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Regal Robot Reveals Star Wars Salacious Crumb Prop Replica Statue
Regal Robot does it again as they unveil another truly incredible Star Wars Replica collectible This time we are returning to Star Wars, Return of the Jedi, with the debut of Salacious Crumb Prop Replica Statue Crumb is always seen by Jabba the Hutt and t quite known for his intense laugh, and now he[...]
Regal Robot Reveals Star Wars Droid Restraining Bolt Replica
Regal Robot is at it again by giving fans another truly incredible Star Wars replica for their collections Fans do not have to worry about any disobedient droids anymore as the Droid Restraining Bolt replica has arrived First seen in Star Wars: A New Hope, this magnet replica was faithfully recreated from 3D modeling and[...]
Star Wars Holochess Two-Creature Sets Coming From Regal Robot
Regal Robot has already let fans in on their amazing new and pricey +$4,500 Star Wars Holochess 10 piece set However, Star Wars fans have the ability to get some of these very unique pieces without breaking the bank as they announce special 2-pack sets Four sets are getting released on May the 4th giving[...]
Regal Robot Reveals Pricey Star Wars Holochess Prop Replicas
Regal Robot has revealed the collectible of the century as they announce their latest Star Wars prop replica release Coming out of Star Wars: A New Hope, the stop-motion puppets used in the Dejarik Holochess sequence come to life right before fans' eyes These prop replicas were created from actual 3D scanning of the original[...]
Star Wars Holochess Comes To Life As Regal Robot Teases New Replicas
Regal Robot is getting ahead of the crowd as they tease their spectacular May the 4th release with a new 1:1 replica This time fans will be able to recreate scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope with new Holochess prop replica statues The replicas are recreated perfectly from digital files that actually use 3D[...]
Star Wars Tauntaun Comes To Life With New Regal Robot Collectible
Regal Robot is taking the Star Wars collecting community by storm as they announce their newest life-size collectible Coming out of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back is the Tauntaun who is getting a new mountable bust that stands 38" tall The bust is hand produced with hours and hours of special fabrication work to[...]
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Directors Chair Arrives at Regal Robot
Regal Robot announces their newest Star Wars collectible from the hit live-action Star Wars television show, The Mandalorian Things are about to get a little classier in your collection as the company announces a brand new themed director's chair inspired by The Mandalorian There are three different heights available, allowing fancy collectors to choose between[...]
Vintage Star Wars Collector Case Art Returns with Regal Robot
Regal Robot continues to impress us this year with their amazing variety of Star Wars decor Their newest Star Wars release will take Star Wars fans back to the 70s and 80s with a vintage throwback Just in time for Black Friday, Regal Robot is releasing new wall art decor plaques that feature classic art[...]
The Mandalorian Docking Bay Wall Deco Revealed by Regal Robot
Regal Robot continues to add to their growing Star Wars deco collection This time we travel to Mos Eisley with The Mandalorian as they reveal their new docking bay home decor sign The Docking Bay 35 Wood Art Plaque is roughly 14" tall and features 2D printing to capture that Star Wars Tattooine texture Regal[...]
Regal Robot Announces Bantha Magnetic Sculpture from The Mandalorian
The Mando Monday reveals continue as Regal Robot announces another amazing collectible In the season two premiere of the hit Disney+ live-action series, The Mandalorian, we saw our hero on the desert planet of Tatooine once again We are not only greeted by a new character with some iconic armor but the return of the[...]
The Mandalorian Mudhorn Skull Goes Mini with Regal Robot
Regal Robot he's back at it again with a brand new collectible from The Mandalorian This time the Mudhorn is getting miniaturized with their newest skull mini sculpture Standing roughly 5 inches tall, the Mudhorn is given a skeletal remake with hand staining accents and a close amount of detail The Mandalorian fans will remember[...]
The Mandalorian Gamorrean Fighter Statue Coming from Regal Robot
Regal Robot joins in on Mando Monday fun as they unveil their newest statue Based on the concept art released to hype the announcement of The Mandalorian Season 2, Regal Robot brings it to life The Gamorrean fighter is ready to enter the ring and your collection with this collectible He stands 12.5 inches tall and is[...]
Star Wars Rancor Prop Coming Soon from Regal Robot
The Rancor has been unleashed as Regal Robot announces their upcoming Star Wars Prop Replica This collectible is not for the faint of heart either as it is extremely limited to only 83 Pieces and will be priced at $2999.99 The 83 is to honor the monster's appearance in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi[...]