Marvel Future Fight Gets A Secret Empire Update With New Costumes

"Marvel Future Fight" Gets A Secret Empire Update With New Costumes

This week, Netmarble has added a new free update to Marvel Future Fight focused on the Secret Empire storyline, adding some new content Along with the additions you see below, you'll notice Captain America got a costume update of sorts As you can now add the iconic hero with his Hydra outfit You can read[...]

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Will Launch On March 3rd

"The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" Will Launch On March 3rd

Netmarble has officially revealed this week that their upcoming mobile title, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, will be released March 3rd The game launched in Japan last year and there was talk of bringing it to the west That has finally happened, as the game will be launched onto on the App Store and Google Play in[...]

Magic: ManaStrike Comes to Mobile &#8211 Magic: The Gathering

"Magic: ManaStrike" Comes to Mobile! – "Magic: The Gathering"

Mobile games company Netmarble Corp has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast to create their first-ever Magic: The Gathering game: Magic: Manastrike![caption id="attachment_1155852" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Source: Wizards of the Coast / Netmarble Corp.[/caption]Like the old game Magic: Battlegrounds for the original Xbox, Manastrike takes the Magic: The Gathering property and crafts from it a Player-Versus-Player environment where the renowned[...]

Netmarble Announces The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross For 2020

Netmarble Announces "The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross" For 2020

Netmarble announced a new mobile game coming to their library in 2020 as The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross will be coming to iOS and Android Pre-registration is already available on the App Store and Google Play which comes with in-game awards Those rewards are a Meliodas in-game character, a costume, a weapon, 30 diamonds, 100k[...]

The King Of Fighters AllStar Gets A New Year-Themed Update

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Gets A New Year-Themed Update

This week, Netmarble revealed their 2020 Celebration update for The King Of Fighters AllStar, with New Year and Swimwear-themed fighters But the biggest update to the game is that we're getting a new fighter in Orochi, who debuted in The King Of Fighters '97 The big bad boss from the game that basically everyone loathed[...]

The Warriors Of The Sky Have Now Joined Marvel Future Fight

The Warriors Of The Sky Have Now Joined "Marvel Future Fight"

Netmarble will be adding in four new original characters into Marvel Future Fight this week as you now get the Warriors Of The Sky Joining the game today are Blue Dragon, War Tiger, Sun Bird, and Shadow Shell Each character has unique powers, as you can see from the artwork below As well as different[...]

Deadpools Mercs For Money Drop Into Marvel Future Fight

Deadpool's "Mercs For Money" Drop Into "Marvel Future Fight"

Netmarble just dropped a bunch of chaos into Marvel Future Fight as Deadpool's "Mercs For Money" have arrived and are eager to join the fray The three main characters you'll need to contend with are Slapstick, Gorilla-Man, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead! Not to mention a number of new uniforms, upgrades and more, are now available to collect[...]

The King Of Fighters AllStar Is Getting A Tekken 7 Crossover

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Is Getting A "Tekken 7" Crossover

Netmarble has revealed this week that they will be doing a Tekken 7 crossover event in The King Of Fighters AllStar mobile game The news was revealed through a Twitch livestream and elaborated more through the The Hollywood Reporter, as Netmarble and Bandai Namco will be doing a one-off event This is a rare chance[...]

Netmarble Adds Original Characters Into Marvel Future Fight

Netmarble Adds Original Characters Into "Marvel Future Fight"

Netmarble has added four new characters to Marvel Future Fight, but these four don't harken from Marvel's library, they are totally original additions The characters are collectively known as the Warriors of the Sky, each bringing in their own special ability and persona to the fight We have details of all four of them for[...]

The King Of Fighters AllStar Launches Today On Mobile

"The King Of Fighters AllStar" Launches Today On Mobile

This morning, Netmarble and SNK released their latest venture together as The King Of Fighters AllStar launches onto Google Play and the App Store The game allows you to jump into the fight to become the tournament champion Players will collect and train their favorite fighters from across the entirety of the franchise You will have people[...]

BTS World Adds Its Own Halloween Themed Update

"BTS World" Adds It's Own Halloween Themed Update

The folks over at Netmarble, not to be outdone by other popular game apps, decided to throw a Halloween event into BTS World Starting today after you update the game, you can get new storylines involving all seven members of the band in special ghost stories Basically, you're playing band manager as everyone else is[...]

BTS World Launches A 100 Day Celebration

"BTS World" Launches A 100 Day Celebration

Netmarble announced this week that they have launched a special “100 Day Celebration” for the BTS story-based mobile sim, BTS World For the next couple of weeks, you will be able to experience new cards, daily rewards, and more as the band's in-game manager The “100 Day Celebration” is now active and will run until[...]

Marvel Future Fight Receives A Bunch Of X-Men Updates

"Marvel Future Fight" Receives A Bunch Of X-Men Updates

Netmarble has decided to upgrade some of the X-Men in Marvel Future Fight with some new costumes and upgrades to the game Along with the Danger Room that came out in September, you now have Phoenix Five costumes for Namor and Magik, along with the Realize Potential functionality for Magik Here's some added info on[...]

The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To Marvel Future Fight

The X-Men Phoenix Five Come To "Marvel Future Fight"

Enjoy the trailer below as you go check out the new update.[caption id="attachment_1085065" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Credit: Netmarble[/caption]In addition, today’s update introduces the Danger Room, a brand-new real-time player versus environment (PvE) dungeon where players enjoy 3-on-3 team battles The goal is to fight in teams and eliminate the final Boss first before the opposing team. Exclusive[...]

Latest Update to Lineage II: Revolution Adds the Fearsom Kamael Race

Latest Update to "Lineage II: Revolution" Adds the Fearsom Kamael Race

Netmarble has released a new update for its popular MMORPG, Lineage II: Revolution, which brings a ton of new content for players to enjoy like the new Kamael race, a dual class system, new servers, and various in-game events. With this major update, players can receive three sets of Grade UR Equipment, the highest grade of its[...]

Marvel Future Fight Receives A New Hero This Week With Wave

"Marvel Future Fight" Receives A New Hero This Week With Wave

Netmarble released details this week of the latest addition coming to Marvel Future Fight as Filipina superhero Wave joins the battle The character was introduced in Marvel’s War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas earlier this year, and now makes her first game appearance on mobile The game will also get a classic look for[...]

The New Fishing Strike Update Adds a Dark Volcano Environment

The New "Fishing Strike" Update Adds a Dark Volcano Environment

Netmarble‘s next-generation mobile fishing game Fishing Strike recieved a large update today that introduces an all-new fishing zone, new characters, and in-game fishing equipment for Fish Hunters to experience, collect, and meet  The Dark Volcano fishing zone boasts nine stages of fishing sites inspired by actual volcano mountains These real-world inspirations include Mount Pinatubo in The Philippines,[...]

The Knights Chronicle Crossover Event With RWBY Is Now Live

The "Knights Chronicle" Crossover Event With "RWBY" Is Now Live

Back during RTX 2019, Netmarble and Rooster Teeth revealed that Knights Chronicle would be doing a crossover event with the cast of RWBY This week, that crossover has officially started as the main four cast members of the show are officially in the game for a limited time We have the details for you here[...]

Netmarble Releases Mobile Game BTS World Today on iOS and Android

Netmarble Releases Mobile Game "BTS World" Today on iOS and Android

The game comes with a ton of originally created dialog for multiple stories and even comes with an original soundtrack of new music you can purchase.[caption id="attachment_1051809" align="aligncenter" width="600"] credit//Netmarble[/caption]BTS World is a story-based mobile simulation game that takes players back to the start before the band’s debut to pursue the role of BTS’ manager,[...]

Lineage 2: Revolution Receives a New Battle Royale Update

Lineage 2: Revolution Receives a New Battle Royale Update

Those of you craving battle royale who also happen to play Lineage 2: Revolution, Netmarble has answered your requests with a brand new update We have the complete details for you here, but essentially, you're getting a 25 player battle royale mode for both the iOS and Android versions with a little bit of a[...]