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The Batman Comes to Iron Studios with New MiniCo Statues
The Batman returns to Iron Studios once again with a new set of statues for their MiniCo statue line Coming in at 6" tall, Bruce Wayne is ready to bring justice to Gotham, and Iron Studios captures it all with two new statues The Batman kicks off a whole new generation of Batman fans, and[...]
The Lost City Review: What It Says It Is And We Appreciate Its Honesty
The Lost City is the new number one at the box office, having scored $31 million over the weekend, bringing women back to the theaters in droves, and taking down The Batman Sandra Bullock, who, in the run-up to the release of the film, said she would be taking a break for a while from[...]
The Batman: Matt Reeves On That Character & A Deleted Scene [SPOILERS]
One of the reveals at the end of The Batman was that Barry Keoghan was playing a new version of the Joker and that he met the Riddler in Arkham They end with a riddle between the two of them that goes something along the lines of, "what is more powerful, the less you have of them?[...]
Jujutsu Kaisen
The Batman won the box office for the third weekend in a row, scoring another $36.8 million, holding over excellently with only a -45% drop and passing $300 million domestically Factoring in worldwide grosses, it has passed $600 million, and that is with most of the Chinese market shut down due to Covid outbreaks At[...]
Riddler Actor to Write Riddler Comic for DC Black Label
DC laid out the details in a press release. For many film and comic book fans, Paul Dano's portrayal of The Riddler in Matt Reeves' The Batman (in theatres now) was arguably one of the most chilling and terrifying incarnations ever seen in a Batman film This October, fans will have the opportunity to learn more[...]
Where Scott Snyder Saw His Own Work In The Batman Movie
So, it's more just that it's so telegraphed, but I thought they did a fantastic job with it and I thought she was great." Remote camera contact lens from The Batman, screencap, Warner Bros  "Of course, I was super in the bag for the film the second the contact lens popped up 10 minutes And I was[...]
Hot Toys Reveals The Batman 1/6 Scale Deluxe Figure 
The Batman is already in theaters, and if you are like me, then you have not stopped thinking about it It took me two days to recall what I just watched and another whole day to debate where it sits on my Batman rankings His film adds a whole new level of Caped Crusader action[...]
Secretlab Releases New Gaming Chair Design For The Batman
As part of the promotion for the new movie The Batman, Warner Bros has partnered with Secretlab again to release a new gaming chair design The latest chair to join their DC Collection, this is basically a collector's dream as it is designed to match the armor and style of this version of the caped[...]
The Batman: A Final Trailer Plus 5 New Posters
The Batman easily won his second week in theaters, as the Robert Pattinson film grossed $66 million for a solid hold of -51% in week two For the record, that is a better week-to-week hold than any Marvel Studios film released by Disney in its second week, for what that is worth It is now[...]
It seems that they are still doing The Most when it comes to the marketing for The Batman at least when it comes to The Riddler There has been a promotional website that has been making people answer riddles and all sorts of stuff for a couple of weeks now Ever since the movie came out[...]
Earlier today, the narrative got a little more interesting that Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino (The Batman, Thor: Love and Thunder) has been tapped to direct the special as it prepares to begin work in Atlanta later this month. Image: Marvel Comics While details on the special are under wraps and reps from Marvel Studios & Disney aren't[...]
Hot Toys Teases The Batman 1/6 Scale Batmobile Coming Soon
It is time to prepare your wallets as Hot Toys has revealed a brand new 1/6 Scale The Batman teaser The Batman has just hit theaters, and it has received a lot of praise for the film's different storytelling of the iconic Caped Crusader The dark and noir styling adds a new depth to Batman[...]
The Batman 1/6 Scale Batcycle Hits the Streets with Hot Toys 
Hot Toys just revealed their new 1/6 scale, The Batman figure, as well as a Bat-Signal accessory During the main reveal, a lot of the pictures included the tease that the figure would receive a 1/6th scale Batcycle That tease has arrived as Hot Toys fully reveals their new The Batman 1/6th Scale Batcycle Add-On[...]
The Batman Comes to Mezco Toyz with One:12 Collective Figure 
The Batman has made quite the splash lately as the long awaited DC Comics film finally hit theaters this past week Mezco Toyz has just fully revealed their upcoming One:12 Collective figure Loaded with detail, accessories, and a fabric cape, this is The Batman figure fans will want after seeing the film The figure will[...]
The Batman: 2 New Posters and 20+ New High-Quality Images
A day after The Batman director Matt Reeves confirmed that the Gotham spinoff was on hold and that plans were shifting to an Arkham-focused series instead, the one spinoff that's been getting the most traction is also the one that received a series order from HBO Max this afternoon The streaming service has given a[...]