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Moose Toys Gains License for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Collectibles
The hit video game Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has swept across the nation giving gamers a new royale styles game Players must compete in a set of wacky obstacles over a certain number of rounds The player who makes it to the end is crowned winner, that is, if they can last that long The[...]
Capcom Releases New Details For Resident Evil Village
Mediatonic reveals more details today about Season 4 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, as it officially goes live this morning The devs originally teased it to have more of an '80s theme, and while that's here, there's far more going on as it looks like we're in space Astronauts, aliens, and the funkiest-looking beans have[...]
Fall Guys Developer Mediatonic Has Been Acquired By Epic Games
Epic Games had an interesting reveal today as they announced they have acquired Mediatonic, the developer of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout The company dropped the news themselves today, along with the quotes on the matter you see below, as parent company Tonic Games Group will now be under their umbrella TGG created a small Q&A[...]
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Is Coming To Xbox This Summer
After being announced for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox revealed this morning that Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to their consoles as well It looks like Devolver Digital and Mediatonic are aiming to have the game out on every console this summer, however, they still haven't officially stamped a release date on the game yet[...]
Twitch Offers A New Fall Guys Bundle With Prime Gaming
Twitch has revealed that they got a couple of new additions for Apex Legends and Fall Guys this week with Prime Gaming Starting today, Prime Gaming members can claim the MVP Bundle for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, made available in time for the mid-season update What exactly are you getting in this new bundle? For[...]
Fall Guys Releases A New Costume For Valentine's Day
If you thought Fall Guys was going to go through Valentine's Day and not have something special planned for you, you're crazy The team at Mediatonic has added costumes here and there for special occasions in the past as they are basically making their own unique collection of one-off designs designed to get you to[...]
Fall Guys Is Going To Hell With Three New DOOM Costumes
Yes, you read that headline correctly, as Fall Guys will be getting three new costumes next week all themed around DOOM Devolver Digital and Mediatonic released a new trailer this morning showing off three new costumes in what appears to be a DOOM-themed obstacle course, all of which we assume is being done as part[...]
Auto Draft
Devolver Digital and Mediatonic revealed a brand new skin for Fall Guys this week as G2 Esports is getting their own look The reveal was made on the esports team's own Twitter account, showing off the brand new skin as it will look in the game As you can see from the image below, this[...]
Fall Guys Gets A Free Santa Costume For Everyone
If you're looking to celebrate the holidays properly in Fall Guys, a new costume has just dropped into the game for free Devolver Digital and Mediatonic released a brand new Santa skin into the game that anyone can snag for free, and released a trailer with it showing off how it looks in the game[...]
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Shows Off Season 3 Content
Devolver Digital and Mediatonic decided to show off Season 3 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout during The Game Awards 2020 It seems like just yesterday we were looking at all of the content the devs created for Season 2 as we had a bunch of medieval stuff happening, along with a bunch of new challenges[...]
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Receives The Season 2.5 Update
Devolver Digital and Mediatonic have released a brand new update for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as we enter Season 2.5 today The update isn't as huge as the initial Season 2 update that came a short time ago, but it's basically enough to help sustain players and keep the game rolling in a few new[...]
Fall Guys Gets A New Godzilla Outfit Ahead Of Godzilla Day
Wanna try and win a crown in Fall Guys dressed as The King of Monsters? Well now you can with this new Godzilla outfit Devolver Digital and developer Mediatonic got together with Toho to bring the iconic monster to the game Starting on November 3rd (Godzilla day) during a limited time only, fans will have[...]
Fall Guys Is Getting A Sonic The Hedgehog Costume
SEGA and Devolver Digital have apparently teamed up to bring Sonic The Hedgehog to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout For a while now, we've kind of been wondering when the developers at Mediatonic would start talking with other companies and start incorporating costumes from other games into theirs It only makes sense from a fan standpoint[...]
Fall Guys Season 2 Heads To Medieval Times Starting Today
Devolver Digital revealed today the finer details of Season 2 for Fall Guys, as they get medieval on everyone with a new theme Starting today, players will be running and jumping for their lives in a new set of gear and challenges as you'll have to deal with "knockabout knights, pugilistic paladins, and vivacious Vikings"[...]
Devolver Digital Gives Fall Guys A Mid-Season Update
Devolver Digital released a brand new update for Fall Guys this week, giving players a bit of new content for the mid-season The update adds a bunch of changes to modes you've already played, as you can see from the images here where they have added new obstacles and challenges into some familiar maps What's[...]