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Scott Snyder DC Comics and the Dangers Of Populism

Scott Snyder, DC Comics and the Dangers Of Populism

Populism is the political word du jour. Even more than 'du jour' is. Credited with the election of Trump, the election of Jeremy Corbyn, the vote for Brexit, the vote for all manner of European and South American politicians, the likes of whom would normally be running second hand car dealerships and with Boris Johnson […]

James Wan Shares Hidden Aquaman Creators Tribute from the Film

James Wan Shares Hidden Aquaman Creators Tribute from the Film

Aquaman is still king-fish at the box office, and director James Wan took to Twitter to share a bit of hidden aquatic easter egg knowledge. Apparently the production team invented a new form of Atlantean writing, which can be seen all over the place in the Warner Bros. Pictures film. One of the more interesting (and […]

7 New Images From Wonder Woman From Her EW Article

7 New Images From 'Wonder Woman' From Her EW Article

Wonder Woman got an Entertainment Weekly cover and with that comes some new images from the movie including a behind-the-scenes shot of director Patty Jenkins with stars Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. Summary: Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior. When a pilot crashes and tells of conflict […]

Who Is Batmans Darth Vader (All-Star SPOILERS)

Who Is Batman's Darth Vader? (All-Star SPOILERS)

There is plenty to unpack and talk about in today's All-Star Batman #1. Least of all how much Scott Snyder has it in for Alfred. But the second story, featuring Duke Thomas and Batman with Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire has this aside that's reminiscent of Star Wars in a couple of ways. Firstly, "someone else" is reminiscent […]

DC Comics Cut Wonder Womans Costume Back For #49

DC Comics Cut Wonder Woman's Costume Back For #49

This was the solicited cover for Wonder Woman #48, out last month. This is the one that actually ran. This is the solicited cover for Wonder Woman #49, out tomorrow. This is the one that has actually run. The original cover for Wonder Woman #48, but with the newer costumer replaced with the older one… like […]

Emanuela Lupacchino Leaves Starfire Mirco Pierfederici Joins

Emanuela Lupacchino Leaves Starfire, Mirco Pierfederici Joins

 We already talked about some changes to DC Comics creative teams in February. Well here's one for that they didn't mention. February's Starfire is solicited as being drawn by Mirco Pierfederici with a cover by Amanda Conner. But regular artist Emanuela Lupacchino posted the actual cover to Starfire #8 by her, saying, This is my Starfire cover […]

You Can Already Order The Jae Lee Dark Knight III Cover From Dynamic Forces (UPDATE)

You Can Already Order The Jae Lee Dark Knight III Cover From Dynamic Forces (UPDATE)

Here's the Dark Knight III: Master Race  Dynamic Forces exclusive cover by Jae Lee, which mirrors the original lightning bolt cover of the first series… current orderable for $10. It's joined by the Rebel Base Comics & Toys cover by Sean Murphy. And all these to come. Orders are also being taken for Midtown Comics – Greg Capullo […]

The Ballad Of Harvey Bullock And Renee Montoya

The Ballad Of Harvey Bullock And Renee Montoya

In today's Detective Comics #2, we get a meeting of minds with our two favourite detective Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya, courtesy of Manapul and Buccellato. Such polar opposites, you know they are dying for a buddy cop spinoff on Gotham. In the will-they-won't-they stakes however, we have a permanent won't they. So there won't […]

Frankensteining DC Comics Solicitations For May 2015 Together (UPDATE)

Frankensteining DC Comics' Solicitations For May 2015 Together (UPDATE)

Thanks to ComicBook.com, Blastr, ComicVine, CBR, Hitfix, IGN, Nerdist, Newsarama, Gamma Squad and Topless Robot… what do we have? Rev up the oscillator! Raise the conducting pole! Attach the bolts! It lives! It lives! DC solicitations for May 2015…. Note the repeated line about "This extra-sized issue includes a sneak peek at what's coming up in the […]

Blackest Silent Night – The DC Comics Embargo

We've all heard about the December 30th skip-week for comics at the end of the year. Because Diamond can't guarantee that all comic shops will receive goods by that date, they've decreed that no shops will receive any product for that week, to be fair all round. So, some publishers have been putting out special […]