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WWE NXT Preview: Tiffany Stratton Defends; Will Becky Lynch Be There?
1 Contender, and it was James that came out on top after defeating Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin and Blair Davenport. Will Stratton continue the "Prettiest Era Ever" or will James add more gold to her impressive portfolio? Check out NXT on USA this Tuesday to find out! Along with that, tonight we will see Dragon Lee battle Mustafa Ali[...]
NXT Gold Rush Preview: Is Tonight The Biggest Match In NXT History?
 Well, that all changes tonight at NXT Gold Rush on the USA Network. Seth "Freakin" Rollins will defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Bron Breakker tonight at NXT Gold Rush, courtesy of WWE. Headling tonight's NXT Gold Rush event will be NXT's biggest powerhouse, Bron Breakker, challenging Raw's World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins for his title[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Can Bron Breakker Get Seth Rollins To Accept?
Former NXT Champion Bron Breakker shocked everyone last week when he abruptly announced that his sights were no longer on Carmelo Hayes and the NXT Championship, but rather that he was openly challenging Raw's World Heavyweight Champion Seth "Freakin" Rollins for his title  To immediately become Raw's top Champion would undoubtedly be one way to make an immediate splash on[...]
NXT Spring Breakin' Preview: Can Grayson Waller Win The Big One?
1 Contender to the NXT Title after defeating Ilja Dragunov, Dragon Lee, and JD McDonagh in a Fatal 4-Way match a few weeks ago on NXT. Since then, Hayes appeared on 'The Grayson Waller Effect' where the two came face-to-face and traded vicious barbs. Will the HIM era continue or will Waller claim his crown and become[...]
WWE NXT Preview: A Fatal 4-Way Match To Determine #1 Contender
 After defeating the mighty Bron Breakker to become the new NXT Champion at Stand & Deliver, Hayes made it clear on last week's show that he plans on holding onto the title for a good long while  That didn't sit well with the former Champion Breakker, who didn't appreciate how Hayes (with an assist from Trick Williams) cheated to[...]
NXT Stand & Deliver Results: We Have A New Champion!
 Let's take a look at what went down in Hollywood this afternoon. Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker battled for the NXT Title in the main event of today's NXT Stand & Deliver, courtesy of WWE. The Ladder Match for the NXT Women's Title opened up NXT Stand & Deliver this afternoon, and after some high-up action and some[...]
NXT Stand & Deliver Preview: A New Champion To Finally Be Crowned?
 While NXT has been through some noticeable changes over the past couple of years, one constant is the continued domination by the NXT Champion, Bron Breakker  He has faced numerous challengers of various levels and has always come out on top  But now, he will face a challenge from Carmelo Hayes, someone who appears to have[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Bron Breakker & Carmelo Hayes Sign The Contract
There's no doubt that Bron Breakker is the top dog in NXT and has been for quite some time now  He made an immediate impact upon arrival in September of 2021 and didn't wait long to show everyone he was the man, defeating Tommaso Ciampa for the NXT Championship just four months later[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Wes Lee Will Face An Open Challenge For His Title
While NXT Champion Bron Breakker is happy to face any and all challengers to prove he is the king of NXT, there is another man in the brand who has proven to be a fighting Champion, North American Champion Wes Lee  Having faced some pretty overwhelming (and much larger than himself) challengers over the past several[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Champion Bron Breakker Looks To Hinder Jinder
 While Mahal's career has never gotten close to reaching those heights again (he's back to being rarely featured on TV), absence has not made the heart grow fonder, and fans are again sweating imagining Mahal as a World Champion, albeit this time in NXT, which could come to fruition tonight on WWE NXT on the[...]
WWE NXT Preview: Champion Bron Breakker Returns Tonight
There has been no more dominant superstar in all of NXT over the past couple of years than Bron Breakker  He's been NXT Champion most of his time in the brand and has destroyed nearly all challengers in his path  His most recently fallen foe was the irritating Grayson Waller, whom he defeated inside of a steel[...]
NXT Vengeance Day Preview: Does Bron Breakker's Reign End Tonight?
Headlining the show is a big Steel Cage Match for the NXT Championship when Champion Bron Breakker defends against NXT's biggest heel, Grayson Waller  The two battled for the title last month, but when that match ended under questionable circumstances, NXT General Manager and WWE Hall of Famer "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels immediately announced that the[...]
WWE NXT Preview: The Last Stop On The Road To Vengeance Day
No match on the card will carry more importance than the battle for the NXT Championship between Bron Breakker and his challenger Grayson Waller While a premium live event-headling title match between two bitter rivals should be more than enough to grab your attention, this one is getting some extra seasoning in that it will be[...]
NXT Tonight Will Deal With The Vengeance Day Steel Cage Title Match
A standard match for the NXT Championship at last week's New Year's Evil wasn't enough to handle the animosity between the Champion Bron Breakker and the Number One Contender Grayson Waller  The ring and, more specifically, the ropes couldn't contain the action as we saw Waller break the rope and crash to the outside, leading to a count-out[...]
Will Tonight's NXT New Year's Evil See A New NXT Champion Crowned?
 Current Champ Bron Breakker has had a stranglehold over the title for a year now, despite a brief blip this past March where Dolph Ziggler inexplicably won it for a couple of weeks Still, the brand's top heel is gunning for gold now, and if he has it his way, 2023 will be the year of Grayson[...]
NXT Will See Its Two Top Titles Put On The Line On Tonight's Show
 How about two?  That's what we can look forward to with tonight's episode of NXT on the USA Network, where NXT Champion Bron Breakker will defend his title against the mighty Von Wagner, while NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose will look to continue her reign into its second year as she defends her title against Alba Fyre[...]
NXT Tonight Will See A Title Rematch Headlining A Packed Show
Following the loss, Stark has appeared increasingly unhinged, as her attempts to take out her frustrations on Indi Hartwell resulted in a loss and apparently a simmering rift with her tag team partner. Who will walk out with the titles when the two rival teams again meet? Don't miss the NXT Women's Tag Team Title Match this Tuesday[...]
NXT Women's Champ Mandy Rose To Celebrate Year-Long Reign Tonight
Following a hard-fought title defense against Alba Fyre at Halloween Havoc, the show-stopping Superstar seems as unstoppable as ever. So, bow before Rose and Toxic Attraction this Tuesday at 8/7 C on USA! On top of that, tonight we'll also see Raw superstar R-Truth heading down to Orlando and taking on Grayson Waller, the very popular big man Odyssey Jones returning from a[...]
NXT Looks For A Scary Good Time Tonight At Halloween Havoc
 Let's take a look! Bron Breakker will defend the NXT title in a Triple Threat Match against JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov tonight at Halloween Havoc, courtesy of WWE. There's no bigger title in NXT than the NXT Championship and the Triple Threat Match for that belt will headline tonight's show when Champion Bron Breakker defends against JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov[...]
The Main Roster Invades Ahead Of Halloween Havoc On The 10/18 NXT
Show Was All About Halloween Havoc's Main Event One-time NXT star Kevin Owens ended the show last night by hosting the participants of Halloween Havoc's Triple Threat NXT title match, JD McDonagh, Ilja Dragunov, and Champion Bron Breakker  It's a talk show segment on WWE, so you know damn well how this one ended[...]
NXT Recap 10/11: Things Heat Up Between Breakker And Dragunov
If you were to pick one young talent in all of WWE that looks tailor-made for success, it's the current NXT Champion Bron Breakker  He's huge, he's charismatic, he's a former NFL player, he has a pro-wrestling pedigree, and he's fun to watch in the ring  At first glance, Ilja Dragunov is the antithesis of Bron Breakker… until[...]