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Netmarble & Kung Fu Factory Announce NBA Ball Stars
Netmarble and Kung Fu Factory have revealed their latest endeavor with the NBA as a new mobile title is coming called NBA Ball Stars The game is an all-new puzzle-based mobile basketball title that is now open for pre-registration for both iOS and Android As part of the announcement and release, the two companies have[...]
Netmarble Announces BTS World March Update Featuring Jung Kook
Netmarble has announced that a new update will be coming to BTS World this month with a focus on Jungkook There have been a few updates here and there, but major storyline additions have kinda been sporadic Especially those connected to specific members in the band So this one is extra special and comes with[...]
Mia & Athena Jump Into The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble is bringing in two more characters to The King Of Fighters AllStar as we're getting Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya If you're not entirely familiar with them, both characters come from The King of Fighters Special Signature, with their own special moves and abilities that will be an interesting mix with the way the[...]
Netmarble Will Launch Blade & Soul Revolution On March 4th
Netmarble revealed today that Blade & Soul Revolution will be coming out on March 4th, set for both iOS and Android devices The game was teased for a western release months ago as the team has already been working with it in the APAC region, with it doing very well in South Korea So well[...]
Netmarble Will Acquire Majority Stake In Developer Kung Fu Factory
Netmarble announced this week they will be acquiring a majority stake in the LA-based mobile developer Kung Fu Factory While the deal didn't specify that they have acquired the entire company, the deal is big enough to where they might as well have For those of you unfamiliar with the company, they're best known for[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches New A New Update Featuring Dawn of X
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as we're getting new additions featuring players from Dawn Of X As you might suspect from this update as it has been in the past, you'll be getting a bunch of new uniforms and costumes for a few characters and changes to a couple[...]
Netmarble Reveals Blade & Soul Revolution Is Going Global
Hopefully in the weeks to come with get some added details of what this game actually has in store for player and how it will work out, until then you can read a quite from today's reveal below along with some minor information on the game. Blade & Soul Revolution will be released sometime in 2021,[...]
Auto Draft
Netmarble has released a massive update into Marvel Future Fight today as players can now check out the Herald Of Flight If the name didn't immediately ring a bell for you, this is a ton fo new content all centered around Thor Well, Thor and a couple others as Valkyrie and Loki also get a[...]
A3 Kicks Off 2021 With A New Update Called "Still Alive"
Netmarble released a brand new update into A3 to kick off the new year as players can now experience being "Still Alive" The update includes a new Time Attack mode called Adrasil's Trial, as well as a 10+ player cross-server Guild content known as Entangled Borders, and several New Year's themed events Adrasil's Trial will have[...]
Netmarble Gives The King Of Fighters AllStar A Holiday Update
Netmarble released one more update for The King Of Fighters AllStar this week before closing out 2020, as the game now has a holiday event The mobile action RPG is celebrating the holidays with a Christmas-themed update which will give you the chance to snag a limited-time holiday fighter, Winter Love Messenger B Jenet, for[...]
The Dark Avengers Assemble In Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble revealed that six new characters are coming to Marvel Future Fight as the Dark Avengers have now assembled Today's update adds six new characters to the game that will change the way you head into battle as you will be given Sentry, Scorpion, Daken, Ares, Moonstone, and Molecule Man as options to add to your team[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Gets A New Event With Seven Knights
Netmarble revealed this week that The King Of Fighters AllStar will be getting a new collaboration event with Seven Knights The company is throwing a set of characters into the mix as you're getting a chance to snag three fighters and their Battle Cards, with two more on the way starting on December 3rd There[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary
SNK and Netmarble are celebrating the one-year anniversary of The King Of Fighters AllStar with a new update The game launched back in October 2019 and since then it has received praise for its unique style within the confines of a mobile title While the anniversary is awesome to celebrate, they didn't go all-out like[...]
Seven Knights – Time Wanderer Switch Main Art
Netmarble revealed this week that they will be releasing Seven Knights – Time Wanderer on the Nintendo Switch on November 5th, 2020 The company has been teasing this one for a while as they bring the mobile series over to a proper console, as they plan to release this one in over 40 countries due[...]
BTS World Received A New October Update From Netmarble
Netmarble have released a brand up update into BTS World this week as Chapter 15 drops onto the stage and into your hearts The group has been riding extra high lately after the release of their single "Dynamite" and conquering the U.S market again with a week on The Tonight Show So you knew that[...]