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Summer Games Done Quick 2019 Scores a Record-Breaking Year
Summer Games Done Quick 2022 has revealed its full schedule of games for this year's event as they return to Minnesota In what feels like an eternity and a welcomed return, this event will be the first time a GDQ has returned to an in-person experience since Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 Those of you[...]
Frost Fatales Will Kick Off On Twitch This Sunday
Games Done Quick will be starting their latest speedrun charity event, Frost Fatales 2022, this coming Sunday for a solid week on Twitch If you're not familiar with this one, starting on February 27th and running all the way to March 6th, you will see women speedrunners show off their skills as they run through[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online Raises $3.4M
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online took place over the past week and a half, bringing in a new record total during the event This year's event was, yet again, held online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to assure the safety of everyone involved while still being able to carry on the fundraising festivities The[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online Releases Its Game Schedule
GDQ has released the full schedule for Awesome Games Done Quick 2022 Online, showing off all the games that will be played AGDQ 2022 Online will be held from January 9th-16th, 2022, with all of the games broadcast on Twitch as they continue to plan around the pandemic This year all of the funds will[...]
Auto Draft
This Sunday, August 15th, Games Done Quick will be launching Flame Fatales 2021 as the completely online event raises money for a worthy cause For those of you not familiar, this is an all-women speedrunning event, run much the way the annual GDQ events are done, as these amazing players will attempt to play games[...]
Summer Games Done Quick 2021 Online Raises $2.8M For Charity
Summer Games Done Quick 2021 has come to a close, but not before raising a ton of cash for Doctors Without Borders over the past week The event, which included some amazing streams such as a Legend Of Zelda 1 & 2 completion race and an impressive blind Super Mario 64 run, the organization raised[...]
Games Done Quick's Flame Fatales Returns August 15th-21st
Games Done Quick's all-women's speedrunning event Flame Fatales will be returning this year from August 15th-21st As usual, the week-long event will showcase the skills of the women-in-speedrunning by highlighting some of the best of the best in the community, all for a great charitable cause Last year the organization raised funds for the Malala[...]
Summer Games Done Quick Returns Online For 2021
The organizers behind Games Done Quick revealed today that their summertime edition will be going back online for 2021 We may be seeing a light at the end of the tunnel for the pandemic, but the reality is we're still a little ways off from public events being relatively safe from possible spreading, so the[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Announces Online Schedule
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 revealed that they managed to raise over $2.75 Million during their 8-day online charity stream In case you happen to be unfamiliar with this event, from January 3rd-10th, hundreds of gamers got together to play several old-school titles as quickly as they could in bizarre speedrunning fashion with the goal[...]
Games Done Quick Announces All-Women Event Called Fleet Fatales
Games done Quick will be doing something a little different this month for their next speedrunning event as they present Fleet Fatales Viewers will be getting a cool experience for this one as all of the players will be women who will be playing games as quickly as they can to benefit a charity This[...]
Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Announces Online Schedule
The filks behind Games Done Quick have officially released their schedule for the next event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021 Much as the previous event was handled, due to the ongoing pandemic and the fact that the United States can't be bothered to get a grip on things, the entire event will be taking place[...]
Games Done Quick Releases The AGDQ 2020 List
In what feels like a safe and predictable move, Games Done Quick has decided to move their winter event online At the end of Summer Games Done Quick, which took place last month as an online-only event after a couple months of plans changing here and there, the organization revealed that Awesome Games Done Quick[...]
Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online Raises $2.3M
Summer Games Done Quick 2020 ended yesterday evening with an impressive total of $2.3 million raised for Doctors Without Borders It was an interesting road to get to this year's event as COVID-19 threw a wrench into the planned activities in person this year, forcing the entire event to take place online through a series[...]
Summer Games Done Quick Reveals Their 2020 Schedule
Earlier today, the folks at GDQ revealed their complete lineup for Summer Games Done Quick as the 2020 version goes online The event was in jeopardy for a hot minute this year as COVID-19 changed plans a couple of times from moving the event back to taking it all the way online After changing the[...]
Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Changes To An Online Event
The annual Summer Games Done Quick announced today they are changing thief format for 2020 and are taking the event online The plans for SGDQ have changed a few times ever since the COVID-19 outbreak forced people to reorganized and adjust to life with ever-changing circumstances Originally the plan was to push the event back[...]