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Top 200 Comics And Graphic Novels Ordered Through Diamond, July 2021
Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz's X-Men #1 from Marvel Comics was the most-ordered comic book of July 2021 through Diamond Comic Distributors, with Moon Knight #1 tight behind As well as Marvel books, Image Comics had a couple of launches in the top ten as well with M.O.M.: Mother of Madness #1, an over-the-top superhero comedy[...]
Beyond The Breach & Clans Of Belari in AfterShock July 2021 Solicits
AfterShock Comics is launching two new titles in July, Beyond The Breach from Ed Brisson and Damian Couceiro, and Clans Of Belari from Rob Blackie, Peter Blackie and Daniel Maine. And much more in AfterShock's July 2021 solicits and solicitations… Beyond The Breach BEYOND THE BREACH #1 MAY211102 (W) Ed Brisson (A/CA) Damian Couceiro Life sucks for Vanessa[...]
Djinn Hunter #1 Launches in Black Box July 2021 Solicits
Jay Sandlin and Fabrizio Cosentino have a new comic book, Djinn Hunter, coming from Black Box Entertainment in July 2021 – and Bleeding Cool has a preview of what's coming down that particular pipe. Jay Sandlin is a voice over artist and as a writer, is best known for Mad Cave Studios' titles Over The Ropes,[...]
Heavy Metal  July 2021 Solicits
Heavy Metal is launching a new series, Never Never, from Marc McCann and Phil Buckenham in their July 2021, as well as rescheduling previously announced launches for Black Beacon by Ryan Lindsay and Sebastian Piriz, and the Amber Blake: Dragonfly one-shot by Jade Lagardere and Butch Guice all in Heavy Metal's July 2021 solicits and[...]
Crash & Troy & Samurai 2.0 Launch In Action Lab July 2021 Solicits
Action Lab Entertainment launches two titles in their July 2021 solicits and solicitations, Crash & Troy by Jarred Lujan and Kyler Clodfelter and Samurai 2.0 Foreigner by Davide Villani, Marcello Bondi and Mauro Gulma, as well as Art Baltazar's Big Alien Moon Crush collection Take a peek at what's coming down the tracks. CRASH & TROY[...]
Sweeney Boo To Draw DC's Punchline Comic
Readers she may now be introducing to Joker sidekick, Punchline. Sweeney Boo, New Ongoing Artist On DC's Punchline Comic DC Comics' solicitations for July 2021 include Sweeney Boo drawing the Punchline back-up strip to The Joker from #5 onwards, the first comic book she has drawn for DC Comics In a story that will see "things get[...]
DC Comics July 2021 Full Solicits And Solicitations
Over a week later than expected (thanks to Adam Philips at DC Comics being made redundant a couple of months ago), DC Comics' full July 2021 solicits and solicitations are up… you may also notice as well as being late, now that DC Comics is no longer part of the Diamond structure, they can play[...]
Vault Comics July 2021 Solicits
Vault Comics is launching The Last Book You'll Ever Read from Cullen Bunn and Leila Leiz, the latest "sentence structure" title, a trend I should really categorise… and all of Vault Comics' July 2021 solicits and solicitations. LAST BOOK YOULL EVER READ #1 CVR A LEIZ VAULT COMICS MAY211791 (W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Leila Leiz Civilization is a lie[...]
Horizon Zero Dawn: Liberation Launches in Titan July 2021 Solicits
Titan Comics kicks off July 2021 with new series for Horizon Zero Dawn, Life Is Strange and Rivers Of London Take a peek at its July 2021 solicits and solicitations. HORIZON ZERO DAWN LIBERATION #1 CVR A MOMOKO TITAN COMICS MAY211726 (W) Anne Toole, Ben Mccaw (A) Elmer Damaso (CA) Peach Momoko TITAN'S SMASH-HIT COMIC SERIES IS BACK FOR A[...]
Boom Studios July 2021 Solicits And Solicitations
Anderson and Adam Gorham, all in Boom Studios July 2021 solicits and solicitations. MAMO #1 (OF 5) CVR A MILLEDGE BOOM! STUDIOS MAY210939 (W) Sas Milledge (A/CA) Sas Milledge BOOM! Studios is proud to showcase the incredible artistic vision of Sas Milledge! Can Orla O'Reilly embrace her destiny in order to bridge the divide between humanity and the faerie world? Orla, the[...]
Sarah A. Hoyt Writes Barbarella #1 For Dynamite July 2021 Solicits
It joins other launch titles from them for Red Sonja: Black, White and Red, and Dejah Thoris Vs John Carter, along with their own titles in Dynamite Entertainment July 2021 solicitations, a full year after comicsgategate. BARBARELLA #1 CVR A PARRILLO DYNAMITE #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left:[...]
Eric Palicki & Wendell Cavalcanti's Black's Myth #1 From Ahoy Comics
Here are the full solicitation details for July 2021. Eric Palicki & Wendell Cavalcanti's Black's Myth #1 From Ahoy Comics BLACK'S MYTH #1 (MR) AHOY COMICS MAY211122 (W) Eric Palicki (A) Wendell Cavalcanti (CA) Liana Kangas Meet Janie "Strummer" Jones, just an ordinary werewolf PI, trying to make it on the mean streets of LA When the case of a lifetime[...]
Frank Cho's Fight Girls #1 Finally Launches In AWA July 2021 Solicits
And now it's been (finally) scheduled for July 2021 in AWA's solicitations If you want, you can catch up on some of the artwork that has been shared over the years here, here, here and here. Frank Cho Fight Girls #1 Finally Launches In AWA July 2021 Solicits FIGHT GIRLS #1 CVR A CHO ARTISTS WRITERS & ARTISANS[...]
Dave Sim Suggests Owning Unethical Spider-Vark Could Be A Hate Crime
In July 2021, that will mean The Unethical Spider-Vark, parodying the first appearance of The Punisher in Spider-Man Well, if Marvel won't publish Punisher comics anymore, Dave Sim will – even if it's not with Punisher-roach The comic solicitations suggests that even owning this particular issue of the Cerebus In Hell series might be considered[...]
IDW Publishing Full Solicits and Solicitations For July 2021
IDW Publishing has their full solicits and solicitations from July 2021 and beyond, with Star Trek, Transformers, My Little Pony, Sonic The Hedgehog, Marvel Action, Godzilla, Usagi Yojimbo, Star Wars, High Republic and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles As well as the return of Canto in Canto III And a new monster comic from John Layman[...]
Lourdes Chantel Returns To X-Men After 34 Years In July's Marauders
Until Krakoa and The Five started bringing mutants back from the dead. Lourdes Chantel Returns To X-Men After 34 Years In July's Marauders   Well, Lourdes Chantel is back in Marauders #22, in today's July 2021 solicitations, presumably resurrected from the dead And I'm told that Marvel will be running her first appearance in the back of the[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
Bleeding Cool combined the announcement yesterday of July's Spider-Man event, Sinister War, with reading the end of yesterday's Amazing Spider-Man #64, to note that it appeared that Kindred, the Hell version of Harry Osborn that struggled its way from the pits to enact vengeance on Peter Parker, his friends and family, might be behind it[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
And in Marvel's July 2021 solicitation, we learn that there is more power in his family. In previous Shang-Chi comic books, we have met his sister Zheng Shi-Hua, a highly trained assassin and martial artist, half-sisters Zheng Bao Yu who uses the Cursed Lotus as an elixir of life, Kwai Far over in Black Panther, and[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
The new X-Men #1 launch in July 2021 from Marvel Comics, by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz, will have lots of covers You probably guessed that Including this jam-artist homage cover to the Jim Lee X-Men #1 cover from thirty years ago. But as for details as to where the comic is going, they are few[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations
And to reward you here, today, are Marvel Comics' July 2021 solicits and solicitations in full From the launch of Kaare Andrews' Amazing Fantasy all the way to a relaunch of X-Men with Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz…. AMAZING FANTASY #1 (OF 5) KAARE ANDREWS (W) • KAARE ANDREWS (A/C) VARIANT COVER BY ALEX HORLEY VARIANT COVER BY[...]
What If Archie Published A Comic Called What If? July 2021 Solicits?
And it seems, in July, Archie Comics want in, collecting last year's Betty & Veronica: What If series in their July 2021 solicits and solicitations. BETTY & VERONICA: WHAT IF? (TR) BETTY & VERONICA: WHAT IF is classic B&V at their finest—loaded with friendship and fun Featuring the timeless, classic Archie style known across the world for[...]
Marvel Comics July 2021 Solicitations, Frankensteined
Welcome to the Marvel Comics July 2021 solicits and solicitations, not yet released in full, so we have Frankensteined together what is available to us right now… more as we have it! X-MEN #1 by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz EXTREME CARNAGE ALPHA #1 Written by PHILLIP KENNEDY JOHNSON Art by MANUEL GARCIA Cover by DAVE RAPOZA Wraparound Variant Cover by LEINIL[...]
Bad Idea July 2021 Solicits With Marguerite Bennett & David Lafuente
Bad Idea has released their solicitations for comic books publishing in July 2021 Two launch titles, The Lot from Marguerite Bennett and Renato Guedes, and Slay Bells by Zeb Wells and David LaFuente.. take a peek. Bad Idea July 2021 Solicits ***  THE LOT #1 *** Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT Art & Cover by RENATO GUEDES PLUS: An All-New BAD IDEA B-SIDE FOUR ISSUES | MONTHLY | IN GLORIOUS[...]
DC Comics July 2021 Solicitations, Frankensteined
Here are details on the few July-scheduled books already released. DC Comics July 2021 Solicitations, Frankensteined Icon and Rocket: Season One #1 Written by Reggie Hudlin and Leon Chills, with art by Doug Braithwaite and covers by Taurin Clarke "What happens when superheroes actually make a difference? When Raquel Ervin broke into the home of a wealthy Black lawyer, she[...]
Hero Collector DC Graphic Novels/Marvel Figurine Solicits - July 2021
Hero Collector from Eaglemoss is first off the blocks for July 2021 solicitations, with graphic novels from DC Comics and movie figurines from Marvel. HERO COLLECTOR GRAPHIC NOVELS – DC SUPER HEROES Hero Collector brings together some of DC's most critical superhero adventures in a series of hardback collections, each including classic bonus material from the Golden and[...]
Clay McLeod Chapman & Chris Mooneyham On Extreme Carnage: Scream
Viva la Scream!" Check out the EXTREME CARNAGE: SCREAM #1 cover below and stay tuned tomorrow for more information on the other action-packed installments that await when EXTREME CARNAGE begins in July! Looks like we can start our Marvel July 2021 solicitation Frankensteining… now. EXTREME CARNAGE: SCREAM #1 Written by CLAY MCLEOD CHAPMAN Art by CHRIS MOONEYHAM Cover by SKAN On Sale[...]
Liam Sharp Draws New Comic Lycan, Written by Thomas Jane & Mike Carey
Written with Mike Carey and David James Kelly, drawn by Liam Sharp and published by AfterShock Comics from July 2021. Liam Sharp Draws New Comic Lycan, Written by Thomas Jane & Mike Carey According to THR, Lycan takes place in 1777 and centers on a hardened band of international big game hunters returning from Africa when they[...]