Justice Society Of Death in the Daily LITG, 29th November 2022

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The Lives And Deaths Of The New Justice Society Of America
Justice Society Of Death in the Daily LITG, 29th November 2022

LITG: Justice Society Of Death

  1. Welcome To The Justice Society, You Won't Survive The Experience
  2. The New DC Comics Members Of Stormwatch & More Wildstorm Spoilers
  3. The Flash: CW Milwaukee Affiliate Red-Flags Alleged Season 9 Teaser
  4. Jason David Frank Official Fan Page Sets Livestream Memorial Event
  5. Patsy Walker, Hellcat, Returns to Marvel in 2023 with Sleepwalker
  6. James Gunn Update: Legends of Tomorrow Love, Booster Gold &  More
  7. DC Comics To Introduce New Ukrainian Superhero, Core
  8. Steve Ditko's Personal Copies of His Spider-Man Comics, at Auction
  9. How Superman, Wildstorm & Blue Beetle Tie Into Dark Crisis This Week
  10. Al Ewing Retcons Rocket Raccoon Retcon With $20 Off Marvel Unlimited

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LITG one year ago, The Cosplay Of San Diego Comic-Con

Cosplay Gallery At San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition 2021
The Cosplay Of San Diego Comic-Con- Daily LITG, 29th November 2021
  1. A Cosplay Gallery At San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition 2021
  2. Hit-Monkey & Marvel's M.O.D.O.K.: So Should We Start Getting Worried?
  3. The Walking Dead: WB Finale Has Us Worried for One Very Real Reason
  4. Today Is Pikachu Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO: Bonus Event
  5. What's Next for James Bond 007 after No Time to Die?
  6. Babylon 5: JMS Sees Pilot Shoot Early Spring; Possible Fall 2022 Debut
  7. Today Is Sableye Spotlight Hour In Pokémon GO: Bonus Event
  8. Obi-Wan: Kennedy on McGregor & Christensen Reunion; Rangers Update
  9. Dexter: New Blood E04 Preview: Harrison's Heroics Prove Problematic
  10. Empty Tables But Smiles Behind The Masks At San Diego Comic-Con 2021
  11. Oni Press Latest To Join Lunar Distribution?
  12. ClickUp Party Overlooking San Diego Comic-Con Last Night (Photos)
  13. Fawcett's Captain Marvel Goes to War in Early Whiz Comics, at Auction
  14. Doctor Strange's Secrets Revealed in Strange Tales #115, at Auction
  15. Graveneye: A Flawed but Deeply Personal Transgressive Gothic Horror
  16. She-Hulk's Original Star Turn in Savage She-Hulk #1, Up for Auction
  17. Hulk, Spider-Man And Thor Top Bleeding Cool Bestseller List
  18. Showfloor Gallery Of San Diego Comic-Con: Special Edition Day Two
  19. Green Lantern #8 Review: Shines Strongly
  20. Comic Store In Your Future: Solve That Comic Fan's Gift-Giving Dilemma
  21. S.W.O.R.D. #10 Review: A Big Swing
  22. Eat The Rich #4 Review: A Nail Biter
  23. Nightwing #86 Review: Under Siege
  24. Final San Diego Comic-Con Day- The Daily LITG, 28th Of November 2021

LITG two years ago, Batman and Catwoman up a tree, *******

Not Just Batman and Catwoman - the Daily LITG, 29th November 2020
Not Just Batman and Catwoman – The Daily LITG, 29th November 2020
But Bleeding Cool can reveal that it's not just Batman and Catwoman…

  1. Tom King: Batman and Catwoman F*** in Batman/Catwoman #1
  2. The Walking Dead Posts Thanksgiving Image We've Read Too Much Into
  3. Stephen King Sells Us on The Stand with 4 Words; New Key Art Released
  4. Psych: Dulé Hill, James Roday Rodriguez on Why They Keep Returning
  5. Watch The Trailer For Ryan Murphy's Netflix Film The Prom Now
  6. Infinity War Celebrates the Birthday of Bruce Lee With New Statue
  7. Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: In Praise of Some Sought-After Sorkin
  8. Young Rock: 90s Dwayne Johnson Takes Flight; Andre the Giant Preview
  9. A Problem With Franklin Richards Never Having Been A Mutant
  10. Power Book II: Ghost Preview: Tariq Plays a Deadly Game of Chess
  11. Will Donny Cates Take Out X-Writer Jealousy on X-Men in King in Black?
  12. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach: Manga Light Novel Spinoff Round-up
  13. Chris Claremont's Advice to Aspiring Writers: Get a Day Job
  14. Adi Granov On Swiping His Own Iron Man For Boba Fett
  15. Angel And Monet Finally Giving Us X-Corp In X-Men's Reign Of X?
  16. DC Future State Sales Starts Strong On eBay
  17. Fourteen Gossipy Spoilers For Upcoming Batman Comics
  18. Cooking With Deadpool Recipe Book Begins By Choosing The Right Knife
  19. Julian Hanshaw, Krent Able Follow "I Feel Machine" With "I Feel Love"
  20. Now Gardening Gets A Graphic Novel In 2021

LITG three years ago, Jonathan Hickman was trying to get fired.

And there was Marvel gossip, but that was all pre-pandemic.

  1. Jonathan Hickman is Trying to Get Fired from X-Men… What Would Rob Liefeld Think?
  2. Gossip: Marvel Comics, Jason Aaron, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Moon Knight and Black Panther
  3. Scarlett Johansson Opens Up About the "Rub & Tug" Backlash
  4. The Jim Shooter Files – Stan Lee on Effeminate Heroes and Ugly Women
  5. Donny Cates Wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to the Comic Shop That Leaked Thor #1
  6. Our First Glimpse of Professor Xavier Without His Helmet in Today's Dawn Of X Comics (Spoilers)
  7. The Jim Shooter Files – When Stan Lee Chose John Romita Over Kyle Baker
  8. The Jim Shooter Files: Plagiarism
  9. Deadpool Getting Special 10" Black Friday Funko Pops
  10. "Superman & Lois": Elizabeth Tulloch's Casting Info Has Us Wondering…

Comic book industry birthdays

Comics folk are still getting older and still celebrating that special date.

  • Tom Taylor, writer of DCeased and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.
  • James Reddington, political cartoonist.
  • Maggie Thompson, longtime editor of the Comics Buyers Guide
  • Andrea Albert, artist on Green Hornet, Mister T, Freejack, Twilight Zone.
  • Marc Bernardin, writer of Push, Genius, The Highwayman, The Authority and Static Shock. Oh and the showrunner of Carnivale Royale.

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