tom Taylor's script manages to get some fun elements here, showing more of the characterization of the surviving Keepers and Holders, which is not easy to do with a cast this large The arguable lead has taken a back seat to these grander events, but he still has very important[...]
The cover to Dark Ages, launching in September and ending the Marvel Universe,
Following up on teasers posted earlier today, Marvel has confirmed that Dark Ages, the new comic by Tom Taylor and Iban Coello, which Marvel claims will mean the end of the Marvel Universe Seriously! It's right there in the press release! New York, NY— June 18, 2021 — The world outside your window…is about to end[...]