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Halloween Horrors Come To Fallout 76 To Haunt The Apocalypse
Bethesda Softworks have launched a new Halloween-themed event into Fallout 76 as Halloween Horrors come to Appalachia Starting today, residents of Appalachia will occasionally be greeted at their doorsteps by costume-clad Scorched who prowl the Wasteland looking for various Halloween treats You can hunt them down for legendary items, Mystery Candy, and Spooky Treat Bags[...]
The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands Will Arrive In November
Bethesda Softworks revealed the next chapter for ESO as The Elder Scrolls Online: Deadlands will launch this November The content was revealed earlier today during a special "Gates of Oblivion" livestream in which this will be the final chapter of the year-long campaign within the game This last chapter will bring about over 20 hours[...]
Bethesda Softworks Shows Off More Of Ghostwire: Tokyo
Bethesda Softworks and Tango Gameworks released a new trailer today for Ghostwire: Tokyo during PlayStation Showcase 2021 This particular trailer gives you a better look at a couple of things, specifically the Hannya which serves as the big bad boss in this particular game We're given glimpses into the story, or what little we can[...]
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During the PlayStation Showcase 2021 livestream today, Bethesda Softworks threw in a new surprise trailer for Deathloop Unlike previous trailers, this one feels about as complete as you can get in three minutes to tell you every aspect of the story instead of the primary goal Its a fantastic introduction to everything before the game[...]
Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Console Improvements & Update
Bethesda Softworks revealed new improvements and updates for The Elder Scrolls Online for Xbox and PlayStation The Walking Flame update has already made its way onto PC and Mac, so now the team is ramping up for its release on console The content will officially drop on current and next-gen versions for both Xbox and[...]
A Quick Rundown Of QuakeCon 2021's Announcements
But we did get stuff for Skyrim, Fallout 76, DOOM Eternal, and Deathloop. QuakeCon 2021 is in the books as we look toward the holidays, courtesy of Bethesda Softworks. Deathloop: The team at Arkane Lyon took a closer look at Deathloop's multiplayer on their QuakeCon panel yesterday, discussing what it will be like to jump into a game as Julianna and hunt the[...]
An Enhanced Version of Quake Has Been Released From QuakeCon
During QuakeCon At Home 2021, Bethesda Softworks dropped a pretty cool announcement as an enhanced version of Quake is available right now Back in June, the franchise celebrated its 25th Anniversary, but we didn't see much come to light for it and were a bit curious if Bethesda and now new owners Xbox Game Studios[...]
Hero Collector Reveals The World of Fallout is Coming To Figurine Form
The company has just revealed their new partnership with Bethesda Softworks continues to grow with a new collectible for Fallout 4 Standing 5 inches tall, four new Hero Collectors are on the way as we scour the wasteland for survivors These four figures will include the Sole Survivor, Nick Valentine, The Protectron, and even a[...]
QuakeCon 2021 Will Return As A Digital Event This August
Bethesda Softworks have released details about the QuakeCon 2021 streaming schedule, giving us a look into the planned events next week We now know they'll have some goodies to show off from across all of their properties as they'll be doing a Quake 25th Anniversary chat, a deep dive into their upcoming game Deathloop, exploring[...]
Bethesda Softworks Reveals Initial QuakeCon At Home Plans
Bethesda Softworks dropped info on some of their initial plans for QuakeCon At Home, as the 2021 event goes back to an online format this year As you can see from the info released below, they don't have the plans for individual games or announcements yet, but they do have the overall plans set as[...]
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During today's State of Play livestream from Sony, Bethesda Softworks decided to show off a new walkthrough video of Deathloop This particular video, shown off on the PS5, gives you a look at an extended gameplay walkthrough for the main protagonist Colt, who is on the hunt for Aleksis "The Wolf" Dorsey, one of eight[...]
DOOM Eternal Review-1
Bethesda Softworks has officially released a new free update for DOOM Eternal as next-gen console owners will get the full effect Technically, the game just got two updates, the first one being a next-gen update that includes improved visuals, increased performance, support for ray tracing, 4K resolution at 60 FPS, and a new 120 FPS[...]
Bethesda Softworks Will Make Starfield Exclusive To PC & Xbox
The exclusives are now starting to be defined by Microsoft after purchasing Bethesda Softworks as Starfield will be the first for PC and Xbox Earlier this year, when the company bought out the high-profile developer and publisher, a lot of people were concerned as to how everything would work out with current and future titles[...]
QuakeCon 2021 Will Return As A Digital Event This August
Bethesda Softworks revealed this morning that QuakeCon 2021 will be coming back as a digital event this year The organizers took to their website and social media this morning to make a brief announcement with the image you see here, letting fans know that the event would be back in August However, due to the[...]