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DreamHack Atlanta Has Been Postponed Until 2022
DreamHack announced this morning that they are officially postponing DreamHack Atlanta, which was set for November, until 2022 For a period of time, especially with events like PAX West and Gen Con happening this month, it looked like the esports event might actually have a chance of happening in person at the Georgia World Congress[...]
DreamHack & Epic Games Partner Up For a New Fortnite Tournament
This summer they will be running what is to be called the DreamHack Open, which will feature Fortnite as part of the lineup The launch of this new tournament series will include a monthly prize pool of $250k, with a grand total of $1.75 million throughout the entire event, which will be broadcasted live on[...]
ESL Pro Tour Warcraft 3 Starcraft 2
With COVID-19 essentially putting an end to all things 2020, the upcoming tournaments that would have taken place at DreamHack events have been taken out of the convention centers and put online So now, the ESL Pro Tour will now be held online across three seasons for the remainder of the year A StarCraft II[...]
Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019
This week, both the ESL and DreamHack announced they have entered into a new streaming agreement with Twitch Both companies have entered into a three-year deal to bring esports events to the social-streaming platform, which will see some of the biggest esports tournaments organized by both organizations through at least 2022 That's a pretty major[...]
Northern League Of Legends Championship Breakdown
DreamHack announced they will be launching the new Northern League Of Legends Championship (NLC) along with Riot Games The league will operate out of Europe, supported by a new competitive ecosystem in Telia Esports Series TES is expanding from Finland to Norway, Denmark, and Sweden, which features national leagues and DreamHack-operated UKLC in the UK[...]
Blizzard Entertainment Enters Three-Year Deal With DreamHack & ESL
Along with the Hearthstone news today, Blizzard Entertainment announced they have entered a three-year esports deal with DreamHack and the ESL The short version of the deal is that they will be presenting Warcraft III: Reforged and StarCraft II tournaments moving forward as part of their major events This means that they will take over[...]
DreamHack Will Hold A "Halo: Reach" Series In Anaheim
Some cool news for all the fans who have made Halo: Reach a top game on PC, as DreamHack will be holding a series for the game in 2020 The company didn't release a ton of info with the announcement, which came just before the holidays Simply that the tournament will be held at their[...]
Auto Draft
This morning, Dreamhack officially announced all their events happening during the 2020 World Tour, with tickets open through July 2020 This time around we see them headed more around the globe with Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, Canada, and India all target locations Enjoy planning for whatever dates you want to attend and possibly compete in. Credit:[...]
Auto Draft
Bandai Namco and CD Projekt Red revealed this morning that they'll be bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to DreamHack Winter 2019 The companies will be giving a live gameplay presentation exclusive to the event The presentation will not be streamed, the only way you'll be able to see it is in person They'll also be holding a[...]
Ubisoft Will be Holding A "Brawlhalla" 2019 World Championship
The event will take place during Dreamhack Atlanta 2019, running from November 15th–17th at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia Players will have a shot at a $100k prize pool for one of the biggest esports events the game will see We have registration info below along with the trailer for the tournament. Credit:[...]
DreamHack & ESL Will Launch A "CS:GO" Global Circuit In 2020
Dreamhack and the ESL announced new plans for their CS:GO tournament format headed into 2020 as they change the way their esports system will run The new ESL Pro Tour will feature an aggregate prize pool of more than $5 million from competitions across five continents What's more, it will be organized into Challenger and[...]
Subnation Partners With DreamHack as Their Cultural Experience Partner
DreamHack has formed a new partnership in time for DreamHack Atlanta 2018, as Subnation will join them as their Cultural Experience Partner The short version to the partnership is that they'll be working on bringing in other forms of entertainment beyond the gaming aspect so that those attending get a full experience of fun even when[...]