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Robobeat Reveals New Gameplay Trailer With Customized Music
Indie game publisher Kwalee has released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Robobeat as they show off some new footage The trailer is basically here to show off the customized music feature as you'll be killing enemies to the beat in this awesome 3D shooter developed by Simon Fredholm Enjoy the trailer[...]
Die By The Blade
Kwalee has announced that they will be releasing a demo for the game Die By The Blade during February's Steam Next Fest The game has been teased for a hot minute with hints that it will be out this year, but there's no clear window of when it will come out yet This is a[...]
Kwalee To Take On Publishing Duties For Space Chef
Kwalee announced they have agreed to take on the publishing duties for Blue Goo Games' upcoming sci-fi cooker Space Chef The game has been in development for a couple of years after a successful Kickstarter run helped get them funding for it, and for a while, it looked like they were set to self-publish Now[...]
Die By The Blade
Publisher Kwalee announced this past week that Die By The Blade will be released on consoles and PC this November Developed by Triple Hill Interactive, Grindstone, and Toko Midori Games, this is a 1v1 sword fighting title as you will do everything in your power not just to survive, but get a one-hit-kill on your[...]
Scathe Announced To Be Released Sometime In 2022
UK publisher Kwalee and developer Damage State announced their upcoming FPS title Scathe is coming to PC and consoles in 2022 This game will take you back to the glory days of PC shooters as it is filled with action and covered in blood, as you'll be going through a bullet hell-filled labyrinth where the[...]