"Witchbrook" Gets A Spellbinding New Aesthetic, But No Release Date

Chucklefish's upcoming magical adventure Witchbrook just went undergone an aesthetic transformation. The colorful cross between what appears to be the worlds of Harry Potter and Stardew Valley is still in active development, but it's only recently taken on a different look in terms of its overall art style. Not long ago, in early March, its […]


"The Last Of Us Part II" Has Now Officially Been Delayed Indefinitely

Naughty Dog's hotly-anticipated The Last of Us Part II has officially been delayed indefinitely. The post-apocalyptic adventure is the latest casualty to have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, according to publisher Sony, who also made the "difficult decision" to delay Marvel's Iron Man VR in addition to The Last of Us Part II. The […]

Xbox CDC Foundation Donation

Xbox Sets Up New Menu Donation Option For CDC Foundation

Xbox has launched a new option on its menu for gamers to be more proactive with coronavirus aid with a donation option to the CDC Foundation. The company has added a new app, which you can see in the image below, where players in the U.S. can donate to the Centers for Disease Control and […]

"Dead By Daylight Mobile" Will Launch In Spring 2020

"Dead By Daylight Mobile" Racks Up 500K Pre-Registered Players

Behaviour Interactive had some good news to share this week about Dead By Daylight Mobile, as the game has racked up 500k pre-registered players. The game is set to launch on April 16th, but before that, the developers threw down the gauntlet on pre-registration. If they get enough players at certain goals, they will unlock […]

MSI Creator 17 Product Shot

MSI Reveals Three New Gaming Laptops With 10th-Gen Intel Core

MSI revealed a new set of laptops this week that all contain the 10th Generation Intel Core i9 processor, with the GS66 Stealth, GE66 Raider, and Creator 17. All of these were revealed this week along with other company's selections, as many of the tech conventions at this time have been canceled. The company has […]

Virtual Grand National ITV

ITV Created The "Virtual Grand National" So People Could Bet On Racing

ITV created something new in the wake of the coronavirus this weekend as they presented the Virtual Grand National, a virtual horse racing event. With the UK under lockdown and all sporting events on hiatus until its safe to go back out again, people are looking online and on TV for solutions. ITV decided that […]

Embr Main Art

Curve Digital & Muse Games Announce "Embr" For PC

Curve Digital and Muse Games announced a new game this week as their firefighting multiplayer "unsimulator" Embr is headed to PC this year. This is basically what happens when you try to create a fire-fighting game and decide midway through to just have fun with it. There's no way to take this one seriously, which […]

Going Under Title Art

"Going Under" Will be Getting A Release Sometime In Q3 2020

Team17 and Seattle-based developer Aggro Crab Games announced this week their new game Going Under will be coming out in Q3 2020. The game is a satirical dungeon crawler about exploring the cursed ruins of several failed tech startups. Which, considering the time and place we are in the world, is pretty spot-on. You will […]

E3 2019 Entrance

The ESA Announces New Official Dates For E3 2021

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has apparently decided to set up new dates for E3 2021 after this year's event was canceled. The organization themselves haven't posted anything themselves, but are reporting that they shared news with their partners on Friday night that they are simply now looking ahead to next year's event. What's […]


Gameforge Provides FabLab Bruchsal With Two 3D Printers In Medical Aid

While the coronavirus outbreak is currently happening, not all stories coming out of it are sad. For example, Gameforge has stepped up with some help of their own. The Germany-based video game company has seen the epidemic hit across all parts of Europe, including Italy to the south where the country is on lockdown. So […]

Konami Updates Players About "Yu-Gi-Oh!" TCG's Release Schedule

Konami decided to issue a statement this week regarding the release schedule of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game amid the coronavirus outbreak. Like a lot of things that are mass-produced in North America, Asia, or other areas of the globe affected by the virus, production has slowed down in certain areas. Trading card games of […]

Vigor Nintendo Switch

"Vigor" Is Launching A Closed Beta On Nintendo Switch Next Week

Bohemia Interactive announced this week that they will be setting up a closed beta for their upcoming game Vigor on the Nintendo Switch next week. A couple of weeks ago, the game was announced by Nintendo during their Mini Direct that the game was going to be headed to their console. What we didn't really […]

ID at Xbox Spotlight

Xbox Reveals Six New "ID@Xbox Spotlight" Videos

The Xbox team has released a new set of videos from their ID@Xbox Spotlight series this week, showcasing a number of new games on the way. The videos were created as a bit of a response to GDC 2020 being canceled over the coronavirus. Normally the company would show off some titles that were being […]


"Darkest Dungeon" is Getting PvP With May's "The Butcher's Circus"

Austere roguelike RPG Darkest Dungeon is getting a new addition in the form of PvP content in the near future. Developer Red Hook Studios is offering PvP for the first time ever in its already challenging game ahead of announcing additional details about the upcoming Darkest Dungeon 2. While there have been plenty of DLC […]


"Borderlands 3" Did Well, But Its Employees Aren't Getting Bonuses

Borderlands 3 may have done exceedingly well in terms of sales when it launched last fall, but that doesn't mean the employees that brought it to life were able to benefit from its popularity. Publisher 2K Games previously described the game as a "billion-dollar global brand," and employees were set to benefit from this. Gearbox […]

Amazon Games Crucible Art

Amazon Will Reportedly Launch Their Game Streaming Platform In 2021

Amazon is apparently going to be postponing launching their own streaming gaming service until 2021 due to the coronavirus throwing off their timeline. In an article in the New York Times, the outlet is reporting that Amazon Game Studio will push forward with the release of their upcoming sci-fi shooter Crucible sometime this year for […]

Auto Draft

"Resident Evil 3" Receives A Proper Launch Trailer

As the remake of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis dropped today, Capcom decided to treat fans to one more glimpse of the game with a launch trailer. The company has been doing a really awesome job in promoting this remake all the way from the initial leaks about the game to now. The graphics package has […]

Ikoria header

"Magic: The Gathering" Begins Spoilers For "Ikoria"

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast began their spoiler season for Ikoria: Lair Of Behemoths, the newest set for the Magic: The Gathering trading card game. Bleeding Cool will aim to keep up with these spoilers and provide you with up-to-date highlights of this monstrously-awesome new set. Of course, today had a large number of spoilers as well. […]

Tencent and Riot Games Developing a Mobile League of Legends

Riot Increasing Penalties On Dodging "League Of Legends" Lobbies

Looks like some changes are coming to the matchmaking part of League of Legends. Riot Games' lead gameplay designer Mark Yetter posted about the changes in today's Dev Post. Champ select dodges are something that hurts the overall player experience by putting 9 players back into a longer queue after they've already spent a lot […]

Monopoly board

Board Game and Puzzle Sales Skyrocket Amid COVID-19 Concerns

According to the NPD Group, sales of board games and jigsaw puzzles have risen over 240% during the first week of official lockdown in the United Kingdom due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, complex construction kits such as LEGO Technic toy sets rose during this time. The NPD Group says that in the United Kingdom, […]