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Loddlenaut Launches Free Playable Demo On Steam
Indie developer Moon Lagoon and publisher Secret Mode have released a new demo for Loddlenaut, completely free on Steam The game doesn't even have a proper release window beyond the idea it will be out in 2023, but the team wants you to give the game a shot and see what you'll be in store[...]
Turbo Golf Racing
Secret Mode and developer Hugecalf Studios revealed their next sports title on the way as we're getting Turbo Golf Racing The shorthand to the game is that it's basically Rocket League set on a futuristic golf course, as you will be racing around in powered vehicles that are treated like clubs with the goal of[...]
A Little To The Left Is Coming To Switch In August 2022
Indie publisher Secret Mode announced this week they will be releasing A Little To The Left for the Nintendo Switch in August 2022 The announcement comes as they revealed to have partnered with indie developer Max Inferno, who originally was set to publish the game on their own The Max Inferno team has already set[...]
Auto Draft
Secret Mode and Sumo Digital Academy revealed this week that Zool: Redimensioned will be released onto Steam later this month The original game was released by Gremlin Graphics clear back in 1992 for the now retro Amiga PC system, which had an impressive library back in the day As a platformer, Zool got some decent[...]